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Found 26 results

  1. lawofthejunglenv

    #7 Nevada vs Colorado State

    Muss could reach 100 wins at Nevada with a win tomorrow night. Hope to see some major offensive improvements. https://www.lawofthejunglenv.com/18-19game20vscsu.html
  2. lawofthejunglenv

    #10 Nevada vs Air Force

    Not a lot of activity yet, but the game page is up. Glad to get two games at home, and hopefully the 106 points vs UNLV is reason enough to get up for this game. https://www.lawofthejunglenv.com/18-19game19vsaf.html
  3. lawofthejunglenv

    #10 Nevada @ Boise State

    Page is up for the short turn around game tomorrow evening at 6pm Pacific. Nevada favored by 7.5... https://www.lawofthejunglenv.com/18-19game18atbsu.html Big thanks to @Jalex4141 for the Taco Bell Arena picture!
  4. lawofthejunglenv

    #10 Nevada @ Fresno State

    Starting a thread for the game, but wanted to make sure I included the thread started by @thedude15 Page is up as well: https://www.lawofthejunglenv.com/18-19game17atfresnost.html Looking forward to this one. Should be one of the three hardest games left on our schedule (@ Utah State and @ San Diego State).
  5. lawofthejunglenv

    #10 Nevada at San Jose State

    Guessing I wouldn't want to be San Jose State tomorrow night after Saturday. Let's see how Nevada responds... https://www.lawofthejunglenv.com/18-19game16vssjsu.html
  6. lawofthejunglenv

    #6 Nevada at New Mexico

    # 6 Nevada returns to the Pit for the first time since... well you know. I've got to get to a game there some time! https://www.lawofthejunglenv.com/18-19game15atnewmexico.html
  7. lawofthejunglenv

    #6 Nevada @ Utah

    Nevada plays it's 3rd PAC-12 opponent of the season @ Utah. Utah is 5-0 at home this season and averaging about 11,000 fans per game. From Twitter it looks like a bunch of Pack fans are making the trip https://www.lawofthejunglenv.com/18-19game13atutah.html
  8. lawofthejunglenv

    Nevada vs South Dakota State

    #7 Nevada returns home after 6 games away this Saturday. Mike Daum and David Jenkins average 26.2 and 22.5 ppg respectively. https://www.lawofthejunglenv.com/18-19game11vssdst.html
  9. Again, this page really isn't developed yet, I'll update the post when I finish the page but I wanted to get the link in before the weekend. Game will essentially be a home game for GCU and GCU has a whole week off while Nevada plays ASU Friday evening. I'd expect some more bench use these two games. #6 Nevada vs GCU - LawoftheJungleNV.com
  10. lawofthejunglenv

    #6 Nevada vs #20 ASU (Staples Center)

    Top 25 match up coming your way this Friday night in LA! Some work to do on the page, but I needed to get this link up! Anyone else making the trip? Nevada vs ASU - LawoftheJungleNV.com
  11. lawofthejunglenv

    #5 Nevada @ USC

    Another tough road test for Nevada (7-0) this week @ USC (5-2) Saturday. Game is on FOX at 1pm. https://www.lawofthejunglenv.com/18-19game8atusc.html
  12. The rematch is here, 5pm Pacific on ESPN News. The game is sold out, been waiting for this for awhile! Nevada @ Loyola Chicago
  13. lawofthejunglenv

    Nevada vs UMass Game Thread

    Second game in Vegas tonight at 7pm. Nevada apparently sold all 1,600 tickets allotted for the game, yesterday there were a few hundred (so game on Thanksgiving may have had an impact). Would be cool to see a larger crowd today as people make it down for the football game Saturday as well. https://thelawofthejunglenv.weebly.com/18-19game6vsum.html
  14. lawofthejunglenv

    Nevada vs Tulsa Game Thread

    Nevada plays Tulsa at The Orleans Arena in Las Vegas this afternoon. Game's at 1pm Pacific and on FoxSports 1. Winner plays the winner of this morning's game So. Illinois vs UMass https://thelawofthejunglenv.weebly.com/18-19game5vstulsa.html
  15. lawofthejunglenv

    #6 Nevada vs Cal Baptist Game Thread

    #6 Nevada hosts new to Division I Cal Baptist of the WAC Monday night at 7pm. Last home game for the Pack for almost a month. Hope the refs calm down this time... It's not just in Lawlor, almost every game I've watched has had ridiculous and multiple reviews, just killing the game flows. https://thelawofthejunglenv.weebly.com/18-19game4vscb.html
  16. lawofthejunglenv

    Nevada vs Little Rock Game Thread

    A few previews up, about 3 1/2 hours to tip. Hope to see Nevada really open this one up, spread is -25.5 https://thelawofthejunglenv.weebly.com/18-19game3vslr.html
  17. lawofthejunglenv

    Nevada vs BYU

    Game's in 5 days. No specific game preview articles yet as BYU just held their last exhibition game tonight. The guys at The Reno Slant did go over it and had some predictions, the podcast is embedded too. Nevada's website states less than 500 tickets remain, should be an awesome environment in Lawlor Tuesday! The Law of the Jungle
  18. lawofthejunglenv

    Nevada vs San Diego State

    Nevada is a slight underdog at home this week. We'll see if the defense can match SDSU's effort. Nevada vs SDSU Law of the Jungle
  19. lawofthejunglenv

    Nevada vs SF State (Exhibition)

    Nevada's Second Exhibition Game is tomorrow (Friday 26 OCT) in the old Virginia Street Gym vs DII San Francisco State. It's their second annual "Throw Back Game". Last year's event was well attended (Capacity is 1,800), the game won't be streamed, so hurry up and get a ticket if you haven't yet! https://thelawofthejunglenv.weebly.com/18-19e2sfstate.html
  20. lawofthejunglenv

    Nevada vs Washington (Exhibition)

    Pretty cool to get an Exhibition against a Power 5, and a team that could be Top 25 early on this season at Lawlor. Game is this Sunday and the cost is $15. All proceeds will be going to victims of the Carr Fire in California. It appears that there will be no TV or Streaming, hope a lot of fans are able to take advantage of this. Nevada will have one more exhibition on the 26th before opening at home vs BYU on November 6th. Not much on the website for this one, but it's here: Nevada vs Washington (Exhibition) - Law of the Jungle
  21. lawofthejunglenv

    Nevada @ Hawaii

    This could be a really big game for Nevada and set them up for a bowl berth. Nevada is 1-1 vs Rolovich since he left to become the HC at Hawaii. Both teams are very close statistically, hoping for a great game! Nevada @ Hawaii - Law of the Jungle
  22. lawofthejunglenv

    Nevada vs Boise State

    The articles are coming in, got the initial page set up. Hoping for a great game! Nevada vs Boise State - Law of the Jungle
  23. lawofthejunglenv

    Nevada vs Fresno St

    Nevada got some potentially bad news about Ty Gangi today. He may be out for the game. Some preview articles and the Nevada presser are up. Game Day Page
  24. lawofthejunglenv

    Nevada (2-2) @ Air Force (1-2)

    Game Page up with a few previews. Nevada @ Air Force - The Law of the Jungle NV Nevada always has a problem with Air Force's Offense and is just 1-3 all time. Haven't watched any Air Force this year, but they've yet to get a win over an FBS team. Hope Nevada can show up. 1pm Kickoff PT