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Bragg’s waiver denied

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Everyone is trying to figure out the NCAA's thought process in terms of granting these waivers.  I hope things work out for Bragg and UNM because I like watching good basketball players.

CSU is going through something similar with Hyron Edwards.  He'll be eligible mid-December but they are awaiting word fromn the NCAA on an appeal to have him granted immediate eligibility.  Edwards is a really good player who will make CSU better as soon as he can start playing.

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Trying to understand the NCAA's reasoning in matters like this is a hopeless cause.  There's no consistency. Bragg did not play at all for ASU.  He's met all the requirements but is still sidelined until December.  Lobos are getting hosed.

By contrast, UCSB just benefitted from Jaquori McLaughlin's waiver being granted and he was immediately eligible, despite the fact he transferred from Oregon State midway through last season and played in a few games before leaving Corvallis. 

NCAA logic :shrug:

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