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Adidas partners with SJSU with apparel deal

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12 minutes ago, Traitmanz said:

Adidas is back on the rise..the shoes and apparel they been coming out with lately is fire 

Talkin joints and margaritas

Girls rockin hoodies wearin three stripe Adidas 

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1 hour ago, SF-SJSU02 said:

Not a huge deal, but interesting that Addidas is trying to get into the MWC market. If only we could have had a uniform deal with the Power Rangers.

Fresno has an exclusive with the Power Rangers. Luckily, I think we can get in on the leprechaun uniform look. 

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This nothing but fake news! The true story is that Adidas is partnering with SJSU to test-market it's new brand 'Adidoesnt' (pronounced Adi-doesn't) that will be targeting down and poor programs that's can't afford regular Adidas product.

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2 hours ago, toonkee said:

I just came back from the bay area.  Had a great time with some old friends from SJSU.

Image result for russian adidas wedding

LMAO! The new Sons of Anarchy! Prolly got some chopped Harleys waiting outside!


BTW, how much of a king's ransom is SJSU goan get paid? Ain't no dollar signs in that announcement, yo.

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30 minutes ago, Mike Morgan said:

Fresno just announced as well....



Currently the Dogs players are wearing this head gear around campus to conceal their identity, ya know, being the worst team in America. #128/128

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