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Official Werewolf Thread

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Werewolf is a game of accusation, deduction, lying, reverse psychology and bandwagoning. Moreover, it's a lot of fun.

The rules are pretty simple: The players represent a village and each member of the village has a role which is kept secret. Most players are ordinary villagers but two or more are werewolves and one is a seer, there are some other roles which are explained later. The goal of the villagers is to eliminate all of the werewolves. The goal of the werewolves is to achieve 1:1 parity with the villagers at which time they can openly rise up and overwhelm the villagers thus winning the game. You are not allowed to PM each other unless you are on the wolf side.

The game consists of two different phases: Night and Day. The game begins with a Dayphase.

During the daytime the villagers all wake up and find that one of their own has been killed by the werewolves. At this point at least one player is a werewolf and so someone is gonna get lynched.

During this phase all players, including werewolves who have assumed villager form, must discuss their suspicions. Eventually it will reach a point where villagers start to cast votes for who they feel is a werewolf and must be lynched. Votes are cast by placing bold text in a post like this VOTE PLAYER A. At the end of the day (which is defined as 8:00 pm PST board time) the player who received the most votes is lynched and is removed from the game. That player’s role will be revealed to the village. Votes that come after 8 pm PST will not count. The timestamp will be the deadline. If you live outside the PST, know the time zone equivalent.

When the lynching is done all the villagers go back to their homes to sleep and the next night begins.

In a night phase the moderator will ask the werewolves to choose a villager to “eat” and also ask the seer to choose one player to “view”. The werewolves should decide amongst themselves using the board's PM(private message) function who their victim will be and inform the moderator of their choice. The seer should decide who his target will be and inform the moderator of his choice.

The werewolves' victim is dead and is removed from the game, but the rest of the village won't find out until daytime who the victim is and what their secret role was.

The seer's target has his role (villager or werewolf) revealed to the seer only.

In case it's not clear: The villagers win if they kill all of the werewolves. The werewolves win if they kill enough villagers so that their numbers are equal. At this point the werewolves can openly rise up and slaughter the rest of the villagers.

Special Roles

Roles will be assigned randomly; the Moderator will inform you of your role via PM when we start the game. The following is a description of the roles in the game.

Villager - Simple townsfolk; no special functions other then a vote.


Converted - You are a simple villager. Or so you think. If targeted by the werewolves, you are converted to their side. The converted role is not revealed to the villager who possess this trait. One caveat remains in that the Seer will be able to trace who possess wolfish qualities.

Seer – There is one Seer in the game and he is on the villagers team. Each night the Seer may choose one other player to “view” by sending a PM to the moderator with that player’s name. The moderator will tell the Seer whether his chosen target is a werewolf or a human. No special role will be revealed to him, just wolf or human

Town Elder - He has no special night function but contains a very important day feature. If voted to be lynched, he may use his influence to pick another village person to be lynched. Once he uses his power though he can no longer use it again and his role is revealed to the village.

Herbalist - There is one Herbalist in the game, and he is on the villagers team. Each night the Herbalist may choose one other player to protect with his wolfsbane. He may not protect the same player two nights in a row. He may, if he chooses, protect himself, but again, not on consecutive nights. His identity remains a mystery.

Werewolf – The werewolves know who each other are and may send PM’s between themselves to discuss strategy. At night the wolves PM the moderator the name of the player they’d like to eat.

Brutal Wolf - If lynched you can select a player to take with you to the grave.


Misc Notes


If you choose to vote for someone, please bold it as follows

Vote - MrBug708


If you change your mind, please unvote like thins

Unvote - MrBug708

Vote - BeetleJuice

Tie votes will result in a no lynch. Remember that close to deadline. The Town Elder might still be able to sway the vote one way as well.



It helps perserve the truthfulness and gamesmanship that is being carried out here. If you make a mistake, just roll with it. Even better if you can spin it anyway possible. Unfortunately (Unless Mug can change the forum features), edits will not be noticeable as there is no "edited by" after the post has been made.


Posts/Notes from me that are official or important, I'll write in blue.


If you have a question for me, write it in Red. So I can find it easier if it's important. You can always PM me with questions, but if they are important and everyone else might find them helpful, feel free to post them in thread.


No quoting of any private messages, from the moderator or otherwise.

No discussion of the game outside the thread.


Roles will be handed out via PM.

They will be worded the same

"You are a villager"

"You are the seer"

"You are the herbalist"

"You are the town elder"


The village will win if all werewolves are removed from the game.

The werewolves will in if their numbers ever equal the number of villagers left in the game.

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The Players
1. UNLVFan90
2. Chrysis - Lynched Day 1 - Werewolf
3. SalinasSpartan
4. CV147
5. TRL87
6. Carpen83
7. thelawlorfaithful
8. Jack Bauer - Killed by Wolves Night 2 - Seer
9. Bulldog Rob - Killed by Wolves Night 1 - Villager
10. Wyo1016
11. AZdogfan - Lynched Day 2 - Brutal Wolf
12. cgzpack
13. Mugtang - Killed by Brutal Wolf Day 2 - Villager
Chief Rum

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You've had a long journey to get to this point. Your homeland was ravaged with Civil War and strife. You fled with whatever you could carry in the hopes of a new life. Many members of your group have passed away. You started with 150 over a year ago with various strangers joining your band. You all look around at this place where your small group of 12 has decided to call home. You think of a name and the only one you guys can imagine calling your new location is, Blythe. Blythe will be the place you start your new lives together. As you unpack the wagons, you discover a horrifying fact, there are no longer 12 of you, but 15. You look to your brave explorer and fearless leader, MrBug708, for some consolation. He glances at the Town Elder with worry, before turning to say "Don't worry, these new additions will only help us in our new village of Blythe. The more the merrier!" But the villagers are not assured by the shaky voice of MrBug708.


Once everything is unpacked, a small meeting is held. Jobs are handed out for the next day. Everyone retires for the night. But at about 5 am, you hear the howl of a wolf, followed by a second, and then a third. There is a scream coming from the largest tent. The villagers all rush there where they discover the body of MrBug708 in poor condition with a hush gash in his neck. In his hand he has a note that he weakly passes to one of the villagers



The villagers can see that MrBug708 is about to fade. The urge him for any more clues, but with his throat slit, no words can come out. He holds up three fingers and points to the piece of paper before passing on. The villagers look at each other and they all know the truth. They now sit at 14 and three of their members are suspected wolves. There is only one way to find out who is a wolf and who is villager. They must decided the fate of their village and hope for the best. But how? After much discussion, they decide they must kill one member of the town and hope they ride the new town of Blythe of this scourge. But can they rid themselves of the three wolves?


Only time will tell...


Deadline for Lynch vote is Monday at 8PM PST. Discuss your votes! (Roles to Follow!)

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Roles have been sent. If I missed you for some reason, please PM me and I'll get it to you!


I made the deadline Monday to give some time to digest everything, but if everyone is around I can move it to Sunday or even tomorrow. I figured it was Easter so I'd give it a couple days? It's up to you guys!


Good Luck!

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Vote - Chief Rum


1) He had one total post, and joined the forum specifically for this game.


2) I'm not against rum, or even people named after it, but sometimes its best to stick to rums you know.

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Vote - Chief Rum


1) He had one total post, and joined the forum specifically for this game.


2) I'm not against rum, or even people named after it, but sometimes its best to stick to rums you know.

Hmm good point. Not gonna put in an official vote yet though.

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Vote - Chrysis


Seemed unwilling to lynch Rum right away.  Said he wants to wait on his official vote.  He has to be a werewolf!

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Vote - Chief Rum


Have to vote for someone and I'll go with the guy who joined the board yesterday. We'll figure out more information as the game goes on.

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That's a good point. Those not for the lynch mob are against us.

Exactly.  Plus I'd be willing to bet MrBug made him a villager just to phuck with us.

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Your powers of persuasion have persuaded me.

Unvote - Chief Rum

Vote - Mugtang

That's it! You're banned from this village!

Unvote - Chrysis

Vote - Lawlorfaithful

Go play with silverbacks.

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