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MWC BB Transfer List (1st post) * Updated 7/11 12:50 pm * SD * 1801 total transfers, 61 from MWC

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This opening post is the list of transfers in & out of MWC Programs

Transfer out     Transfer in

Last updated names will be bold 

Transfer from MWC to will be italic 

Air Force 5 Out

Marcell McCreary (Fr) to Northern Colorado 

Jake Heidbreder (So) to Clemson

Jake Murphy (So) UNC Wilmington 

Sheick Samoura (Fr) to Slippery Rock

Jordan Rayford (Fr)

Boise State 3 Out 3 In 

O'Mar Stanley (So) from St John's

Roddie Anderson III (Fr) from UC San Diego (2021)

Cam Martin (Rs Sr) from Kansas via Jacksonville St (2016) Missouri Southern (2018) Kansas (2021) 

Burke Smith RS (So) to Pacific

Pavle Kuzmanovic (So)

Sadraque NgaNga (Fr) to Seton Hall 

Colorado State 5 Out 3 In 

Trace Young (So) 

Nique Clifford (So) from Colorado

Javonte Johnson (So) from New Mexico

Joel Scott (Jr) from D-2 Black Hills State 

John Tonje (Jr) to Missouri

Jacob Jennissen (So) to Minnesota State Moorhead 

Isaiah Rivera (So) to U Illinois Chicago

Baylor Hebb (So) To UTEP

Fresno State 6 Out 4 In

Pierre Geneste (Fr) from Louisiana Tech

Steven Vasquez (So) 

Isaiah Pope (Jr) from Cal Poly Humboldt to Utah Tech to Fresno St

Enoch Boakye (So) from Arizona St

Xavier DuSell (So) from Wyoming 

Jordan Brinson (Jr) to Cal State Northridge 

Destin Whitaker (So) to Perdue Ft. Wayne

Jordan Campbell Rs (Jr)

Anthony Holland (Jr) to Washington

Jemarl Baker RS (Jr) to New Mexico 

Nevada 4 Out 1 In 

Tylan Pope (RS So) from Tulane

Michael Forlarin (So)

Williams (Fr) to Texas Tech 

Trey Pettigrew (Fr) to Bradley

Will Baker RS (So) to LSU

New Mexico 7 Out 4 In 

Isaac Mushila (Jr) from Texas A&M-Corpus Christi

Mustapha Amzil (So) from Dayton

Jemarl Baker (So) from Fresno State 

Nelly Junior Joseph (So) from Iona 

Jay  Allen-Tovar (Jr) to Southern Utah (left Southern Utah) to Detroit Mercy 

Emmanuel Kuac (Jr) to Detroit Mercy 

KJ Jenkins Rs (Jr) to North Carolina Wilmington

Josiah Allick (Jr) to Nebraska 

Javonte Johnson (So) to Colorado St

Birima Seck (So) to Fairfield 

Safi Fino-A-Laself (Jr)

San Diego State 5 Out 2 In

Jay Pal (Rs So) from Jacksonville St & Campbell 

Triston Broughton (Rs So) La Sierra University 

Tyler Broughton (Rs So) La Sierra University 

Reese Dixon-Waters (So) from USC  

Jared Barnett (Jr)

Cade Alger (So)

Keshad Johnson (Jr) to Arizona 

San Jose State 4 Out 1 In

Adrame Diongue (Fr) from Washington St

Ibrahima Diallo (Jr) to UCF

Kevin Simeth (Fr) to Cal Poly Ponoma

Max Allen (Fr) To Marist

Leo Torbor (Fr) 

UNLV 4 Out 3 In

Kalib Boone (Jr) from Oklahoma St

Jalen Hill (Sr) from Oklahoma 

Keylan Boone (Jr) from Pacific via Oklahoma St

Keyshawn Hall (Fr) to George Mason

Keshon Gilbert (So) to Iowa St

Victor Iwuakor (Jr) to Southern Mississippi 

David Muoka (Jr)

Utah State 9 Out 8 In

Ian Martinez (Fr) from from Maryland via Utah

Javon Jackson (Fr) from Southern Nazarene

Connor Odom (So) 

Trevin Dorius (Rs Jr) to Utah Valley 

Josh Uduje (So) from Coastal Carolina

Zee Hamoda (So) to Sacramento St

Great Osobor (So) from Montana St

Darius Brown II (Rs Jr) from Cal Northridge via Montana St

Jackson Grant (So) from Washington

Max Agbonkpolo (Jr) from Wyoming

Nigel Burris (Fr) from Idaho

Rylan Jones (Jr) to Samford

Cade Potter (So) to High Point

Sean Bairstow (Jr) to VCU

Max Shulga (So) to VCU

Szymon Zapata (So) to Longwood

Steven Ashworth (So) to Creighton 

Wyoming 9 Out 3 In

Sam Griffin (Jr) from UT Arlington, Tulsa to Wyoming 

Akuel Kot (Jr) from D-2 Ft. Lewis 

Oleg Kojenets (Rs Fr) from Nebraska 

Max Agbonkpolo (Jr) to Utah St

Noah Reynolds (So) to Wisconsin (left Wisconsin) To Green Bay

Jake Kyman (Jr) to Eastern Washington

Ethan Anderson (Jr) to Pepperdine 

Nate Barnhart  (RsFr) to South Dakota St

Jeremiah Oden (So) to DePaul 

Xavier DuSell (So) to Fresno St

Graham Ike (So) to Gonzaga 

Nathanial Talich (Fr)


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On 4/4/2023 at 4:07 PM, Swoll Cracker said:

Cam Martin is a really good add for Boise. He’ll walk into the starting lineup at Boise if he’s healthy and give them solid scoring and rebounding. He was a great D-2 player before heading to Kansas. With red shirts and COVID, it will be his 7th season to play 5, making him 25 years old. We’ve seen how older players thrive in the MWC.

We were essentially without a post last year so Martin will fill that need. Not tall but has bulk. We’re still looking for another big. We’re set at all other positions and should have a solid bench next year which was a big weakness. Overall Boise State looks stronger on paper at least. We’ll see how it plays out. 

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On 4/6/2023 at 6:27 AM, OrediggerPoke said:

I'm not so sure on this.  An article stating he has already committed has since been taken down.


Crazy all around.  



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Boise has an unnamed transfer in Boise this weekend. All we know is he's a 6-8 forward, started 17 games at a P5 school last year, and his stats aren't very impressive.

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The Boise recruit is assumed to be St John's O'Mar Stanley. Averaged 4.7 ppg, 2.7 rpg, 0.8 bpg, 65% fg, 46% 3pt playing 15 mpg. He seems highly effective in limited minutes. He played on the same academy team as Leon's kid Kade Rice.


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Sounds like Darrion Williams from Nevada is going to Iowa State. I would’ve thought he’d end somewhere more prestigious. They must be paying well.

Wish him the best.

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On 4/5/2023 at 1:55 PM, kingpotato said:

Possible UNR transfer option? They recruited him out of high school and have Lucas on the roster.


That would be nice, I’d imagine UNLV will be in the picture as well. We could certainly use some athleticism on the wing.

Oregon State would turn into our farm program haha. 

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On 4/6/2023 at 2:52 PM, roughrider said:

Played with Kade,  shoots the 3 ball as a big.  Smells like Leon for sure.  I'll take it.  2 years to play.

I'm not sure it's him, but a lot of things point in his direction. Bronco fans wanting a rim protector, with Cam averaging 1.5 bpg and O'Mar averaging 0.8 bpg in 15 minutes they should have a couple decent shot altering guys... if this is the guy.

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On 4/6/2023 at 4:36 PM, Bob said:

College sports suck now

It’s hard to envision this game of musical chairs continuing long term. Why did the NCAA change the transfer rule in the first place? Were they under legal pressure? 

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