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UCLA @ Utah

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Good post.  Agree with all of that.  If Utah can reach UofA level of competitiveness it will be a good season for them.

One thing, I think 4 of the picks last night were tipped balls.


edit:  oops I missed on thing you said.  Don't agree that OSU is up from last year.  Good throwing game, but bad run game and mediocre and slow defense.

Tough to say a program is up when they lose at home to a FBS team.   I think Utah has improved since they played the Beavers...UCLA has been playing well.

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I stand corrected.


2010 and 2011 weren't kind for Beaver fans.  I was thinking they had been performing about the same for several years prior, so even with losing at home to an FCS team, being competitive in the PAC-12 is better than only winning 3 or 5 games a year.  That's what meant by "up."


But over the last 10 years they're winning 8 or sometimes 9 games a year, so yes, their defensive problems are a step back from last year.  They only gave up 30+ points once last year, and they've done that 3 times in 5 games this year.

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As a casual observer of Utah football, I think that Travis Wilson is an upgrade over all the QBs they've had since they left the MWC.  He played like doo-doo tonight (SERIOUSLY?!  6 picks?!??) but Utah's defense is looking really good.


Too bad they couldn't close it out against Oregon State and now UCLA.  Both of those programs are up from the last few years - even with an FCS loss by Oregon State.


How they handle the Arizona schools will be a good indication of whether or not they're taking steps in the PAC-12.


imo.  I'm often a dunce.

What was amazing to me is even with those 6 picks (3-4 balls tipped up by the WRs but the other 2 were really bad passes) Utah was right there in the game.  If they could have kept drives going by eliminating even half of those turnovers it would have certainly been in Utah's favor.  The second half was not good to the Utah running game but even then it was an exciting game.

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I'm not sold on that Hundley, I don't think he's at all one of the top qb's

You mean losing your starting tackle, RB, having double vision and you don't have the best game on the road when it's snowing?

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