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The Expanse - Werewolf in Space

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Signups open.  We'll start when full (probably need 12+).



  1. mugtang
  2. Mad_Hatter
  3. SalinasSpartan
  4. CV147
  5. 4UNLV
  6. WYO1016
  7. Warbow
  8. TheBigAwesome
  9. Billy B. Ace
  10. tspoke
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Role Equivalencies to Werewolf, Mafia, Town of Salem games

  1. James Holden – Elder (extra secret vote thrice), Possible Mason w/ Seer, Immune to conversion
  2. Naomi Nagata – Duke
  3. Alex Kamal – Tough at night once (one of night kill or conversion attempt, not lynch)
  4. Amos Burton – Veteran, Parity Hunter, Kills any attacker when on alert (3 alerts)
  5. Joe Miller – Investigator
    • Proto-Miller – Seer (OPA or Not OPA), Mason
  6. Julie Mao – Lookout (limited)
    • Proto-Julie – Kind of a Mason Savant who can vote I guess, still Lookout
  7. Clarissa Mao – Vigilante (2 bullets)
  8. Bobbie Draper – Vampire Hunter, Immune to conversion
  9. Chrisjen Avasarala – Spy
  10. Fred Johnson – Survivor
  11. Prax Meng – Bodyguard vs Hybrid Infection (success = hybrid spaced = dead hybrid), cannot use on self
  12. Marco – Godfather, Night Immune*
  13. OPA Operative (1 or 2) – Mafioso, Immune to conversion (dies instead, unless they're the only OPA remaining)
  14. Original Hybrid – Vampire with one tough
    • Hybrid - Vampire

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The Alliance                         OPA                              Hybrids 


The Alliance (Earth-Mars Alliance) – “Village”

The Alliance is the crew of The Rocinante, a “salvaged” Martian Corvette class Attack Ship. The crew includes Captain James Holden, Executive Officer Naomi Nagata, Pilot Alex Kamal, Engineer Amos Burton, Sergeant Bobbie Draper (formerly of the Martian Marines), Fred Johnson (political head of the non-violent wing of the OPA), former Ceres Station Detective *Joe Miller, former OPA operative *Julie Mao, assassin Clarissa Mao (Julie’s sister), UN Secretary General Chrisjen Avasarala, and botanist Prax Meng. At least James Holden, Julie Mao, and Joe Miller are guaranteed to be in game.

       *Joe Miller and Julie Mao are special characters and will not technically die or be conventionally converted when attacked by anyone, but will be altered by the protomolecule instead, changing their role and possibly their winning condition.

Hybrids – “Neutral”

The Hybrids are the result of infecting humans with the protomolecule. The protomolecule is a mindless “tool” left over by ancient aliens meant to terraform planets and assimilate anything in their path, including living things. It cares about only one thing, finding their creators. One hybrid is on the loose in the solar system. It has super speed, strength, and endurance and can survive in a vacuum without oxygen or suits and is looking to assimilate anything else it comes into contact with. Because of a piece of the protomolecule hidden on the Rocinante from previous encounters, the protomolecule is able to effect the brains of everyone on board, making the hybrid appear like any other crew member. The hybrid attempts to infect any target each night and assimilate them. All OPA members are immune to conversion. Additionally, several crew members will be immune to conversion. Anyone else will be infected and moved into team Hybrids, lose their “village” powers, and join their private chat. The Protomolecule Hybrids win by assimilating all living players.

The first time the original hybrid is spaced or night attacked, they will not die but on the following night, any hybrid night attack that would normally succed has a 50% chance of failure. The second time they are spaced, the Rocinante will turn its after-burners on and reduce the hybrid to its component molecules and it will be dead dead, but any remaining assimilated hybrids can go ahead with their regular night action unaffected. Also, the original hybrid, and any additonal hybrids he creates, are immune to detection. A scan of them will return as positive to whoever scanned them. Due to the dilution of the infection through the original hybrid, the assimilated hybrids he creates can infect others but cannot survive the vacuum of space unaided. When Hybrids target during night actions, the newest member of the team will always be the attacker.

The OPA (Outer Planets Alliance) – “Wolves”

While Fred Johnson is the political head of the OPA and allied with The Rocinante, he is not in control of the terrorist faction of the organization. The OPA team consists of their leader, Marco, and two unnamed OPA operatives (or just one depending on the # of players we get). They are a group of terrorists out to defeat both Earth and Mars by any means necessary, establish independence for The Belt, and eventually control the Solar System. They consist of radical belters who want to see an end to their oppression by the Earth/Mars Alliance and they have infilitrated the Rocinante. They have their own private chat and each night can attack any player. The OPA wins by reaching a 1:1 ratio with the crew of The Rocinante AND destroying the protomolecule hybrids.

Space Suits

Each day, every player has a random chance of procuring a space suit. A suit allows players to survive space for a limited time, and can be used to save someone else (provided they have their own suit as well). Players who are spaced but have a suit will not immediately die. If another player who has a suit decides to try and save them, they can use their suit to do so. If no one tries to save the spaced player, they will run out of air and die but at least they'll have a hell of a view.

To use a suit to save someone from being spaced (lynched), private message the moderator no later than 5 minutes after the final lynch vote is posted. Final lynch vote will be posted right after the deadline and when the 5 minutes are up, the result of the lynch will be posted. The fact that someone was saved will be posted in the main thread, but the identity of the player doing the saving will remain hidden (even to the player who was saved). 

Once a suit is used, even if it does not work to save a player, it can't be used again. Each day at least one player will receive a suit until there are 5 total suits out there. If any of those 5 are used then players will have another chance to get one until there are 5 again (note I changed this rule - it was go to every other day after 5 but that's too much).


Faction only reveals upon player deaths.

Night Action Messages

If you are immune for any reason to any kind of night attack you will receive a message that you were attacked but were immune. Players will not be notified if they were visited, watched, investigated, spied on or anything that does not involve an attack.


Lynched players will be put in an airlock and spaced. If they have a suit, and somebody else has a suit that they use on them, they can be saved.

Ties = No Lynch.

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The Alliance

Captain James Holden

·      One extra vote every day secretly sent to the moderator (limited to three times).

·      If Joe Miller becomes Proto-Miller, he and Holden will share a private chat.

·      Immune to hybrid infection

XO Naomi Nagata

·      Can “duke” a lynch once per game (change who is lynched) by manipulating the ship’s airlocks.

Pilot Alex Kamal

·      Alex can evade any night kill or conversion attempt once per game by maneuvering The Rocinante in a way that reverses the ship’s thrust gravity, sending his attackers tumbling away. Once he uses the ability (which happens automatically) for any night action it is done.

Engineer "Last Man Standing" Amos Burton

·      Veteran Hunter (wins a 1:1 for village and can go "on alert" three times per game. When on alert he will kill any player who attacks him (includes hybrid attempts to infect), with the exception of Marco, which would result in a stalemate, and while on alert is immune to infection.

Detective Joe Miller

·      Can investigate any player each night. He will receive clues that give him 2-4 possibilities of who the target might be.

·      If Miller is spaced, night killed, or targeted for conversion he will die. Then, immediately, the protomolecule will rebuild his  consciousness. Proto-Miller will not join the hybrid team or chat room or count for any faction’s parity but still wins with The Rocinante (meaning both the OPA and the Hybrids must be destroyed).

·      Proto-Miller cannot post in the Main Thread as he isn’t real, he’s just a construct the protomolecule created who only Holden can see and hear.

·      Proto-Miller exists in order to stop The OPA from destroying The Rocinante, which is the protomolecule’s best hope of finding its creators.

·      Proto-Miller and Holden will share a private chat and Proto-Miller will be able to scan the ship each night, looking for OPA terrorists, and report his findings to Holden.

·      If Holden is already dead, or dies, Proto-Miller dies. 

Julie Mao

·      Former OPA operative and the daughter of the evil corporate doofus who tried to control the protomolecule and sell it to the military. Julie can tail any player during night actions and see if they leave their quarters (not where they’re going) or if they are visited by anyone (but not who the visitor(s) were).

·      The uninfected Julie Mao wins with The Alliance

·      If Julie is spaced, night killed, or targeted for conversion she will become a part of the protomolecule, and able to communicate with the Hybrids. She will join the Hybrid private chat and a day later she will reappear in the game but will be immune to any kind of attack/lynch the rest of the game, unless all the hybrids are destroyed, in which case her molecules are scattered to the solar winds. It will not be announced if/when Proto-Julie dies.

·      Proto-Julie must vote every day and can only speak in the main thread once per day in order to vote and only wins with the Hybrids.

Clarissa Mao

·      Assassin. Clarissa Mao once tried to kill James Holden and destroy The Rocinante. But, ya know, her head wasn’t right. She’s better now . . . sort of . . . and Amos likes her so she wins with The Alliance.

·      She has 2 bullets to use during night actions.

Bobbie “Gunney” Draper

·      Former Martian Marine Gunnery Sergeant.

·      Each night can search for Hybrids. If she finds one she will kill it.

·      If she receives a space suit it will be a Martian marine power suit that will allow her to kill the original Hybrid the first time (the original hybrid is “tough” so normally has an extra life).

·      Immune to hybrid infection.

Fred Johnson

·      The Butcher of Anderson Station. Johnson is a former Earth General who now runs the political faction of the OPA. He has lost control of The Belt and is now working with The Alliance.

·      He is a survivor and can use a bullet proof vest to protect himself at night 3 times per game. Each use of the vest counts, whether or not he is attacked. Private message a use vest/don't use vest order to the moderator prior to Dusk each day.

·      The vest does not protect against a conversion attempt.

Chrisjen Avasarala

·      Under-Secretary to the Secretary of the United Nations. Avasarala is a target for various subversive groups and is taking refuge on The Rocinante.

·      Spy/Intelligence Gathering - Each morning, will be informed that one of the players who was targeted for a night attack, was night attacked, whether for a kill by The OPA or a conversion by a Hybrid (either way and whether or not the attack succeeded, it will just say they were "attacked"). Random selection when there are multiple attacks in a given night.

Prax Meng

·      Meng is a botanist from Ganymede. His daughter was taken by the people who were trying to create hybrid soldiers to control and sell.

·      Prax has a one-time use radiation trap he can use to lure hybrids into an airlock (radiation is like food to them).

·      Each night Prax can target any player. If that player is attacked by a hybrid, the hybrid will be spaced.


OPA (Outer Planets Alliance)


·      Leader of the OPA faction aboard the ship.

·      Unless he is the only OPA member remaining, he will not do any actual killing. The OPA must determine each night which player carries out the attempted murder.

·      Immunities

o   Immune to Night Attack. If he attacks the Veteran (Amos) it will be a stalemate.

o   Immune to hybrid infection.

o   Will scan as Not-OPA to Proto-Miller

OPA Operative

·      Marco’s muscle. Operative’s pull the trigger.

·      Immune to hybrid infection

  • If there are at least two OPA alive, instead of being converted will just die, melting into a pile of proto-goo.
  • If the Operative is the only OPA member alive, they will not die and still can't be turned.

·      One of these operatives, if there are more than one, may have an investigative role.



Original Hybrid

·      A hybrid of protomolecule and human, the original hybrid seeks to infect and assimilate everyone and everything in its path. Any infected players join in Hybrid chat and have to convert all living players to win. (*Joe Miller and Julie Mao are different – see roleset)

·      Tough once. Will not die the first time, unless a power-armored Bobbie Draper attacks, who ignores the “tough.”

·      Each night can attempt to infect any player. Certain players are immune, namely:

o   James Holden

o   Amos Burton (only when on alert)

o   Alex Kamal (only one time)

o   Bobbie Draper

o   Marco

o   OPA Operatives are immune to conversion, but the infection will kill them instead (if they're not alone).

·      If the original Hybrid converts other players, the newest of them will always be the one who carries out the nightly infection attempt.

Converted Hybrids

·      If a player is infected and converted they will join Hybrid chat and lose any powers they had. As a team they will need to convert all living players to win.

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In like Flynn.  Plus, FIRST 

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and I had to look to see who 'down' was, lol. 

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I'm all over this one

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9 minutes ago, WYO1016 said:

I'm all over this one

cool well after about 800 words I had to rethink so bear with me - hammering it out  - for The Expanse fans, gonna have to give me a little literary license here but getting it worked out between Earth-Mars Alliance/The Rocinante, OPA, and the Protomolecule. Need more "Ins!" Can't do it without three factions and need at least 11 players for that to work I think (15 would be better).

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in..where the hell is @mysfit 

@mugtang please check on her some how.

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Just now, Warbow said:

in..where the hell is @mysfit 

@mugtang please check on her some how.

She's alive, just has stayed away from the board lately. 

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Click for UPDATE

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Factions tweaked several times and some roles posted.


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6 hours ago, cgzpack said:

Factions tweaked several times and some roles posted.


it's looking good, cgz!

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Love the Expanse.

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