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Memphis President visits Boise. Something cooking?

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Memphis President Dr. M. David Rudd visited Boise State recently. 


Is there a scheduling arrangement in the works, or maybe research collaboration going on between the two schools? @UofMTigers, what you make of this?

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1 hour ago, Headbutt said:

Relax, it's all academic related.


UM thinking of starting up a diesel repair program.  Looking for some synergy.

Grad level stuff...very nice for bsu.

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On our way to the American #BoiseStateP6

San Diego State, you in (again)? :ph34r:

It's probably just a ploy to get the Boise State Sweetheart Deal extended...negotiations with CBS start in April and Boise State needs a new invite to another conference that they can back out of to leverage a better deal! 

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1 hour ago, ph90702 said:

Boise State is leaving the f-ckin’ conference!  The sky is f-ckin’ falling!  And there’s nothing we can f-ckin’ do!

Congrats on your testicles dropping. Alpha male status any day now.

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12 minutes ago, ole blu dude said:

So when the president of a big 10 or pac-12 visits Logan we are going to get a invite ? They have been here, but no invite to either conference has happened.

renoconvert was LOL:ing at your incorrect use of the apostrophe. 

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