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SDSU's entire starting backfield is out for the game against Boise

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7 minutes ago, sdsuphilip4 said:

Rumor is our third string RB maybe hurt too 

Keep hearing Williams is out too but where is that coming from? Not too worried, give Bell a chance.

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9 minutes ago, Rev McQuervo said:

Yes we should forfeit. Our RB's are the weakest link for certain.

Hell effing yes!!! We have no GD chance of winning!!! Let's not even make the trip since it would surely be futile!!!


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Boom goes the dynamite.

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2 hours ago, fanhood said:

QB - Christian Chapman is out

FB - Issac Lessard is out

TB - Juwan Washington is out

The sky is falling...Where is AF1 when you need him?

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5 hours ago, bluerules009 said:

Scared, i imagine.  Smart dudes!

Yeah, we played ASU and Stanford but are going to tremble at playing Boise State. Not even an important game favored in all the other games except FSU and that would be the important game. They may put TE Parker Houston in as a H-back

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"Everything that does not destroy you makes you stronger except Aztec Football "

Freddy Nietzsche

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14 hours ago, GoCoAztec said:

We might miss Lessard the most - I hope that Woolsey brings his A-game.

Go Aztecs!

Agreed. Woolsey has noticibly bulked up from last year in order to play nothing but FB and that's good. However, against Eastern Michigan his lack of experience at the position was very apparent. When the guy Woolsley would normally block in leading our RB was already engaged by one of our linemen Woolsey showed no instinct to immediately find another opponent to hit. Not blaming the kid because he's been a good soldier for the last couple years being basically a utility guy but with Bawden having gone to the NFL to be replaced by Lessard we were already down a bit at the position and with Lessard out too there is now a major dropoff from last year at that position.

Boom goes the dynamite.

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Saw N. Hall tweet he's back...so we might have one of our starting Dline back. Biggest concerns are secondary and its lack of experience and clear issues with the deep ball. Combine that with an offense that will need to stay on the field for us to have a chance but the fact we are missing our starting FB and RB are probably going to do us in...FB in our scheme is usually the one springing big plays with a key block...usually takes replacement a game or two to get it right. 

Offense needs to score 28 or more or we will lose straight up and likely to the spread. JMO.





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19 minutes ago, SparkysDad said:

Part of the issue in not having an experienced RB is protecting the (now inexperienced) QB from the blitz.   A talented, but inexperienced RB will still get their yards, but I wouldn't want to be the Aztec QB on Saturday!

Add that we have really struggled with inside stunts at center/guard and I think you are on to something. 





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