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Give Polian an extension campaign

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Great win today Nevada (hope I'm not shooting my load to early here) let's all start a campaign to keep Polian, he's great for the MWC. I'll work on a letter we can all email to Nevada's school president and AD.  All he needed was a good QB to show how great he can be as a coach. 

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He congratulated the team, not just Polian. The team does deserve congrats. If P gets canned, it'll be because he's a big pusssy and can't behave like a grown man, not that he had a fvcked year. After the game in his presser, he basically insults a huge portion of the fanbase with his little boy rant that the fans have hurt his and the teams feelings over the last month. High school coaches get more pressure than that, and he takes everything totally personal. I'll bet he lays there in bed at night and tells his wife about the different conspiracy theories he thinks are being plotted against him. Please let it stop!!!!!!

I think he was told before the game that he was being let go. Why? Because of how he took a shot at the fanbase in his post game presser. He would be nuts to say that if he were possibly staying. 

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I think Knuth will give him one more year. If we can figure out run defense we could actually be a good team next season. Watching Gangi and Butler will definitely be fun.


Had Polian started Gangi from the start instead of Stewart we'd probably have a couple more wins. 

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