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Found 6 results

  1. Hawaii's John Ursua made the semifinalist list. https://biletnikoffaward.com/fan-vote
  2. This could be a really big game for Nevada and set them up for a bowl berth. Nevada is 1-1 vs Rolovich since he left to become the HC at Hawaii. Both teams are very close statistically, hoping for a great game! Nevada @ Hawaii - Law of the Jungle
  3. Tanner Mangum, a seventh year senior QB has been benched for BYU. The Boise-area native has been replaced by a true freshman (and long-time Boise State commit) Zach Wilson. Wilson will make his first start against the Rainbows on Saturday. https://www.sltrib.com/sports/byu-cougars/2018/10/11/freshman-quarterback-zach/
  4. the National ESPN Football audience that Fball in the MWC is back as the Top G5 conference, and entering a phase of excellence & growth that will make '17 a very stunning season of great Football out west (1 team w/ a 12-0 record, another 2 teams w/ 11 & 10 Wins).... its leading teams being as good as the top of the P12, B12 ... and certainly better than the Borg. I am proud as can be for UNM & SDSU for their hard-fought Wins on ESPN. I have large expectations for my RAMs to beat the Vandals soundly, likewise for UHa & AFA to Win handily... and for Boise to shock the heck outta Baylor with great pass D, run D, and tons of Bronco offensive fireworks... and for Wyo to just do that Bohl's smart-execution thing... making the MWC 7-0 in this Bowl season. Go MWC!!!
  5. Last Updated - September 21, 2015 RANKSCHOOLRECORDPOINTSPREVIOUS1Penn State (64)11-01,60012Texas10-11,50023Southern California12-01,47234Nebraska9-11,38145Florida8-11,34456Washington10-01,26277Arizona State11-01,197108Stanford6-21,16189Illinois9-21,074610BYU10-11,061911Hawaii10-19141212Ohio State11-18951313UCLA9-18451414Arizona10-27251615Kansas12-07111716Wisconsin8-26681117Florida State7-45151818Oregon6-34631919Colorado State7-34451520Purdue9-23412221Minnesota8-22972322Michigan10-12272023Pacific9-2144T2424Kentucky7-5123T242 Long Beach Stat 10-3 NR
  6. Has the MWC created an uneven playing field for it's members? TV bonus money and travel subs come to mind. The way the TV bonus money system and BCS bowl money distribution and over all TV revenue distribution is set up I foresee no school besides Boise building a better football program using that money than Boise St. Recruiting budget, coaches salaries and facilities up-grades. Based on uneven TV distributions and how one school is forced to pay travel subs, the league is holding down their own members in regards to improvements. I think the MWC would be a better league if all members were given an equal chance to succeed based on their overall fan support revenues. All other shared revenue factors should be done equally. That way, it's no fault but your own if your program sucks.
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