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#6 Nevada vs Cal Baptist Game Thread


Cal Baptist at Nevada

Tune in to watch Cal Baptist take on Nevada Wolf Pack Men's Basketball!

Posted by Stadium College Basketball on Monday, November 19, 2018

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#6 Nevada hosts new to Division I Cal Baptist of the WAC Monday night at 7pm. Last home game for the Pack for almost a month. Hope the refs calm down this time... It's not just in Lawlor, almost every game I've watched has had ridiculous and multiple reviews, just killing the game flows. 



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Cal Baptist is holding their own so far in their first D1 season.  Buzzer beater at Oral Roberts and gave Tulsa all they can handle before coming up short.

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2 minutes ago, fbpack said:

Does anyone know if there is going to be a stream to watch the game tonight??


Just now, cgzpack said:

Stadium on Facebook I think

Which means once I find the stream I can have it streamed through the board. 

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Looks like a light crowd.  I know I couldn’t make it but that’s to be expected considering it’s a holiday week and it’s a really shitty opponent. 

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8 minutes ago, NVBlueNeck said:

Where's the stream at again?

Top of the thread.  It works best on a PC though. 

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Just now, NVBlueNeck said:

Ok, yeah, it finally popped up here, but doesn't work on my phone. PC time. Thanks

Yeah I can’t figure out how to get it to work right on mobile.  

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