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  1. 12/31 MBB Rank ‘Em

    Isn't that why sea level teams (at least in football I think) come out a couple of days before the game? Can the body quickly adjust in two days to negate the elevation affect, or does it take much longer?
  2. 3 CO players choose WYO over CSU

    No problems sleeping at all. Where'd you get that? Anyway, I know it's a stretch, but CSU should probably start trying to compare themselves to WYO. It's a leap for sure, but if you don't aim high, what's the point?
  3. 3 CO players choose WYO over CSU

    No, not at all... CSU has a really nice stadium, or so I'm told, but I give it two years, +/-, until we start hearing about how the cameras are positioned on the wrong side of the stadium and doesn't accurately show number of fans in attendance. Pokes continue to win the recruiting battle, win the games, CSU has Bud Lite. Never been better.
  4. 3 CO players choose WYO over CSU

    I'm not a recruiting nerd... That said, by my count CSU scored two recruits that also had WYO offers during ESP. One of which is from CO, the other from CA. Wyoming took three, from the state of CO, that had Sheep offers. So, yet once again, advantage Wyoming. Also, scoreboard.
  5. Police Shooting of Daniel Shaver

    Yes, I can. Especially during the the 3.5 minutes +/- that he's sprawled out on the floor with his hands laid out or on his head. Was there not plenty of opportunities for the LEO's to approach and cuff? Would he still have been shot if he tried to pull or made another "mistake"? I believe in AZ a citizen can open carry or conceal a weapon. Simply being in possession of a firearm is not a crime in that state? In fact, I should rewatch this with the sound on and see if they ask him if he has a firearm on him? Perhaps there's more to the beginning of the video? Possible threat is insufficient. Being afraid is insufficient. I would have never sided with that jury.
  6. Police Shooting of Daniel Shaver

    No argument from me... Especially when one is hammered. However, I think the "instructions" were ordered by the Sgt., not Brailsford. That's not an excuse though, I think they both committed a crime. Also, what's up with just 8 people on a jury instead of 12?
  7. Police Shooting of Daniel Shaver

    No, I absolutely can say he was not a threat. I'd like to hear what you think on this; watch the video again but mute the sound.
  8. Police Shooting of Daniel Shaver

    Charles Langley, the supervisor and the one yelling "+++++tarded instructions", retired and moved to the Philippines. He's a supervisor that was already reprimanded. How much did he play into this? My thought, as of now, is that he had a lot to do. I think an argument could be made that Brailsford was following what was commanded by his superior officer on the scene, even though it was directed at Shaver. It's a horrible argument, but the fact that this asshole was allowed to retire and leave the country is pathetic. Langley should of faced charges too and Brailsford should have never pulled the trigger. Shaver was not a threat and there were plenty of opportunities for the police to simply cuff him. This was a murder.
  9. British Royalty is stupid

    Sir, you are a scholar and a gentleman. This should be required reading for every college freshmen.
  10. I find it interesting that SDSU fans are so vocal about advocating the removal of a university from the conference... Has any other university come closer in recent history than SUDS to having their football program nuked? Was it all that long ago that was a subject of debate on the Mesa? Odd...
  11. 62

    No, not at all. At least in my experience. You take your life in your hands crossing a road in DC. Always, always, keep your head on a swivel there. I can't even count how many times I've almost been crushed there, or flip side, how many pedestrians just randomly walk out when they shouldn't.
  12. Can I brag?

    Donation required to CJC - doesn't make you a member, right?
  13. Can I brag?

    Not that surprising. Wyoming has one of the largest fan bases in the MWC, why wouldn't it also have the largest booster club?
  14. Any news on Josh Allen?

    This is interesting... Avatar bet? Straight up?
  15. Patriots practicing at the AFA

    This sounds about right... Can you blame him?