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On 9/25/2018 at 9:12 PM, Fowl said:

Ketogenic low-carbohydrate diets have no metabolic advantage over nonketogenic low-carbohydrate diets -- https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16685046


16 hours ago, Fowl said:

The study had two groups.  The Keto group ate 60% fats, 35% protein, and 5% carbs which got all of them deep into ketosis as measured by serum beta-hydroxybuturate.  The low carb group ate 30% fats, 30% protein, and 40% carbs.  Both lost fat but the higher carb group lost slightly more weight and and almost twice as much fat.

Fung has lost his $hit over this study.  On twitter he's been acting like a little boy who lost a game and is taking his ball and going home.  His reaction tells me a lot.  Good scientist keep open minds and change them when the data is on the other side.  He is so wedded to his "keto is the only way" that he won't change his mind regardless of the evidence.  His only complaint about the study conclusion that holds water is that the keto group had higher resting energy expenditure of around 50 kcals/day.  However, the higher carb group lost almost twice as much fat as the keto group so the difference in REE doesn't matter.

Thanks for that further explanation.

Interesting that he seems to be all in on keto - I thought Fung was more a proponent of a low-carb Mediterranean-style diet coupled with intermittent fasting.


We are not dogmatic about what diet to follow. If you follow a low fat diet and lose weight, great. The only logical thing is to keep doing it. BUT. If it does not work, then change it and see if it works better. The general rules are all the same – avoid processed foods, avoid added sugar, avoid refined grains, but you can tweak endlessly around the edges. The only thing that really matters to us is that you get results. 


So, why do I usually recommend a Low Carb diet? For several reasons. First, most carbs in Western society are refined grains. So Low Carb is a useful short hand for reducing sugar and refined grains. Secondly, Dr. Eenfeldt at www.DietDoctor.com smartly points out that if you consider all the Low Fat vs Low Carb studies (58 in total), Low Carb comes out on top 29 times and tied 29 times.  The Low Fat diet came out on top a grand total of 0 (zero) times. Yes. Zero times. This clearly favour the Low Carb rebel band. Anyways, would you bet on a team that wins 29 and loses 0, or the one that wins 0 and loses 29?



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