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Found 3 results

  1. All data taken from Sports Media Watch WEEK 1 WKU/Wisconsin, 1.409M, ESPN SDSU/Stanford, 596K, FS1 Army/Duke, 503K, ESPNU WEEK 2 TCU/SMU, 1,076M, ESPN2 WEEK 3 Georgia State/Memphis, 790K, ESPN WEEK 4 Washington State/USC, 1.644M, ESPN FAU/UCF, 1.295M, ESPN Penn State/Illinois, 1.170M, ESPN WEEK 5 UCLA/Colorado, 840K, FS1 Memphis/Tulane, 738K, ESPN2 WEEK 6 Georgia Tech/Louisville, 996K, ESPN Utah State/BYU, 617K, ESPN WEEK 7 USF/Tulsa, 1.170M, ESPN Arizona/Utah, 1.011M, ESPN WEEK 8
  2. The guys who own and operate the bowl system have posted two 'educated' opinions about which bowls will feature which teams. It's two/thirds of the way through the season so some teams have eliminated themselves and some have distinguished themselves so I think it's a worthy and interesting time to start looking at how things might play out. Personally, I'm rooting for a Utah - Utah State Fiesta Bowl matchup but that could also be in the Las Vegas Bowl if Fresno State is in the Fiesta. 2018-19 Aggies versus Utes will be debated endlessly otherwise. NOVA Home Loans Arizona Bowl
  3. Any rugby fans out there? Afterall, it's where American football came from. I've been watching the America's Rugby Championship on ESPN (USA vs Canada) and it's really good. The USA leads 25-15 at the half. Check out the second half, rugby is a fast growing sport here in America. Many universities have added the sport in the past few years and I hope to see it in the MW. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/College_rugby vs
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