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Former Frog's thoughts on the MWC - 2017 edition

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3 minutes ago, FormerFrog said:

I think this thread is relevant considering the discussion on mwc recruiting.

As in why is the AAC under performing with "better" recruits against schools like SDSU?

Good question! Discuss. 

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26 minutes ago, FormerFrog said:

ive advocated for a brand change for precisely this reason. The M_C will never be what it was when TCU, Utah, et al were here.

I don't blame the young man. There is clearly a branding issue.

Won't have to. We'll just beat your teams with lesser players like we've been doing. 

Hell, even AFA has won the last 2 out of 3 against Navy while they've been dominating the AAC. Lol.

MW = real P6

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With the season starting I found it appropriate to merge all your threads into this one.  

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On 8/6/2017 at 0:16 PM, mugtang said:

You do realize that the AAC teams have more commits currently than the MWC teams, right?  And that effects the composite ratings.  Uconn has 14 commits compared to Boise's 9, so that's why they have a higher composite rating.  

No, he clearly doesn't realize that. Of course, just as clear is that he's gray matter challenged.

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6 hours ago, Nevada Convert said:

I'm in a typing mood, so let's have a little fun. ?Wow, it looks like someone has been following me closely for the last 10 years. Maybe you should tell us the story about my sock from 9 years ago. ? I'll bet you also have a special folder on your C: Drive that's named just for me, ?? and it's where you save all my quotes and positions I've taken on things in the hopes of eventually nailing me on a contradiction. Well, I'm definitely not perfect, and I do screw up, unlike you. I have news for you, though..... you do actually screw up, such as when you pick a dick quarrel w/me, and you proceed to always go for the wrong angle & issue. And it's a gift to me, so it's not hard for me to make you look silly. At times, DickGiant does that too. 

Ok, back to the Convert file thing....actually another one of my liberal wanker Nevada adversaries on this board actually admitted that he does have a special Convert file on his Radio Shack TRS-80. Do you want to guess who it is? Maybe he will chime in here and encourage you to come out of the closet with your obsessively creepy hobby. It'll be fun, and you can compare your Convert data. Good times for the king of being a total dick, DickNation. I hear you're making the move to expand to Europe soon. Who knows, maybe in 5 years you'll be pimping your total love for dick as DickWorld. ?????

LOL....triggered to yet another convert rambling manifesto.  In your head, son


Just. Too. Easy.

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