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Air Force at San Diego State

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Air Force over Navy and SDSU today 
More at https://ricksfalconreview.blogspot.com

On the road so quick hits to shout GO FALCONS as we get ready for AF vs SDSU tonight after an excellent win over Navy. Kickoff tonight is 7pm MDT on CBSSports and am740. 

The win over Navy in the first round of the Commander in Chief’s race is significant but needs to be taken with a dose of reality. While an excellent job stopping Navy’s running offense was executed by the Falcons, this is not the high powered Navy team of past years and not the big kid in the block rushing this year, that would be Army. Great article below on the Navy staff on what adjustments AF made. Shoutout to the Falcon defense and to sophomore quarterback Donald Hammond III who was efficient in running the offense on the ground and in the air. Don’t forget the effort by the receivers and numerous running backs and fullbacks behind an offensive line that did their job. 

Next up is SDSU atop the MWC after their win over Boise State last week in Boise “on the blue”. Under Coach Rocky Long, the Aztecs are playing well and have beaten AF on the ground and in the air. However, if not for the rain delay last year, the Falcons had the opportunity for the win but lost. 

Keys for this matchup: 
- The team that stops the run will win. Both teams are running teams primarily and if one team can control the line of scrimmage on the defensive front they will have the advantage. 
- The team that can establish a successful moderate passing attack early WILL accomplish the number one key above. 
- Air Force’s rush defense has been a pleasant surprise but tonight the key is stopping SDSU’s ability to pass in key downs and long gains/scores. We stop the pass we win the game. 
- Special teams and/or turnovers may be the game winning key to the final outcome of the game.

Trip to SDSU time for AF to fix woes. https://gazette.com/sports/trip-to-san-diego-state-provides-opportunity-for-air-force/article_645446d6-cdb3-11e8-b83b-6b09fd9fab5a.html

Subplots and numbers AF vs SDSU. https://gazette.com/sports/sublots-and-more-as-air-force-football-visits-san-diego/article_39a34ef8-cdb5-11e8-b66b-c70b488c1fef.html

Hammond looks to bring confidence https://gazette.com/sports/new-quarterback-donald-hammond-iii-looks-to-bring-balance-to/article_822694ce-cb61-11e8-a2b0-5f723bb247f0.html

Scouting report AF at SDSU. http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/aztecs/sd-sp-sdsu-football-scouting-report-air-force-at-aztecs-10-09-story.html

Air Force D turned the tables on Navy. http://www.capitalgazette.com/sports/navy_sports/ac-cs-airforce-navy-sidebar-20181006-story.html

AF over Navy highlights. https://goairforcefalcons.com/index.aspx?path=football


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Nice quotes LTC and the best of luck to the Dirty Filthy Leg Scouts  (excluding PJ's & Combat Eng) AF Squad.

Looking at the Air Force schedule makes one really scratch their head. To date, excluding Navy which is at best a poor Navy squad, not really impressive in the 'W" category (perhaps Stony Brook-actually thought that was a hippy shoe?).

Eight in a row has a nice ring to it, not banking on it as your (insert above) lads will be ready to get this game over with and back to the Greens.

Here's to a safe inspired game.

Go Aztecs!


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From this blog:


"Rocky Long is 68-30 in his eight years at SDSU. This means on Friday against Air Force, he can win his 69th game as an Aztec while moving his winning percentage to -- I kid you not -- .6969696969. THIS IS IMPORTANT. The Falcons should quite honestly forfeit out of respect."


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Turning into a pretty good game.  Aztecs with probably a record turnout for a rain game yet almost San Joseish if it were to become a habit, struggling with a 2-3 AFA squad who's best opponents to date are USU and UNR.  AFA not looking like the AFA of old with a struggling offense clearly lacking the confidence we're used to.

Despite all the negative crap I just typed, it's a pretty fun game to watch.

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