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Coog kev

Football 2024 MWC v. XII

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Okay, it is the semi-doldrums of early July while we all wait 60 days or so for college football 2024 to launch and get started.  I offer this in the mean time.  2024 MWC v. XII gridiron matchups and my predicts.  Here goes in no particular order aside from Self Interests (do you not know me re all that mess?)

  • UNLV at Houston 8/31.  This is newby UH coach Fritz first gridiron game at my alma mater.  Fritz is highly well regarded as a builder and leader over time.  Not so much a jiffy lube quick fix gentleman.  I really do not know what is going to happen in this one.  Official tossup, leaning game 1 tight loss by my squad to the Rebs.  
  • UNLV at Kansas 9/13.  Ya, that is a loss.  Yikes.
  • Air Force at Baylor 9/14.  Tossup leaning Fly.  Why?  Aranda's Baylor has been under water too much lately. 
  • New Mexico at Arizona 8/31.  Zona win.
  • Utah State hosting up Utah.  No comment other than landslide probable re Utes playing 2nd string by end of half.  
  • Wyoming at Arizona State.   Hmmmm...Arizona State is a mystery.  Wyoming knocked off Texas Tech last year in Laramie.  Abstain.
  • Wyoming hosting up BYU.  Hmmm...Texas Tech redux?  I dunno.
  • I save the best for last.  Colorado State hosting up Colorado mid September.  Rams do it again.  

My honest prediction re all this mess.  UNLV 1/1.  Air Force 1-zip.  Wyoming a highly questionable 2-zip or 0-zip.  Rams over Deion.


Regarding MWC other matchups vs. the 13-strong FBS Texas squads, there is this.  

  • Nevada hosting up SMU in game one.  Wow.  Lashlee at Pony has done an amazing job as HC and now he has practically unlimited funds to do so re NIL and the xfer portal.  SMU practically  invented pay for play decades ago and got shut down for it all.  Now that that is all more than legal, SMU will place really well in ACC outcome.  SMU over Nevada by a noticable margin.
  • Colorado State does have its Opening Game pay day at Texas.  Down the line Rams host up UTEP.  1-1 
  • Hawai'i travels all the way to Texas for Sam, our highly congenial colleague FBS fellow Sam Houston State.  Hawai'i win.  
  • San Diego State starts the year with FCS Texas A&M Commerce...total yawn, unless the commercial payout re all that pays well for very highly lowly Aggy Commerce.  Gheesh, some high school team in San Diego was not available on its Friday off night.  Gheesh.   GO AGGY COMMERCE.  
  • Wyoming is at North Texas.  Likely Wyoming.  


In conclusion it is a very busy 2024 football season re MWC v. XII proper and Texas squads.  Very busy.  We shall see how it all really winds up one way or another.  


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I think the Pokes might be able to pull out two. ASU is still in building mode, BYU maybe a tossup. As for UNLV 1/1 sounds right and NM is facing a team with a coach from Joser so they might pull it out.  The zoomies should beat Baylor. Utes and Deion should be wins.  My 2c.

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TY Smithy.  I do have a hidden and not so hidden agenda re this entire topic.  I want UH to schedule up more from the west and less than the east (Georgia Southern homey/homey later decade...what a craptastic boring nothingness which needs to be canceled).

Boise bailed on Us homey only next year in lieu of going to South Bend at Notre Dame.  No harm. No foul.  It is a much better one-off game day for Boise by a huge margin.  It is perhaps Jeremiah's swan song to Boise before he takes on his likely new role as Vice President of Athletics at University of Houston  Dickey is the leading candidate to fulfill that open role.

UH OOC football sked is anchored in the annual Bayou Classic with nearby Rice.  That is always a win/win.  We have homey/homey gigs with Oklahoma, UNLV as mentioned,  Oregon State.  LSU one-off NFL Houston stadium.  And what I hope to get rid of, Georgia Southern.  

Any MWC team, any homey/homey mutual agreement.  Go west and play west.  


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On 7/6/2024 at 6:57 PM, phxpoke said:

Wyoming will have a very tough time in Tempe. That heat is no joke. Will be well over 100 degrees on the field…at night! I hope the Pokes can pull it off.

We'll see how the Pokes play under Sawvel on the road as well.  Under Bohl they were woefully unprepared and lethargic. 

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I have not checked the overall MWC OOC sked.  My squad, just like Wyoming, may lose in Arizona proper.  Wyoming at Tempe.  My squad at Tuscon.  However, Wyoming has a far better chance of taking some sort of Arizona crown than mine does.  On the strong plus side, Wyoming can take North Texas in Denton downslate and do a Texas Tech take down of BYU in Laramie.  


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On 7/6/2024 at 3:34 PM, Coog kev said:
  • ...I save the best for last.  Colorado State hosting up Colorado mid September.  Rams do it again.  ... 

umm...do what "again"?


the Buffs have won the last 6 and lead the series 68-22-2 :blink:


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