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Werewolf Noir

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Check check one two, anybody feel like a game?

1.     WYO1016 - Lynched Day 1

2.     SalinasSpartan

3.     tspoke

4.     CV147 - Killed Night 1

5.     Mad_Hatter

6.     4UNLV

7.     mugtang

8.     Billy Bad Ace

9.     Retrofade

10.   TheBigAwesome

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Werewolf Noir

Noir Wolf




Villagers win by killing all werewolves.

·      Medium: Can target one dead player at night to learn their exact role. Scans as Investigator to Detective and Medium to Cultist. Immune to night kills until somebody dies.

·      Detective: Night Zero random investigation. Investigations (scans) reveal generic role only – Investigator, Killer, Blocker, or Bystander. Once per game, the Detective can send an anonymous message to the Femme Fatale, containing a suggested target, but no other information.

·      Vigilante Hunter: Has one silver bullet to use during night actions after Night 1 (so no potshots first night). If they kill any villager (including the Cultist), they suicide that same night. Scans as Killer. Wins a 1v1 for the village.

·      Femme Fatale: Can deceive/distract any other player, blocking any night action they attempt. Scans as Blocker. Once per game, the Detective can send an anonymous message to the Femme Fatale, containing a suggested target, but no other information.

·      Nosy Bystander: Regular Villager unless targeted by the Cultist. In which case, the Nosy Bystander learns the Cultist’s identity. Scans as Bystander unless they have been scanned by the Cultist, after which they scan as Investigator.

·      Bystanders: Regular Villagers

·      Cultist: Evil Villager who only wins with the werewolves, but counts as a villager for winning ratio. Knows who the werewolves are but they don’t know the cultist. Can search each night for the Medium. Immune to werewolf night attacks. Scans as Investigator. If the Cultist targets the Nosy Bystander, NB will learn their identity.



Werewolves share a private chat channel and win by achieving parity with surviving villagers. Each night, the wolves select a target to kill.

·      Brutal Wolf: Does the killing during night actions. Scans as killer. Upon death, must target any other player and kill them. If the killing Wolf is targeted by the femme fatale, the night kill will be blocked. The Brutal’s retaliation kill cannot be blocked. All kill actions happen simultaneously, so if the vig and brutal attack each other everybody dies.

·      Spy Wolf: The Spy Wolf has a separate night action. They can target any player and poison them. Being poisoned means you fall ill and are unable to vote in the next lynch. The poisoned player will not be notified that they were poisoned until after the vote deadline. The final tally will not reflect the vote change, but the outcome might. It does not affect night actions. If the Brutal Wolf dies, Spy Wolf can choose to either kill a target, or poison them. Scans as Blocker.


Players know if they were targeted.

No reveal. 

Only bolded votes will count.

Ties = No Lynch.



All times Pacific.

Real days are game days. 

Day Phase: 9:00pm-8:00pm

Night Phase: 8:00pm-9:00pm


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14 minutes ago, cgzpack said:






@Jack Bauer

@Billy B. Ace

Check in please and we'll start this - just gotta flesh out what to play with 8 players. Could just go generic with vanilla villagers or give everybody some kind of power. Anybody not ok with long days and short nights?

I’m here. 

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