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Tulsa Guy

Friday College TV Ratings

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All data taken from Sports Media Watch


WKU/Wisconsin, 1.409M, ESPN

SDSU/Stanford, 596K, FS1

Army/Duke, 503K, ESPNU


TCU/SMU, 1,076M, ESPN2


Georgia State/Memphis, 790K, ESPN


Washington State/USC, 1.644M, ESPN


Penn State/Illinois, 1.170M, ESPN


UCLA/Colorado, 840K, FS1

Memphis/Tulane, 738K, ESPN2


Georgia Tech/Louisville, 996K, ESPN

Utah State/BYU, 617K, ESPN


USF/Tulsa, 1.170M, ESPN

Arizona/Utah, 1.011M, ESPN


Colorado State/Boise State, 420K, ESPN2


Miami/Boston College, 1.360M, ESPN

Utah/UCLA, 701K, ESPN

Indiana/Minnesota, 335K, FS1






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4pm vs 7pm.


You aren't battling the MWC for your media deal.  We are monetizing our slice of the world separate to the eastern schools.  The AAC is in the time slot with the most viewers.  None of this a revelation.  If I were a Tulsa guy, I would be more concerned about my athletic program than comparatives on media.

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If I am an ESPN exec, I'd be looking at these numbers and Thursday's UCF game numbers and saying "Those are good weeknight numbers. I want to sign the AAC but televise it as a weeknight league". In other words, welcome to the Weeknight AACtion on ESPN.

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Unless the tv deal is so huge that it leads to the MWC to be significantly better then the AAC, or so small that it causes the MWC to fall back to the level of the MAC/SBC/CUSA then I really don’t care what the numbers end up being. I’m guessing it’s slightly less then the AAC and more then the other three G5 conferences and the on-field/court results end up being very similar to what they have been the last several years. Whoop-de-doo.

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I think both the American and the Mountain West will get media contracts that clearly distinguish these two conferences  from the MAC, CUSA and Sun Belt after the 2019-20 media rights shuffle is over.  Fox and NBC are very likely to pursue the American and the Mountain West. 

Don't forget that the Mountain West generates revenue from sports bar licenses in the East and Central time zones and holding bowl games in the campus stadiums of a significant number of MW schools.  The American does not. 

Only the Pac 12 provides a comparable media product to the Mountain West, although at a much higher price point, and the difference between the two is likely to close significantly given how regularly there are a similar number of ranked teams in college football and men's basketball in both the Pac 12 and the Mountain West.

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17 minutes ago, SleepingGiantsFan said:

Pea6! Pea6! Pea6!

That stupid PR slogan really made the competition for the Fiesta/Peach Bowl seep in to everything for the Arescoviacs

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1-7 UConn versus 1-7 Tulsa on RIGHT NOW! Gotta be the most important game of the year!!!

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