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  1. Glad to see Hawaii keep fighting. No shame in putting up 30+ on a PAC12 team.
  2. You don't wanna know how the dummy is able to sit upright
  3. I enjoy the Aussie commentator. Love those accents.
  4. This. As for SDSU, they need to get over their tendency to lose early in the season, especially OOC. If they beat Cal, it will be a good indicator that they are making strides to being a complete team.
  5. Here's another angle of the Hawaii defense
  6. Yeah, he got his chair kicked out from under him.
  7. So there truly is a gal for every fella
  8. Here are the stadium capacities for all the relevant teams. I am not sure how to do an archival/historical search of academic levels for universities at the time of invite. If anyone knows a credible source, I am open to enlightenment.
  9. I am not so sure. The history of realignment says otherwise. 2005: USF, Louisville, and Cincy were added to the Big East from CUSA. And fairly, only Louisville of this group currently resides in a Power conference, but this is just to show precedent. 2010: Utah joins the PAC12 from MWC. 2012: TCU joins BIg12 from MWC/BE. Of course TCU was previously part of a power conference in the SWC. But again, they were a mid-major for 16 years before getting a bid. 2012: Louisville joins the ACC from the AAC. These are just the modern examples of mid-majors joining Power conferences. And with BYU, UCONN and Cincy in the mix, it will just catalyze more G5 teams to play the P5 game in hopes of an invite. The MWC gets largely ignored because all P5 conferences, other than the PAC12, of course, are looking east, where the people are.
  10. We all know why institutions play this game; for a chance to get hold of the golden goose. That is not why players play per se, but good facilities are necessary to get the best players, everyone knows that, otherwise it wouldn't happen. The choice to enter the fray, ultimately, is up to donors, the state, and its tax payers to decide if this game is worth subsidizing.
  11. I think that every college that plays FBS football is a bit of a "facility whore" because that is the arms race of D1A football. Here is one good example, the Fresno Bee was lamenting how far FSU had fallen behind in their facilities. I understand not liking it, but what can you do?
  12. I do declare, I believe that is a veiled shot at Boise St. Such sour grapes.
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