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Mobsters & Monsters II - Game Over Mafia Wins

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 Welcome to another installment of Mobsters and Monsters, shamelessly ripping off the automated, online game of “Town of Salem,” slightly modified for forum play.

 The aim of the game changes with various roles. Generally, the game splits into three different teams: the Town, the Mafia and the Neutrals. The goal of the Town is to kill or lynch all the Mafia and other hostile Neutrals, such as the Serial Killer or Arsonist. The Mafia's aim is to kill the Town, and any hostile Neutrals. The Neutrals have a variety of goals relating to their individual roles - generally, they don't have a particular side. Deception and lying can be a massive part of controlling and winning the game, depending on the role.



 36 Hour Days and 12 Hour Nights = Lynch Votes at 9am, Night Action Deadlines at 9pm every other day. The player with the most votes at the deadline, provided the number of votes is a simple majority of remaining players, will be lynched. No majority or ties would result in no lynch.

Game starts on Monday @ 9pm


Lynch Deadline Wednesday 9am

Night Action Deadline Wednesday 9pm

Day 2

Lynch Deadline Friday 9am

Night Action Deadline Friday 9pm

Day 3

Lynch Deadline Sunday 9am

Night Action Deadline Sunday 9pm

Day 4

Lynch Deadline Tuesday 9am

Etcetera (deadlines will be updated in the thread title as we go)


Each "game-day" you will vote for one person to be lynched. You can change your vote anytime before the deadline. You can vote No Lynch, you can vote for yourself.

Each game-night all roles with night actions submit their choices to the Moderator and the Mafia will target a player they want to kill during Night Actions and the Mafioso will carry out the attack. 


  Votes must be submitted in bold, for example:

o  Vote Ziiggy

You may unvote a player you nominated: 

o   Unvote Ziiggy

Or unvote and re-vote at the same time

o   Unvote Ziiggy

o   Vote MrBug708

Unbolded votes will not count. If you are having an issue, such as trying to bold a vote on your cell phone while you're at a little league game, private message the GM to fix it, or post a request in the thread, referencing your vote. The point of the bold is to make it easier to tally votes, so bringing the GM's attention to your issue achieves that.

Game Thread

In the game thread, if you have a question for the Mod, please type it in RED. You can also PM the mod with questions if you don't want the whole group to see your question. Official Moderator game posts will be in BLUE, so please don't use blue in your posts.

Private Messages will be handled via private threads. If your role allows communication with other players, you will be invited to the appropriate thread by the GM.

Chat Groups (pm rights)

All Mafia members share a group chat, as do Vampires once they convert multiple vamps. The Medium always has access to a No-Spoiler Dead Chat.

Game Mechanics

Lynches are made by a simple majority of the remaining players, not just the vote leader.

Full Reveals on death (unless blocked by roles)

Moderator commentary and private messages may contain clues

Deadlines are based on the MWC Board time stamp. When the moderator gets around to posting Dusk/Dawn does not factor into it. :00 Good:01 Bad

Winning Conditions 

Village (Kill all Evils), Mafia (reach 1:1 ratio with the Village), Neutral (varies)


Please be respectful of each other and leave name-calling and personal attacks to the trolls, and leave past games in the past.

  ·      Private messages are NOT to be mentioned in the main thread

·      There is no editing of posts for whatever reason. Please make corrections, if you absolutely have to, in a new post.

·      There is no quoting or posting screenshots of PM's received from the mod or other players.

·      There is no discussion of the game anywhere other than the game thread or a private thread created by the moderator. 

·      "Gaming" the system, or metagaming, (using information outside of the spirit of the game) is considered bad form. It is also considered bad form to try and "track players" using the "Who's Online" index. 

·      Werewolf is about accusations, defense, and argument. Much like debate. Do so in a civil manner and don't take it personally, OR make it personal.

·      Players can vote for themselves


Roles will be PMed to players sometime Monday Night.

The game will begin with a Night Zero, allowing all non-killing roles with night actions to operate.

o   Night Zero Night Actions will be randomized and PM-ed tonight

Each Game-Day's length will be 36 hours, each night 12 hours.

All deadlines will be announced in the Main Thread as well as the Thread Title

Night Immunities

If you attack someone who is immune at night for any reason, you will receive a message: "Your target was immune to your attack!" If this message does not appear but your target is still alive, they were healed by a Doctor.

Roles With Night Immunity (exceptions by situation exist so even permanent immunity sometimes won't save you)

  • GodfatherSerial KillerArsonistWerewolf - permanent
  • Executioner - permanent, if they do not turn into a Jester
  • Survivor - gained by using a bulletproof vest
  • Bodyguard - gained by using the bulletproof vest
  • Veteran - gained by going on alert
  • Doctor - Heal target or self (once) 
  • anyone jailed by the Jailor (also protects from Arsonist and Werewolf)
  • Mafia Members are immune to Vampire bites, as is a witch, werewolf, vampire hunter, executioner, veteran on alert, or anyone in jail.

If one of the above roles is attacked and does not die, they will receive a message: "Someone attacked you but you are immune at night!" 

Roles Who Ignore Night Immunity (immune exceptions)

  • Bodyguard - when killing your target's attacker
  • Jailor - when executing your prisoner (also ignores every other form of protection)
  • Veteran - when visited while on alert at night
  • Arsonist - when igniting your doused targets (also ignores healing)
  • Werewolf - when pillaging a house during a Full Moon
  • Jester - when haunting a guilty voter (also ignores every other form of protection)


Detection Immunities 

A kind of Immunity of some roles opposing the Town who can't be detected by a Sheriff, i.e. the character will be "not suspicious". All other Town Investigative roles and the Consigliere are unaffected.

Roles With Detection Immunity


Roleblock Immunity 

A form of Immunity which lets a character be unaffected by roleblocking. The Escort and Consort will not receive a message if the roleblock was successful or not.

Roles with Roleblock Immunity

  • The EscortConsortTransporter and Witch are immune to roleblocks.
  • The Veteran is immune to being roleblocked and will shoot the roleblocker, should they be on alert.
  • If roleblocked, The Werewolf and Serial Killer will change targets to the roleblocker and kill them.

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Possible Roles

Town Protective

Bodyguard - Protect one person each night. If that person is attacked you will be killed but also kill the attacker. May self protect once. You will not die after a successful self-protect.
Doctor - Heal one person each night. If that person is attacked you will nurse them back to life. You may select self heal only once.

Town Support

Mayor - After revealing as Mayor in thread the mayor gains 3 votes. After revealing, the Mayor can only be healed by a Doctor once (they can still be protected by a bodyguard or jailed by the jailor for protection).  *Unique Role
Medium - May speak with the dead while alive. May speak with one living player when dead (once per game).
Retributionist - May revive a dead town member, once. The retributionist is "tough" so will survive a first attack. If that attempt is by lynching they will be revealed. If it is a night attack their role will not be revealed. *Unique Role

Escort - You may distract one person a night. If you distract the serial killer or werewolf you will be killed.

Transporter - Chooses two players to switch at night. Will force any target on one player to be changed to the other player.

Town Investigative

Investigator - Each night you may investigate a player and gain a clue about that player's abilities. The clue will not definitively reveal role or faction, but will narrow it down to several possible roles.
Lookout - Each night may watch one person to see who visits them.
Sheriff - May investigate a player each night for suspicious/not suspicious behavior. You will know if your target is Mafia (except the Godfather), a Serial Killer, or a Werewolf during a full moon. The Godfather will return a “not suspicious” result, as will all other neutral and town roles.

Spy – Will know whom the Mafia targeted at night. Will also see any Transporter activity involving Mafia.

Town Killing

Jailor - You may jail one person each night. You may interrogate and starting night 2 you may execute the person that you jailed. You are allowed three execution attempts. If you execute a town member you lose the ability for further executions. The person that is jailed will be roleblocked and immune to attacks that night. Jailing, but not executing, the serial killer or werewolf will result in your death.  *Unique Role
Veteran - A war hero that is very paranoid. May go on alert up to 3 times in a game. When on alert anyone that targets them at night will be killed. *Unique Role
Vigilante - May choose to take justice into his own hands and shoot someone at night. He has three bullets. If he shoots a town member he will die from guilt the following night.

Vampire Hunter – May visit any target each night. If it is a vampire, you will kill it. After all vampires are eliminated you become a vigilante with one bullet. If a vampire attacks you, you will kill it unless you were jailed, in which case the vampire couldn’t get at you.

Mafia Support

Consort - May distract one person each night, but not the same target consecutievly.

Consigliere - May scan one person each night to find the person's specific role.
Blackmailer - Chooses one person each night to blackmail. The target will be unable to talk the next day.

Mafia Deception

Framer - May choose a target each night to frame. If that target is scanned that night the target will show up as a mafia member.
Janitor – Once per game, may clean a dying person. That person will not have their role, or will, revealed to the Town, but the Janitor will get that information.

Disguiser – Once per game, may choose a dying target to disguise as (the dying person will reveal as the disguiser upon death and the real disguiser will reveal as the target upon death). Prior to Dawn, the Disguiser will be notified of the identities of any players who died during night action and can choose to claim one of their identities.

Forger – Can change any player’s Will.

Mafia Killing

Godfather - May kill someone, or order the mafioso to kill someone each night. Immune to attacks at night from any threat besides the Arsonist, Jester, Jailor, and Werewolf. Scans as “Good” to the Sheriff. *Unique Role
Mafioso – Performs the killing ordered by the godfather and will become the godfather if the godfather dies. *Unique Role

        *Note: If the Godfather and/or Mafioso die, any remaining Mafia roles will be  promoted to the killing role.

Mafia Winning Conditions

Reach a 1:1 Ratio AND kill all Neutral Killers (Arsonist, Serial Killer, Werewolf)


Neutral Evil

Executioner - Will have a town target that they want to get lynched. Immune to attacks at night. If their target is night killed the executioner becomes a jester and assumes that role's win condition.
Jester - Wants to be lynched. Wins if lynched. Also, if lynched, that night the jester may choose one person who voted guilty during the lynch and that person will die of guilt that night.
Witch - May control a person each night. Selects the target and a target for that person. If the person selected has a night ability the player will be controlled and target the person the witch chooses. Winning conditions: Be alive when the mafia wins. The witch does not count for Mafia parity, but the Mafia does not have to eliminate the witch to win.

Neutral Killing

Arsonist - May either douse someone or ignite each night. If igniting it will kill all doused targets. Kill everyone to win.
Serial Killer - May kill one person at night. If jailed will kill the jailor. Immune to mafia attacks. Kill everyone to win.

Werewolf - During full moons will transform and kill a target AND any player that also targeted that player. Werewolves will kill anyone that visits them. Target other to kill them and anybody who visits them, target self/no target to stay home and kill anybody that visits the werewolf. If roleblocked will change targets and attack the role blocker (except Jailor). Kill everyone to win. *Unique Role

Neutral Benign

Survivor - Just wants to make it to the end. May use a bullet-proof vest up to 4 times to save himself at night. Wins by being alive when the game ends, regardless of which faction wins.

Amnesiac – Does not remember who they are. May take the role of any player that dies, with the exception of the unique roles, and assume that role’s winning condition. When an Amnesiac “remembers” their role, it will be announced in the main thread.

Neutral Chaos

Vampire – Can attempt to bite any player *each night and convert them to a vampire. *After the first successful conversion, vampires can only attempt a conversion every other night (next night after 1st conversion they can’t, next night they can again). Like the Mafia, Vampires will have group chat and can only target one player per night as a group (the youngest vampire does the attacking). Mafia members, Witches, Werewolves, Vampire Hunter, Executioner, a Veteran On Alert, and anyone in jail are immune. Win by 100% conversion by game’s end (by you or any vampire).




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Special Mechanics

Wills and Death Notes

Players can write wills and death notes that will be read upon players’ deaths.

o   If you die, the moderator will post your will in the main thread. This is especially useful for town investigative roles as they can leave a record of their investigative results from each night. It can also be used to deceive.

         o   If you are a killing role, you can leave a note at the scene of the death that will be posted by the moderator in the main thread after the killing.

         o   Send Wills and Death Notes, and updates, to the moderator in private messaging with the title Death Note: Ziiggy/Will:Ziiggy BEFORE Night            

                       begins (that means prior to a lynch deadline).


The Jailor can imprison any player each night and after the first night he can either release them in the morning or execute them.

Jailed players are roleblocked and protected. A roleblocked Jailor can still jail but not execute. Some roles are immune to the jailor's roleblock.

The Jailor will need to make a new MWC Board account with the username “Jailor” and no other indication of their true identity.

When the Jailor imprisons a player, that player will be invited to a private chat with the anonymous Jailor. A Jailor deadline will be announced in the private chat and the two may converse freely up until the deadline, after which the Jailor decides if the jailed will be freed or executed. The execution will not take place until the end of night actions when all other killing actions are resolved.


While alive, a Medium can speak to the dead. The Medium will have access to a No Spoiler Dead Chat.

While dead, a Medium can speak to the living. Once per game, the Medium can send a private message to a living player, containing one sentence no longer than six words.

Dead players will join Dead Chat. No living character roles or spoilers will be revealed. *Note that any players who were cleaned by a janitor will not be revealed in Dead Chat. Also, any player successfully targeted by the Disguiser will enter Dead Chat still disguised.


Vote Nightfall, along with, or after, a lynch vote locks your vote for the rest of the day. When a majority of players Vote Nightfall for the same player, the day will end immediately (or as soon as the Mod reads it), the lynch will be resolved, and the game will go right into Night Actions.

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  1. Billy B. Ace - Consigliere
  2. Warbow - Spy - Shot Night 1
  3. tspoke - Medium - Killed by Werewolf Night 3
  4. WYO1016 - Werewolf - Lynched Day 4
  5. Mysfit - Transporter - Shot Night 2
  6. mugtang - Janitor - Lynched Day 2
  7. Timmae - Veteran
  8. CV147 - Investigator - Shot by Veteran (controlled by Witch) Night 5
  9. 4UNLV - Godmother
  10. TheBigAwesome - Executioner - Lynched Day 4
  11. EFEXizBACK - Witch
  12. Jack Bauer - Mayor - Shot by Mafia Night 5
  13. SalinasSpartan - Amnesiac - Killed by Werewolf Night 1
  14. trl87 - Jailor - Shot by Mafia Night 3
  15. AZdogFan - Doctor - Suicide from Guilt Night 4

Mafia Wins! Witch Wins! Executioner Wins!

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36 minutes ago, Jack Bauer said:

Complicated group of roles.

Yeah and there are a million rules and a million exceptions to the rules, but don't worry I'll keep you up to speed.

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1 hour ago, cgzpack said:

Yeah and there are a million rules and a million exceptions to the rules, but don't worry I'll keep you up to speed.

Famous last words...  don't worry..  lol.

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Nice. Ok Roles will go out tonight.

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So if ratios hold (15 possible townspeople, 9 possible mafia, 9 possible neutral) we can expect four neutral, four mafia and seven townspeople -- or something.

I'm pretty stoked for the game! It's been a long time.


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Reminds me of the holy grail game a while back...  I was seriously laughing so loud people were looking sideways at work..  the flying cows..  ha! 

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i'd laugh if bulldog shows up and starts posting as the arsonist.

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Have you read how stupid awesome the werewolf is?

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1 hour ago, trl87 said:

Have you read how stupid awesome the werewolf is?

Beware of Vams...they almost won the last game.

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Roles are going out now, please reply to confirm the pm you receive.

We are beginning with an abbreviated Night Zero. Night Zero is not a Full Moon.

THE JAILOR AND ANY TOWN OR MAFIA INVESTIGATIVE ROLES get a randomized night action. If any of these roles are in the game, their randomized result will be PMed tonight. *NOTE: BOTH THE POSSIBLE ROLES AND THE PLAYER ROLES WERE RANDOMLY ASSIGNED USING RANDOM.ORG.

Time-wise, this First Day is combined with Night Zero to last 36 hours (Days are 36 hours, Nights are 12), so

 Day 1 Lynch Deadline is Wednesday @ 9am.

Remember that you can send Wills and Death Notes to the moderator and that any Lynch vote MUST be a majority of the total remaining players to succeed.


For your information, the possible roles break down as follows:

1 Jailor

2 Town Investigative

2 Town Support

1 Town Protective

1 Town Killing

1 Random Town

1 Godfather

2 Random Mafia Support or Deception (one of which is chosen each night to act as the Mafioso)

1 Neutral Killing

1 Neutral Evil

1 Neutral Benign

1 Random Any




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