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Week 13 Gifs

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Utah State finally facing a decent defense.


Fresno fans being too drunk and excited to go find a sheep after whipping SAN!!!


UNR trying desperately to fend off uNLV to no avail.


@fanhood‘s pregame juju mocking doomed SUDS.


Wyoming giving UNM their version of the flagship salute.


AFA @Bob doing a Denver flyover.


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Coach Norvell, in a questionable PR stunt to rehabilitate his public image after this weekends devastating loss goes shirtless ala his daddy Musselman............

Image result for seinfeld photoshoot gif


New Mexico fans to coach Davie...........

Get Out 90S GIF


First thing this morning coach Wells, while waiting by the phone for CU to call begins to rework his playbook............

Related image


CSU fans coping mechanism after yet another loss to a rival.  We all know how this one ends but grab some popcorn.  It's gonna be fun to watch :popcorn:

Image result for seinfeld bored gifs


Coach Brennan's response when asked about his programs inability to win.....

Related image


Coach Long when asked if he's lost his edge, if it's time to retire.................

Seinfeld GIF


@kalua pig celebrating the win with a box of Kenny's finest.............................

Related image

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