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On 9/13/2017 at 5:45 PM, TheTedfordTrain said:

Howard seems like a better candidate. 

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3 minutes ago, SleepingGiantsFan said:

"Markets" like Manhattan, Kansas are about as big as Henderson and unlike BYU, nobody but nobody cares about KSU outside its geographical area. As for comparing your school with mine, UNLV is no longer any more important than SDSU in hoops and when it comes to football, as a Boise fan showed earlier, the Rebels aren't even relevant in their own city. Not even the third most followed program in even one zip code. It's incomprehensible any FBS football program is less relevant in its own "region."

I selfishly root for UNLV because your school could be a reason for a power conference to decide to let SDSU out of this mess but you guys have a world of work to do.

Both schools FB & BB programs have work to do - It's not like SDSU has been a known commodity in BB and it's only been decent during the Fischer era.......will SDSU sustain or return to the 30 years of crap it was before Fisher ?? 

As for FB, It's hard to find any non-BSC/P5 program that has done less with more than SDSU over the decades........there's been a ton of talent thru that program and not a bunch of wins or rankings to show for it. This last 5 to 7 years of decent FB don't make SDSU a powerhouse program and then there's your stadium situation which is iffy going forward.

Basically the two strengths for SDSU and UNLV lie in their markets & the potential that could be just by associating with a P5 conference which brings both immediate notoriety in stature. .....which would bring SDSU and UNLV to higher levels in their own markets.

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