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kalua pig

hawaii @ byu

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34 minutes ago, utenation said:

Yes, yes I do. I offer weekend tours. My normal price is $1000 per person. For you though, I will do $350 or 600 live chickens

sorry cuz.#1stunner already took care of my needs.

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This could be the year Hawaii gets a win in Provo. BYU has to win 1 game against 4 of the good teams left plus take care of 2 cupcakes to go bowling, one of which they lost to last year.

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The Hawaii Warrior Team should be pumped for this BYU rivalry game. Another team that scheduled Hawaii as their Homecoming Game?

The SJSU and BYU teams actually believe Hawaii Warriors are a bunch of cupcakes and disrespectfully scheduled as the easy win Homecoming Game opponent. 

I wonder who else on the Hawaii schedule is showing the Warriors such disrespect as to pencil them in as a cupcake Homecoming easy win?

I mean, WOW! No Respect.

Live Aloha/Play Warrior

Work Grind/Earn Respect/Play Swag/Go Warriors!

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22 hours ago, utenation said:

Bro. Stunner is a lying clown. I’m the real deal. Never, ever trust a delusional BYU Fan. They will rob you blind


8 hours ago, Naggsty Butler said:

I'm living Rent Free.  ^^^

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