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i want me likey

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You might want to do a quick review of the MWC Board rules, paying close attention to rule #2.


Yes, Yes I know it's not popular for you but them's the rules and rules are rules.

The Admin is nice enough to provide us this board and places very few restrictions on it's use. He only asks that these 7 rules be followed, I don't think it's too much to ask that we follow his wishes.

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I've seen some bad shops in my days. Dunno what it is about all the LSU pics that makes them do it.

Also read the board rules, and either throw up a disclaimer or don't post the bikini pics.

Indeed! Just having that image on your monitor is an honor code violation! Although, I see you managed to make all the way to the bottom of the thread, and you seemed to pay very close attention to that paticular photo. :lol:

Gawd zoo

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