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Offseason = Werewolf time!

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'Sup fellas! Since there's going to be nothing to talk about until August it's probably time to start getting some games fire up again, right?

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I'm in.


Its sort of a dual edged sword. There is less to talk about in the offseason but that also means fewer people arearound.

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I'm not clever enough to write a game, but I'd definitely be down to play!

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Ok Werewolf Somethin Somethin with long days/nights open for sign ups.


  1. WYO1016
  2. tspoke
  3. CV147
  4. 4UNLV
  5. mugtang
  6. Mad_Hatter
  7. Warbow
  8. Billy B. Ace
  9. Salinas Spartan
  10. Jack Bauer
  11. TheBigAwesome


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12 hours ago, cgzpack said:

somebody tag the usual suspects I'm on a phone ;p


nevermind I'll do it ;p



@Bulldog Rob





@Jack Bauer








@Chief Rum












@Billy B. Ace




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Basic 11-er

(full reveal)


Seer - Each night receives a vision of a target player and learns the players nature (Wolf/Not Wolf). The seer receives a vision on Night 0 of one randomly chosen player that is not a wolf. Thereafter, the seer chooses which player to view. If the seer is not present / does not give an order, they will receive a random negative view out of all players who were alive after lynch.

Hunter - If only two players remain in the game and the hunter is one of those players, then the good team wins even if the other player is a werewolf. The Hunter is brutal when killed (ie. Must kill someone else with when they die). The brutal kill is mandatory. If there is no order given to the mod, then it will be selected at random.

Martyr - Each night, may choose one player, and if that player is targeted for night kill, the martyr will die in their place. The martyr may choose the same person consecutively without restriction. Note that martyr does not work to stop lynches or the brutal retaliation ability.

5 Villagers - Ordinary villagers with no special powers or traits.


2 Werewolves - The werewolves know each other's identity and may chat without restriction. Each night the wolves choose one target player to kill. There is no kill on Night 0.

One of the wolves is brutal and must kill another player if killed. The brutal is mandatory. If there is no order in modchat, the brutal will be selected randomly from all of the non-wolves.

Sorcerer - The sorcerer knows the identity of the werewolves (but they don't know the sorcerer) and wins with them, even if dead. The sorcerer does not know which wolf is brutal, and is not a part of Wolf Chat. Each night, the sorcerer may view a player and be given the target player's exact role. They get a random N0 view of a villager. For parity purposes, the sorcerer counts as a villager.

Victory Conditions:

Village - All good players win if all werewolves are eliminated, or if the last two players remaining are the hunter and one werewolf.

Wolves - The wolves win by achieving parity: if at any time the number of wolves remaining equals the number of non-wolves remaining, Evil wins. However, if one wolf is left with the hunter, then the village wins.

Brutal Rules:

The Brutal Kill is simultaneous to all other actions, i.e.: The Brutal Werewolf is lynched and targets the Brutal Hunter. If the Brutal Hunter's order is still on the Brutal Werewolf, there is no other death.

If the Brutal's target died BEFORE the Brutal Character, then the kill will be chosen at random.

In the endgame scenario where there is: 1 Hunter, 1 Wolf, and 1 other non-wolf (Villager, Good special, Sorcerer), and the Hunter is killed and targets the wolf, the wolf will be killed, and good wins. Parity will be checked after all processing is complete.

If the brutal hunter is killed and does not have an order in, their brutal will be any random player.

If the brutal werewolf is killed and does not have a brutal order in, their brutal will be a random non-wolf.

Lynch Rules:

Each day players vote for one player to be lynched. The player receiving the most votes is killed. If there is a tie between two or more players, there will be no lynch.

Lynch time is 8:00 PM Pacific Time. Votes cast with the lynch time time-stamp are counted. Votes cast after this time are invalid. Votes made during the night phase are invalid.

If a super-majority of living players vote Night Fall it will speed up the dusk. A Night Fall vote must be bolded after casting a legitimate vote.

Night Orders:

Night orders must be submitted by Dawn. Dawn will be at 8:00 AM Pacific time.

Role Reveal:



More Rules:

Votes for a player MUST be submitted in bold:

VOTE Bulldog Rob

Unvoting a player is allowed and done as follows:

UNVOTE Bulldog Rob

Unvoting and revoting a new player at the same time is allowed and done as follows:

UNVOTE Bulldog Rob

VOTE TheBigAwesome



Players can lock in their vote by voting for NIGHTFALL after they have voted for a player to be lynched. Done as follows:


Voting for a player and voting for NIGHTFALL can be done at the same time and done as follows:

VOTE TheBigAwesome


A SUPERMAJORITY REQUIREMENT OF 75% is needed to lock in a Lynch Vote for the day.


Any votes cast or night orders submitted after the deadline will not count. The forum keeps track so a timestamp of :00 is good, :01 is bad.

Editing or Deleting posts is NOT ALLOWED. If you must make a correction, quote yourself and do so in another post. 

Speaking about the game outside of the game is NOT ALLOWED. 

Players can post during Night time. Since night is 12 hours long there is no need for silence during the night. Players will not receive the results of their night actions until Dawn (8am). 

Full Reveals upon deaths. 

Dead players will be invited to Dead Chat/Spoilers, but of course may not ever post in the main thread. 

No quoting, copy/pasting, of any information provided to a player by the moderator in private chat.

No bullshit making things personal, taking things personal that are not, or generally being abrasive or over-the-top contrary. 

The Moderator will post storyline, instructional, and clarifying posts in BLUE FONT. Players please do not use these two colors in your posts.

Any questions for the Moderator should be sent via PM or asked in the Game Thread using RED FONT.


Important Information:

Tiebreaker = No lynch

Lynch Vote Deadline: 8:00 PM Pacific Time

Night Action Deadline: 8:00 AM Pacific Time

Weekend Policy: We will play through the weekend if necessary unless a majority of players object, and object In Thread prior to the weekend.

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I'm here. I'm ok starting either day but tomorrow will probably work the best.

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Checking in

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