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Boise State to Drop Wrestling; Will Pursue Baseball

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I can understand why people are upset about dropping wrestling, and more so the way they handled telling the wrestling program folks (assuming what we have heard is accurate), but I don't see how anyone can think that this is a bad move.

Honestly, does anyone attend or contribute to the wrestling program?

I think the baseball team will definitely get far more attendance and general interest than the wrestling program ever did.And I understand we have had a very good program for quite a while, but when I went to school I never heard of anyone caring at all about it. Nor have I heard anything about it since outside of the occasional sports page report.

I do question the comments about beer at the stadium and the SBOE not allowing it. I was under the impression that the BBall games we had against Idaho in neutral locations had the option of serving beer/wine. I had heard Kustra shot down the one at CenturyLink, but the one at the Ford Center (Vandals were the home team) did have alcohol sales.

Can anyone confirm/refute? 

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On 4/21/2017 at 2:02 PM, SleepingGiantsFan said:

Financial potential of college sports: football 60%, men's basketball 30%, baseball 5%, everything else combined 5%

Conclusion to be drawn: This is a good move for Boise State

Baseball at 5% is generous.  Oregon had a 2 million dollar baseball deceit, about 5 times what our wrestling program had.  Boise has a very vibrant baseball culture and we actually produce a lot of talent in Idaho.  Way more than you would think.  Maybe our program, if super successful could break even or pull a small revenue stream.

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