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  1. Trump will not release Democrat meno

    I thought you were smarter than to fall for this charlatans rouse mug. You do know that all these senators and councilmen and regents and generals and scientists et al that he claims to know are all a fictional alter life he lives out on The internets right? The only thing he did was correctly predict Trump would be a partisan bitch over the memo release. Wow that's some real kreskin shit.
  2. Dude's ritual was to kick back a case of beer and smoke 3 joiints....before practice and games. That HOF material in my book.
  3. What are the chances that Trump Isn't banging

    I thought Lewandowski fingered Hope Hicks?
  4. OT - Jimmy Garoppolo 49ers - 5 yr $137M

    Every GM and scout in the NFL disagrees with your take about JGQ. So there's that.
  5. OT: Nance Jr traded to Cavs

    Arguing 33 (or what would be 34) vs 35 is not an argument. It's the gist. He's old with a ton of mileage and not much else to play for if/when he gets to LA. There is no good reason for LA to sign Lebronze to any type of max contract. He will take the max for sure...from some suckers willing to sell their soul for a max contract worn out vet and we've already been down that road with the debacle of 2004 and the last 4+ years of suck because of the Kobe contract. I wouldnt mind going after George and some good FA parts to fill in the gaps, but definitely don't want to see #23 in the purple & gold now.
  6. OT: Nance Jr traded to Cavs

    Not a fan of doing this to bring on some 30-something washed up bag of bones Lebronze and/or a guy like Paul George who just reeks of a bad over-paid contract waiting to happen. In fact, I;ll go ahead and say it - I don't want Lebronze anywhere near the Lakers so he can ride out into the sunset of his career with shit 35-year old efforts. That lesson was learned with Kobe's last contract. I would have rather rolled with the young guys like Clarkson, Nance, Randle, etc. as a group, they were developing and just needed a tweak not a total overhaul.
  7. OT - Jimmy Garoppolo 49ers - 5 yr $137M

    I was skeptical of his overall talent coming from the NE system. That lasted about 2 or 3 series. Who knows what will come, but from what I saw in the last 5 or 6 games, we just fell into what appears to be the best QB in the NFL. Nobody who was paying attention was not overly impressed with what he did at SF in the last few games...and that takes into account all his hype. He was BETTER than the hype.
  8. What are the chances that Trump Isn't banging

    My money has always been on Omorosa and still is.
  9. UNLV at Nevada

    This team can beat anyone if they understand that they need to at least match the effort of the other team. As long as they can do that, we have a shot against anyone in the top 25. If this team managed to win the MWCT, I wouldn't be shocked at all if they picked off 1 or 2 wins or more. It's really up to them how far they go.
  10. OT - Jimmy Garoppolo 49ers - 5 yr $137M

    The only person that would talk shit about this signing is someone who didn't watch him play for the 49ers. What was his record again? What was his record against playoff teams this year with a makeshift WR and TE group? Yeah, that's why he got paid and that's what any team would have done.
  11. You really aren't trying very hard anymore are you? Embrace your inner teabagger and be proud of your vote for Trump my man!
  12. UNLV recruiting

    We have quite a # of guys who were injured or red-shirted last year at LB and CB/S, it wasn't a huge need this class, biggest need was DL for sure. We have a lot of big S, namely a total stud named Javin White who better be starting OLB next year along with Hester MLB and McCoy on the other side. I think those are our set starters at LB. Some of those bigger DBs will also likely slide down to OLB, I wouldn't mind seeing Hough at OLB, he is agressive and it gives him less space to miss tackles (lol). Tykenzie Daniels blew out his knee in spring last year, he will push for a starting CB spot along with Flowers and Kalili.
  13. UNLV recruiting

    UNLV doing very nicely so far. We got 3* Salu and we managed to keep 3* Moa Heimuli. Also TE from GA Shelton Zeon a bit of a surprise, he is a monster. Mayginnes is supposedly going to wait a month before committing and nothing yet from Jackson or Harris.
  14. Trump takes resonsibilty for the market drop...

    Hard to know what's really true when the person is a 70+ year old man with a history of mean tweeting the 20-something actress of the pre teen series Twilight and imploring her boyfriend to break up with her. Everything seems plausible.
  15. UNLV Coaches Show

    They are playing harder, not much you can do when the other team hits 13 3s. Should have beat them when they were in LV. McCoy seems to have gotten the message, he is impressive when he is into it.
  16. UNLV at Boise State

    Not sure I understand, can you elaborate?
  17. #Release The Memo

    Right, it's all pointless until Mueller's investigation is over. Some people seem way too overly invested in pre determining the outcome and are willing to die on the cross over exonerating Trump at all costs. I am good with whatever Mueller comes up, that's it.
  18. Who's boycotting the Super Bowl?

    Oh yeah that's true. Take a trip over to the root for the other end of the spectrum on race issues. Some people here would have a heart attack.
  19. Who's boycotting the Super Bowl?

    if the fix is in for the Pats, you should be down at the sportsbook about now placing your life savings on the Pats money line.
  20. The Nunes Memo

    Drakkar Noir. Keystone Light. Tricked out Mazda B210 lowered mini-truck. God bless the early 90s
  21. This is just straight up authoritarianism

    They can easily be picked out be posting Hannity-Tucker meme's ad nauseum while claiming they are independents.
  22. Trump approval rating up 10 points in one month.

    You mean the non partisan Independent Hannity-Tucker clone OP that linked to a poll from The Hill? LMFAO. Once again. God bless the MWC board. Keep on keepin' on.
  23. #Release The Memo

    IOh for the love of god man, take a break. You are not convincing anyone bro. It is Trumps own DOJ that has said the release would be extremely reckless. Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah that was the same thing the FBI and DOJ said about Hillary's email server and the main thing all the teabagger nutters like you used against her during the election. Extrememy reckless exposure of classified info. Now you openly root for it to happen while claiming you are an independent. The projection and hypocrisy is breathless.
  24. #Release The Memo

    Arguing about the R or D memo is pointless partisan banter because each are written by partisans and nothing more than an opinion on what happened and why. A typical FISA warrant request is like 50 pages worth of info. These memos are 4-5 pages of partisan cherry ,picked half truths. They do it because they know the real justification for the fisa warrant will never be released publicly. It only serves the conspiracy theory dopes.