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Battlestar Galactica - Werewolf Style

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Starts May 30th, day after Memorial Day


1.  tspoke - withdrew, for now, because he's lame and going to Puerto Rico.

2. @cgzpack

3. @WYO1016

4. @Mad_Hatter

5. @4UNLV

6. @CV147

7. @SalinasSpartan

8. @MrBug708

9. @Billy B. Ace

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11. @BSUTOP25

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Colonial Fleet – “Village”

The Colonial Fleet is a ragtag group of survivors of the Cylon nuclear holocaust against the 12 Colonies of Kobol.  The fleet centers around the Battlestar Galactica which serves to protect the remnants of humanity as they travel the stars in search of a planet called Earth.  The possible roles are:  Admiral William Adama, Colonel Saul Tigh, President Laura Roslin, Doctor Gaius Baltar, Captain Lee "Apollo" Adama, Captain Kara "Starbuck" Thrace; Chief Galen Tyrol, and Karl "Helo" Agathon.

The Cylons – “Wolves”

The cylons were created by man. They evolved. They rebelled. There are many copies. And they have a plan.

40 years ago the Cylons and the Colonies fought a long & bloody war.  After years of war, a peace accord was reached between man and the machines.  The Cylons withdrew from Colonial space and haven't been seen or heard from since.  During that time, the Cylons developed models that look & feel human.  Some even believe they are human and live in the fleet, these are sleeper agents and will be activated when certain conditions are met.  The other Cylons will know this player's identity but they will believe they are just an ordinary human/marine.  The Cylons win when they reach a 1:1 ratio with the fleet.


Faction only reveals upon player deaths.

Night Action Messages

If you are immune for any reason to any kind of night attack you will receive a message that you were attacked but were immune. Players will not be notified if they were visited, watched, investigated, spied on or anything that does not involve an attack.


Lynched players will be thrown out the nearest airlock.

Ties = No Lynch.

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Admiral William Adama - Leader of the fleet and tough as nails.  When lynched or night killed he will select 1 member to die as well unless he targets Cavil (Cylon #1). Can deflect 1 attempted night kill (automatic).  Will receive one piece of information N0 that may or may not be useful.

President Laura Roslin - President because she is the only survivor of the prior administration, 43rd in the line of succession but was off world during the nuclear attack on the Colonies.  She has good instincts and will receive 1 additional secret vote to be sent to the mod within 10 minutes of the closing of the lynch vote. 

Colonel Saul Tigh - Adama's right hand man and XO of the Galactica.  Fiercely loyal to Adama he would do anything to protect him.  Has the ability to stop 1 lynch and can protect somebody 3 nights.  The stopping of a lynch means he cannot perform his night action that night (for example stopping D2 lynch means he has no power N2). 

Doctor Gaius Baltar - Probably the smartest person still alive.  He is troubled as he is in love with Caprica 6 (a cylon) and inadvertently helped the Cylon's destroy the Colonies.  Since joining the fleet he has developed a Cylon detector that can weed out Cylon's living in the fleet.  He can perform 1 nightly scan of anybody of his choosing to determine if they are human or Cylon.  If Baltar scans the sleeper agent, they will scan as human.

Kara "Starbuck" Thrace - One of the best pilots in the Colonial Fleet before the attack, she has a keen sense of danger and the will be able to perform 2 redirects of Cylon kills.  Will not know who was target but only that she was successful in deflecting the night kill.  If she is targeted by the Cylons she cannot redirect their kill.

Captain Lee "Apollo" Adama - The son of the Admiral but is very independent and mutinous.  But he is very much like his father but also an advisor to the President.  He can add 1 secret vote once during the game after the lynch deadline.  He can also protect his father from attempted night kills.  He will not know who his father is during the game so he will need to message the mod nightly with the person he wants to protect.  If he protects somebody other than the Admiral or if he protects the Admiral and the Admiral is not the target, he will receive a notification that his protection did not work.

Chief Galen Tyrol/Karl Agathon - Both of these players are in love with the same model cylon, the model known as Sharon or "8" who happens to be the sleeper agent.  Every night they will message the mod with a target to scan.  They will receive only a Sharon/Not Sharon response.  Only one of these two players will be in the game, if at all.

Marines - Villagers


Brother Cavil or "1" - Brutal Cylon.  If lynched, he will target another player to kill as well except Admiral Adama.  He will have to PM the Mod if he is lynched with his target, cannot do it in the Cylon Chat.

Caprica 6 - A Cylon who was instrumental in the destruction of the colonies.  Can survive 1 lynch vote automatically.

Sharon Valerii or "8" - Sleeper agent.  Does not know she is a Cylon and will not be activated unless the Admiral is killed.  The other Cylons know she is a Cylon.  For victory purposes, she counts as a human unless activated.

Other Models - Ordinary Wolves


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1 hour ago, mugtang said:


Lol I just had to google it and I see both ;p but the best explanation I found was it's gotta be frak since that makes it a four letter word.

so fraking in

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3 minutes ago, tspoke said:

I think I am gong to have to drop out of the game. I am going to be on vacation next week in Puerto Rico.


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