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Found 3 results

  1. WHAT: Establishing a New Order for San Diego State WHERE: Vista Costco Food Court, California WHEN: FRIDAY MAY 17TH at 7:00-10:00+ PM local time WHO: Aztec Fans, Aztec Boosters, Aztec Allies, the AztecWarriorFoundation MESSAGE: Were calling upon all Aztec Fans(and Aztec Allies) to join the remnants of the AztecWarriorFoundation(AWF) to attend the inaugural meeting of a new force which will change the game at SDSU and remake us into a National Power Athletically, Academically, & Spiritually by establishing THE ORDER OF THE FLAMING SPEAR. By bringing back Monty Montezuma in his iconic getup with the Flaming Spear back in Hand!!! SDSU Icon SteveAztec, SDSU's very own Tlatoani, will be giving a Speech regarding the perilous situation facing the San Diego State Aztecs and the need for the Aztec Community to come together and rally around a majestic Monty Montezuma with the Flaming Spear back in Hand. A new Foundation will be launched which will raise awareness and support about Aztec Athletics and raise tremendously for the Aztec Athletic Department all the meanwhile pursuing more "Orthodox" policies at SDSU. Following the ceremony there will be group chat and friendly debate at the tables and after Costco closes a good Convoy of us can Hit the Bars. So Please come and join SteveAztec, AztecBruce, the GreatAztecJoe, the AztecWarriorFoundation on a momentous and Special Friday Night.
  2. Nevada is a slight underdog at home this week. We'll see if the defense can match SDSU's effort. Nevada vs SDSU Law of the Jungle
  3. the National ESPN Football audience that Fball in the MWC is back as the Top G5 conference, and entering a phase of excellence & growth that will make '17 a very stunning season of great Football out west (1 team w/ a 12-0 record, another 2 teams w/ 11 & 10 Wins).... its leading teams being as good as the top of the P12, B12 ... and certainly better than the Borg. I am proud as can be for UNM & SDSU for their hard-fought Wins on ESPN. I have large expectations for my RAMs to beat the Vandals soundly, likewise for UHa & AFA to Win handily... and for Boise to shock the heck outta Baylor with great pass D, run D, and tons of Bronco offensive fireworks... and for Wyo to just do that Bohl's smart-execution thing... making the MWC 7-0 in this Bowl season. Go MWC!!!