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Nevada at UNLV - Battle for the Fremont Cannon

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5 minutes ago, BleedRebelRed said:

Please reconsider.  We guarantee a spike in brothel tax revenue.

There needs to be some sort of additional incremental increase in gaming revenue as well as a first round draft pick.

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1 minute ago, PaperTigerUSU said:

Low bar at Nevada if you can’t be better than 5 teams once in 7 years

What's the deal broseph? I feel the hate and anger rising in you. If you aren't careful, you'll go to the dark side

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7 minutes ago, mundyc3 said:

Just came home from the Knights game. Vegas sports weekend sweep. Then I entertained myself with reading this entire thread. Too bad I couldn't see that much of the game. 

Was home for both games - Went with the UNR at UNLV game first jut because it started 30 minutes earlier......when the 1st Q was done I was debating turning over to the VGK game, but I saw the score was 2-0 early for VGK and opted to hang with UNLV to see if they could get anything going .........23-0 to 23-7 to 23-14 and the VGK was on hold (DVR) until UNLV was decided.............bottom line UNLV comes back from 23-0 to win the Fremont Cannon and the VGK & MAF pitch back to back shutouts and the VGK are right there in the Pacific Division !!! 

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2 hours ago, Lester_in_reno said:

Mannix and Fossum were open on crossing routes all the time.... and they still ran  up the middle...and put Gangi onto 3rd downs.... and he froze... . Arrrgh.

Nice job  UNLV.

But you don't know how many of those runs were audibles from Gangi.  He's done it before.

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On 11/19/2018 at 9:46 PM, lawofthejunglenv said:

Will this be the last rivalry game played at Sam Boyd? Go Pack! Keep the Cannon Blue!


Dont try to change the subject... reno sucks!


On 11/20/2018 at 9:14 AM, NVGiant said:

UNLV is Nevada's school for under achievers.  It has been that way ever since UNLV was founded.

A students get the best jobs working for C students..... Enjoy that loss!

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9 hours ago, ph90702 said:

Did he really do that?

Absolutely. A poster from RebelNet (how daughter’s face) a number of years ago. He hasn’t changed a bit. 

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