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OT - Willie McCovey dies at age 80

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Willie McCovey, the Hall of Fame first baseman who played 19 of his 22 seasons with the San Francisco Giants and slugged 521 career home runs, died Wednesday at age 80.

The Giants announced his death, saying the fearsome hitter passed "peacefully" Wednesday afternoon "after losing his battle with ongoing health issues."


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2 hours ago, retrofade said:

RIP Willie. I think of him as a Padre a lot because when I was young I had complete sets of baseball cards from 1974 to 1976 and he was a Padre those 3 years. 

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Cool story...

Went to a Giants game with my dad and his buddy when I was a young kid at Candlestick. After the game we were driving out and our vehicle got smacked by a limo with Willie McCovey inside. He hopped out and apologized, took a bunch of pictures with us, gave us his autograph, and then mailed us a bunch of signed stuff. Even though we are Dodger fans, we all thought that was the coolest car accident ever!

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Charles Schultz referenced McCovey in two Peanuts strips after the 1962 World Series, where Charlie Brown is dejected and sitting with Linus.  

McCovey lined out to shortstop to end game 7 with runners on 2nd and 3rd (he said that was the hardest ball he ever hit).  The Yankee won 1-0.


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