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Conf vs Conf

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1.  Pac-12   .840

2. SEC  .788

3. Big-12  .727

4. Big Ten  .703

5. ACC  .690

6. AAC  . 448

7. Indy  .355

8. Sun Belt  .348

9. MWC   .290

10. CUSA  .250

11. MAC .250

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At least it's happening this season.  Most MWC programs should be much improved next year, when it'll have a greater impact on deciding that 1 BCS bowl spot given to the highest ranked conference champion from the group of 5.

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Fresno moved up to spots to 21 in the AP.  Lville dropped two, to #8 but of course they are leaving the AAC after this season.  Northern Ill of the MAC was prev unranked and they are now 23.


I had high hopes for us this year but things aren't going as well as I'd like.  I hope Fresno BCS busts on behalf of the MWC.

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MWC is just terrible this year...

This is the new normal.  Get used to it.  The Power Five conferences have left the building.  Anyone who is honest with himself can plainly see that all of the Gang of Five conferences have started to sink into the same oblivion that is FCS football.  Nothing can stop it now.

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