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For book fans; not too long ago, Branden Sanderson (the guy who took over for Jordan) revealed some true "holy shit moments" on a livestream (you can see it on youtube). The biggest?


Lanfear is still alive. She pulled a hell of a number on Perrin, making him believe he killed Lanfear. And now, somewhat parallel to Rand, she gets to "ride off into the sunset" scott free.

Now I really want a sequel, but kind of want to let it rest. I mean, there's still Rand's kids on the way, the Seanchan Civil War back on their continent, and more.


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On 1/24/2023 at 2:05 PM, retrofade said:

I didn't see Sando's livestream where he said that, but it's not surprising either. 


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Robert Jordan originally had a sequel series planned... it was to focus on Mat and Tuon and her return to Seanchan. 


Alas, the outrigger stories barely had any notes to them before Jordan died. Sanderson, being the only writer to thus be chosen by Jordan, has said he's done with Wheel of Time. And it would be hard to get behind a completely different author for them, and that's even if Harriet (Jordan's widow) would allow it. And most of it would have to be from the new author at that.


For Lanfear, in hindsight, it does make sense. And I know plenty of long time fans stopped for a moment when she "died", but considering everything else going on at the same time? Yeah, it would get shrugged off.


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