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Found 2 results

  1. I'm not a Basketball knowledgeable guy. But it seems pretty obvious that overall, across the board, the MWC's brand of MBB lacks the TOUGHNESS required to enter National Level Tourney's, and to succeed !! We've become a 1-Bid Conference... and on 1 bid can't move past Round #1, and never approaches the Sweet 16, much less Final 4. If our college Prez's + CT do not understand the need for the MWC to solve this problem asap, then they are dumber than I thought they were after the last 2 rounds of MWC Conference shake-ups... which they made themselves look like FOOLS (failing to invite Boise in 2007 before UU, then TCU left... then inviting Boise, then un-inviting Boise, then re-inviting Boise... then the BYU debacle). Maybe there is another solution to develop TOUGHNESS in the MWC's MBB... but I certainly cannot think of any that are right in our lap today (which the Shockers have been, begging for MWC membership). And SCREW the "MWC is only Fball teams" tag line of bureaucrats. Any COnference can make any exception to it's bylaws... if it's deemed necessary to improve that COnference. And Finances can be worked out to provide Rev Neutrality for the MWC. So can Schedules. Many have already posted this but just a reminder..... Shocker's to the MWC ASAP for Oly Sports, in place of UHa, which balances the league out w/ 12 Fball & 12 Oly teams. Then the MWC can gain that TOurney TOughness needed to move forward again in MBB & Oly SPorts... as it seeks to strengthen its Fball conference. The 1 advantage the AAC has over the MWC is it's MBB success & revenues... as potential new members consider MWC vs AAC for affiliation. Just saying.....
  2. As a Shocker Fball Alum, some rumblings are coming thru the grapevine (often wrong, but always interesting). WSU Mbb won't add nearly the Umph to the AAC, that it would've added to the MWC... it'll bring sizzle, but not the same UMPH!!!And so the MWC misses out again on a strategic alignment opportunity.... what's new??? Our over-conservative Prez's continue to thwart CT's best intentions. Evidently the MWC Prez's said "we're not gonna go down that slippery slope that the Big East did", and CT was not inclined to fight them & to work any harder on scheduling, so the MWC shot it down. Our Leadership has very limited vision!!BTW, word is that WSU was seeking to leverage the MWC to provide a "future provisional slot" for a resurrected Shocker Fball team (had to meet key watermarks), if Shockers joined the MWC initially for Oly Sports only. Not sure they required the same of the AAC. If true, a Good negotiating strategy by the Shockers. I bet WSU saw the $$$$'s being soooo much better via MBB only in the AAC, that they dropped any such Fball provision. Who the heck knows??? Some things to consider. Were I the MWC Czar, I'd have done the deal w/ Shockers, including a future Fball slot provision, and would've simply made the provisional achievement levels nice & high (ie, must Win 1 FCS Fball Championship + 2 Top #4 finishes in order to qualify) . WSU Mbb, Baseball could have added very appreciable VALUE to the MWC!!!!!!!!!!! And would have made the MWC a far more attractive place for the Zags to join... & the Borg to re-join What would you have done if my info is accurate???
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