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GHOSTS - Game Over Wolves Win!

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9 or 11 Players.

At the beginning of the game there are no Roles/Powers assigned, except for the Village Seer who gets a random good N0 scan. Everyone else starts as just Villager or Wolf. Eleven player game: 8 Villagers and 3 Wolves. Ten players: 7:3. Nine players: 7:2

The Perma-Seer cannot receive any other Max powers throughout the game, but can be assigned additional Aux power(s) (which would take up an allotted power assignment).

Dead Players continue to play and affect the game, assigning powers to living players as Ghosts.

Deaths will not reveal faction but will reveal the latest power that player had.

Winning Conditions: Village kills all wolves, Wolves gain 1:1 ratio.

Players can vote for themselves and vote No Lynch. Also, Nightfall is an option and is a lock vote.

The Ghosts

Dead Villagers become Friendly Ghosts and Dead Wolves become Angry Ghosts.

Ghosts haunt players and assign powers to them via private Ghost Chats. Any player that uses their power immediately loses it, and becomes eligible for haunting again. Players with currently active but unused powers cannot be haunted while they have the power, unless they are being targeted for a role change or an Auxiliary power.

    o   Note: Players can keep an unused power as long as they want, but once they use it they lose it, and cannot get the same power again.

Ghosts receive the results (but not the details) of their hauntings. So they would know if their target can have the power they bestow and whether or not it was successfully used (but not the result of a seer scan for example). In addition to Ghost Chat, they also have the main thread to READ and try and evaluate the effect of their actions.

There will be a separate Ghost Action Deadline following each Dawn to resolve the role assignments for the new day.

Ghosts do not get any more information than living players aside from the powers they assign, their result, and the benefit of Ghost Chat.

o   Friendly Ghosts can only haunt Villagers, so if they target a Wolf (or the perma-seer for a max power, nothing happens).

o   Angry Ghosts can haunt wolves and villagers and will have a more limited # of powers to grant their living Wolf counterparts.

Angry Ghosts have two options as long as there are more than one wolf alive in the game. Instead of haunting a living Wolf and giving them a power, they can Curse a villager. The cursed villager’s power will be secretly disabled for one day.

o   A curse can only be used every other night.

Ghost given powers go into effect immediately upon the moderator notifying that player.

 Only one Max Power at a time, but there are Auxiliary Powers for villagers that stack.

Ghostly Powers Distribution

·     1 Ghost

o   Friendly: After the first villager dies, that player may select one Max power from the Friendly Ghost list of Powers to assign to any player and one Aux power to any player the first night they are dead (it can be the same player). If the dead villager is still the only dead villager on subsequent nights, they can assign one Aux power only each of those nights. Once another villager dies, they may assign Max or Aux powers according to the # of dead players (see below).

o   Angry: Can Select One Wolf target and assign a power from the Angry Ghost list of Powers

·      2 Ghosts

o   Friendly: Can select any two targets and assign Max or Aux powers from the Friendly Ghost list of Powers (has to be different players).

o   Angry: Can Select One Wolf target and assign a power from the Angry Ghost list of Powers

·      3 Ghosts

o   Friendly: Can select any one target and assign a Max or Aux power from the Friendly Ghost list of Powers.

·      4 Ghosts

o   Friendly: Upon the 4th Villager dying, the Friendly Ghosts will auto-target (randomly selected by Moderator) any villager players who have not yet gotten powers and assign auxiliary powers only to each of them. After that, the Friendly Ghosts can choose one player per night and change their powers. Max for Max or Aux, and Aux for only Aux.

Friendly Ghost-given Powers

Max Powers

o   Classic Seer (wolf/not wolf) Can only be assigned to one player at a time. If the perma-seer is alive, nobody else can have this power.

o   Witness (If target is night killed, will see one of the attackers)

o   Detective View (one random good - if the random good was a ninja there will be a random, non-ninja result)

o   Brutal (take anyone with you when you die) The Brutal is mandatory and the brutal player selects the target. If they fail to select a target it will be randomly selected by the mod.

o   Assassinate (kill anyone during night actions once)

o   Duke (change lynch outcome once)

o   Bodyguard (including self) Protector, not killer.

o   Tough (extra life)

o   Roleblock (immune to roleblocks)

·      Aux Powers

o   Ouija Board (at any time can ask one yes or no question of the Friendly Ghosts and will get an immediate reply – or as soon as the ghost players answer the question)

o   Parity Hunter (can only be assigned prior to 4 players remaining)

o   Double Vote (one-time)

o  * Friendly Mimic (when they die, they can choose any one power they had to reveal as)

Martyr (Die in place of your target if the target is night attacked)

o Gravedigger (Private Role/Faction Reveal of any dead player - *note: any player who died while a Ninja will get a random result)

o Messenger (One-way anonymous private message to one player once)

o Ninja (invisible to any non-killing night action), i.e., the Ninja is immune to any power that does not directly kill. Any detection powers will return a random non-ninja result.

Angry Ghost-given Powers

·      Brutal

·      Tough

·      Role Seer

·      Frame (make any investigative scan give an opposite result on the target)

·      Vote Steal (take a vote from any player and change it - *note PM for this must be sent to the Mod at least one hour prior to lynch deadline)

·      *Angry Mimic (Player can choose any power to reveal as when they die)

·      Roleblock (immune to roleblocks)

·      Messenger (One-way anonymous private message to one player once - you can say whatever you want as well as identify yourself, or lie about your identity. . .)

·      Ninja (invisible to any non-killing night action - returned result will be random)

*If a mimic dies, they will be revealed as a "Mimic," but not if they were Friendly or Angry.

All votes must be bolded: Vote cgzpack



Unvote cgzpack

Vote Ziiggy

Also, please put votes in their own line rather than the middle of a sentence in the same line. Example:


"I don't like your avatar so I am going to vote jojothemonkeydog for now until I change my mind for no reason."


"I don't like your avatar so I am going to 

vote jojothemonkeydog 

for now until I change my mind for no reason."


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Dramatis Personae:

  1. Mysfit                          
  2. Billy B. Ace                 
  3. CV147                         
  4. Warbow Lynched Day 2                  
  5. SalinasSpartan Eaten Night 1          
  6. WYO1016                  
  7. Mad_Hatter                
  8. 4UNLV                        
  9. tspoke Eaten Night 2 
  10. trl87 (replaced Crimson Fox Day 3)
  11. TheBigAwesome Lynched Day 1


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In for whatever. Just add me to whatever game you get going.

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  1. @Jack Bauer
  2. @SalinasSpartan
  3. @mysfit
  4. @Billy B. Ace
  5. @CV147
  6. @CrimsonFox
  7. @Warbow
  8. @WYO1016
  9. @timmae
  10. @4UNLV

This is the list of signups for The Legend of Drizzt (which I really want to see played!), but if we can get one more and you 10 confirm we can do GHOSTS (which I really want to try also!).

Post it up - Mysfit, Billy, and CV are already confirmed.


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Sorry guys. Been really busy lately and will be for a little while. Also going down to spring train starting tomorrow so I am out for a little while. I think in a couple weeks I will be back and ready to play.

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If this game starts after this month go ahead and count me out. I'm down to play right now, but I am going to have a lot on my plate in May and June, doubt I'll be able to keep up here. 

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Ok I can start playing again, at least for now. Sign me up for either or both of these. 

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ok, i could probably go ahead and play either game, i just can't be here a lot during the day M-Th, if that's ok.

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