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The Love Boat: Terror at Sea (OPEN SIGN-UPS)

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The Love Boat: Terror at Sea


Werewolf is a game of suspicion, deduction, accusation, deception, and misdirection.


  • no editing of posts for whatever reason.
  • no quoting of PM's recEIVed from the Game Moderator (GM).
  • no discussion of the game anywhere other thAn this thread.


  • The GM will post storyline, instructional, and clarifying posts in BLUE FONT.
  • Any questions for the GM should be sent via PM or asked in the Game Thread using ORANGE FONT.

The game consists of two different phases: Day and Night. The game begins with a Day phase.

Each day passengers (villagers) will vote for one person to be thrown overboard (lynched). The player who receives the most votes will be shark bait. In the event of a tie, there will be no killing that day.

An 8:01PM PT VOTE DEADLINE (votes with a timestamp of 8:00PM will count, those with 8:01PM or later will not) will be used each day (unless specified otherwise), using the Board’s timestamp. Day actions will be processed 10 minutes after the Vote Deadline to allow for any Intervention(s) (see Roles below).

Votes for a player will be submitted in bold:
VOTE TheBigAwesome

Unvoting a player is allowed and done as follows:
UNVOTE TheBigAwesome

Unvoting and revoting a new player at the same time is allowed and done as follows:
UNVOTE TheBigAwesome

VOTE Bulldog Rob (because...tradition)


Players can lock in their vote by voting for NIGHTFALL after they have voted for a player to be lynched. Done as follows:

Voting for a player and voting for NIGHTFALL can be done at the same time and done as follows:
VOTE TheBigAwesome


A SUPERMAJORITY REQUIREMENT OF 75% is needed to lock in a Lynch Vote for the day.


Each night the wolves may submit, via PM to the GM, a player they want to attack. The attacked player will either be killed, be converted to a wolf, or be saved (see Roles below), depending on several factors.

Villagers with special Night Powers (see Roles below) can elect to use—or not use—their powers, also submitted to the GM via PM.

Night actions will typically be due between 9:00 – 9:15PM PT approximately an hour after the result of the Day Lynching is known.

Reminder: There is NO POSTING permitted by a player, once that player has been killed.


  • The Wolves win if they achieve a 1:1 ratio of villager to wolf.
  • The Villagers win if they eliminate all the wolves.
  • The Stalker* wins if at the end of the game their love interest is still alive.

*Optional role.


Start date and deadlines are flexible and open to discussion. We can do conventional deadlines with an evening Lynch followed by Night Actions due approximately an hour later or do morning Lynches with evening Night Actions (or vice versa) or something different altogether. Suggestions welcome.

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Roles will be assigned randomly. The GM will inform players of their role via PM prior to the start of the game.

Good Roles (In the Game)
“Your Ship’s Cruise Director” is responsible for keeping tabs on everyone and making sure that they are enjoying themselves. A bit of a “busybody,” the Cruise Director may choose to “scan” one player every night by sending a PM to the moderator with that player’s name. The moderator will tell the Cruise Director whether the chosen target is a werewolf or a human, no special role will be revealed.

DOC (Herbalist):
“Your Ship’s Doctor” is responsible for the welfare of the passengers. Each night “Doc” may choose one player to protect from the wolves by using wolfsbane. The same player may not be protected on consecutive nights (this includes “Doc” as well). Wolfsbane does not protect a person from the Vigilante.

“Your Ship’s Bartender” can get anyone wasted. Each night the Bartender can get one player drunk so that they can’t perform their night action. If the Brutal Wolf (or the lone remaining wolf when there is just one left) is targeted, the Wolf-Attack will be prevented.

“Your Ship’s Captain” has no special night function but contains a very important day feature. Once per game the Captain can change the outcome of a lynch vote by selecting a different person to be lynched. Once this power is exercised, the Captain’s role is revealed to the Ship. The Captain will have 10 minutes after the vote to submit an action to the GM for that intervention to count.

Simple vacationer with no special functions other than a vote.


Bad Roles (In the Game)
The Brutal Wolf is the leader of the wolves. If neutralized at night, the wolves cannot attack. If lynched, the Brutal Wolf can select a player to take down with them.

Each night the Wolves select a player to attempt to kill. All wolves, including the Brutal Wolf, will be invited to a special WOLF CHAT and will be able to communicate with each other there. (The total number of wolves will fluctuate based on signups, but will be revealed at the start of the game).

Hey Reb! wants to be part of the Wolf Pack so bad, HR knows the wolves' identity but they do not know HR's. If attacked by the wolves at night, HR will become a wolf in every sense. HR shows up as human on scans until converted but is considered a wolf for victory conditions. HR MAY NOT PM the wolves, but will be invited to the WOLF CHAT upon conversion.


Possible Roles (MAY or MAY NOT be in the game, players won't know which are/aren’t in)
“Your Ship’s Yeoman Purser" is the officer responsible for the Ship’s administration. The Doublevoter has the option to submit a secret second vote PM’ed to the GM. The second vote must be submitted no later than 10 minutes after the lynch vote, in order for it to count.

Sweet innocent-looking Captain’s daughter by day; lean, mean, killing-machine by night. The Vigilante is armed with a “Saturday Night Special” with one in the chamber and one in the clip (two nighttime kill-attempts) to carry out a special form of justice. If the Brutal Wolf is targeted, the wolf attack is stopped but both the Brutal Wolf and Vigilante will die.

Known as the patron saint of “shark-jumping” (a reference to the popular and enduring shows which have featured him in their declining years often to replace a departing regular cast member). On the first night, the Backup chooses a role to play, submitted to the GM by PM. If/when that person dies, the Backup will assume that role. The selected role can be either a villager or a werewolf.

If attacked by the wolves, the Badass can fight them off the first time but will not be able to fight them off if targeted a second time. The Badass cannot fend off an attack by the Vigilante.

On the first night, the Stalker selects a player to be the object of their unconditional (and unstable) affection. If the person selected is targeted at night, the Stalker is so consumed with grief that they cannot live anymore and kill themselves. If the selected person is voted as the one to be lynched, the Stalker sacrifices themselves in their place (This will happen automatically). The Stalker MAY NOT reveal as the Stalker under any circumstances (They may still “fake reveal” as any other roled or vanilla villager just like any other player). The player being obsessed over does not know they are the object of the Stalker’s obsession. The Stalker wins if at the end of the game their love interest is still alive.

The Adulterers share an intimate forbidden bond. If one dies, the other is so consumed with grief that they cannot live anymore and kill themselves. Due to the surreptitiousness of their relationship, the Adulterers do not have PM rights but will know who each other are.

There may be two or more siblings in the game who share a deep family bond. The Siblings will know the identity of each other and will have PM rights. The GM will set up special PRIVATE CHAT(S) for the Siblings. The other players will not know if there are Siblings, who the Siblings are, or how many Siblings there are.

Part of the Siblings group (must be at least three siblings for this role to exist), the Black Sheep grew up with a Dark Side and plays for the wolves. The Black Sheep will know the identity of the other Siblings and will have PM rights. The other siblings will not know if there is a Black Sheep or who it is. The BS knows the wolves’ identity but the wolves do not know of the BS. If targeted by the wolves at night, the BS is converted and gains PM rights to the wolves and retains separate PM rights to the Siblings. The Black Sheep shows up as a human on scans until they are converted. For victory conditions, the BS counts for the villagers if still human and for the werewolves if converted. The other wolves do not know that the BS has Siblings.

The Anarchist has a one-time use to make a player switch sides. If the selected player is a villager role of any type, they become a werewolf but lose their villager power (if they had one). If the target has a werewolf role of any type, they become a villager. If they have previous PM rights, they lose those rights. The Anarchist will not know which side they turned their target to. If the target becomes a wolf, they will gain PM rights to the wolves and will be invited to the WOLF CHAT. If a wolf becomes a villager, two random villagers become werewolves.

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Game Moderator: TheBigAwesome - Killed at the start of the game | Chief Mate (VILLAGER)


  1. Warbow
  2. 4UNLV
  3. timmae
  4. Bulldog Rob
  6. Mad_Hatter
  7. cgzpack
  8. mugtang
  9. CV147
  10. mysfit
  12. CrimsonFox
  13. WYO1016
  14. Billy B. Ace
  15. tspoke
  16. SalinasSpartan
  17. trl87

BOLD denotes players who have signed up/re-confirmed interest. We currently sit at 11 players.

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It's been a few days since you embarked on a booze cruise in Ensenada and have been partying it up all day and all night all the way down the Baja Peninsula. Tonight marks the halfway point before you turn around and head back north so you are taking full advantage, partying HARD at the Cabo Wabo in Cabo San Lucas with Sammy Hagar himself.

Out of the corner of your eye, you see that Sammy is getting into it with a belligerent patron, the yelling match soon turns physical and Sammy Hagar goes full Rock-Star and flattens the guy. You assume the situation is done but the guy gets up in a fury and charges at Sammy, as he closes in you notice that he starts to transform. By the time he reaches Sammy he has fully transformed into a Wolf Beast and rips Sammy Hagar to shreds. All hell breaks loose.

Some people are screaming, some people are running, some people are screaming and running, while others are transforming themselves and soon it is a bloodbath.

You gather those around you that you recognize from your Cruise and you all hightail it back to the Pacific Princess. When you reach the Ship, you brief the Captain as to what has happened. He surveys the area and can see the massacre that is taking place on land. 

The Captain goes to his radio to signal for help but discovers that werewolves have taken over the entire North American continent and millions are dead. For the safety of everyone there, the Captain pulls anchor and heads out to sea. It is not safe to return to land until you know that the danger has been subdued.

The Captain, along with Chief Mate TheBigAwesome, performs a head count and counts a total of XX passengers and crew.

The Captain then sends everyone to their cabin to sober up and proceeds to secure the Ship. The plan is to reconvene in the morning at the main dining area to allocate duties and responsibilities since it will require a group effort to run the Ship.

When morning breaks, the Captain calls everyone to the main dining area. After doing a head count they find that someone is missing, who can it be? The Captain checks the head count list that was taken the night before and it appears that Chief Mate TheBigAwesome is missing. Everyone runs to his cabin. When they get to his room, they discover that TBFA has been dismembered. His body seems to have been attacked by savage beasts.


A closer inspection determines that there are XX different sets of claw marks on his disemboweled body. You all search his room for clues to the identity of the beasts but your search only turns up a bag full of individual 1-oz bottles of hand lotion with Pasadena Marriott labels on them and several photographs of a woman “cleaning herself” in the shower.  ;) (<--- Those who stayed at the Pasadena Marriott for the BCS Title Game featuring SJSU vs Hawaii may be familiar with this reference.)

The crowd looks around at each other, not quite sure what to say. They thought they were safe but apparently there must be werewolves amongst them. After some short dialog, the only thing they can figured out is to vote for one person per day to be thrown overboard. Once the XX (you hope) wolves are eliminated, the threat will be over!


After an extended cooling off period, I plan to start the game the week of July 5.

Roles will be sent out on Saturday (7/4) night or Sunday (7/5) morning. First Lynching: Monday (7/6).

Please DO NOT VOTE (unless it’s for Bulldog Rob) until it has been posted that all the roles have been handed out.

If enough players sign up there may be N0 actions (probably just a random “non-evil” scan for the Seer) and those would go out on Sunday night. But no actual actions would be due until Monday (7/6).

There is no need to check-in on the thread but please let me know through PM that you have received your role and still plan on participating. Please inform me, via PM, as soon as possible if something comes up and you have to back out.

REMINDER: We will use a 24-hour deadline with Day actions processed approximately 10 minutes after the VOTE DEADLINE of 8:01PM PT (votes with a timestamp of 8:00PM will count, those with 8:01PM or later will not) using the Board’s timestamp. Night actions will typically be due between 9:00 – 9:15PM PT.

Day 1 Deadline is 8:01PM PT on Monday (7/6). Happy hunting!

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This seems more my speed...In

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holy crap you killed Sammy Hagar, not cool

the Black Sheep role is a cool concept

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hey!! i will play this one, it sounds fun, but with all due respect, would you please, very kindly GET THAT OUT OF THERE!!


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You should pin this on the main thread already, you may get some new players give it a try.

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Good idea.

I'm not authorized to do that though.

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I can pin it here and I can move it, but I can't mod anything on the main forum so I don't know if would be pinned or not.

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when I put it there

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Do you want me to move it? Mug might have to pin it.

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I can pin it here and I can move it, but I can't mod anything on the main forum so I don't know if would be pinned or not.

Thanks for pinning it here.

I've sent mug a PM.

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