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Found 4 results

  1. Game's in 5 days. No specific game preview articles yet as BYU just held their last exhibition game tonight. The guys at The Reno Slant did go over it and had some predictions, the podcast is embedded too. Nevada's website states less than 500 tickets remain, should be an awesome environment in Lawlor Tuesday! The Law of the Jungle
  2. Tanner Mangum, a seventh year senior QB has been benched for BYU. The Boise-area native has been replaced by a true freshman (and long-time Boise State commit) Zach Wilson. Wilson will make his first start against the Rainbows on Saturday. https://www.sltrib.com/sports/byu-cougars/2018/10/11/freshman-quarterback-zach/
  3. In a non-surprising move to college football insiders, BYU and the Mountain West have agreed on letting BYU join the MWC West Division for 2017. BYU has 6 MWC schools scheduled in football and only needed to drop home games against Portland St and Massachusetts. BYU will replace them with two MWC schools who play at Hawaii and have not already scheduled a 13th game, giving BYU the required 8 conference games. BYU is excited about the opportunity to play for a Conference championship again, and qualify for the Access Bowl. More news to come.
  4. Last Updated - September 21, 2015 RANKSCHOOLRECORDPOINTSPREVIOUS1Penn State (64)11-01,60012Texas10-11,50023Southern California12-01,47234Nebraska9-11,38145Florida8-11,34456Washington10-01,26277Arizona State11-01,197108Stanford6-21,16189Illinois9-21,074610BYU10-11,061911Hawaii10-19141212Ohio State11-18951313UCLA9-18451414Arizona10-27251615Kansas12-07111716Wisconsin8-26681117Florida State7-45151818Oregon6-34631919Colorado State7-34451520Purdue9-23412221Minnesota8-22972322Michigan10-12272023Pacific9-2144T2424Kentucky7-5123T242 Long Beach Stat 10-3 NR
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