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  1. 2 hours ago, roughrider said:

    Because it's Avalos I suggest that the redshirts didn't impress him enough.  He's all in for LB's in this class because he believes they are the heart of his D and he wants at least 2-3 studs to lead this D.   I love it.

    Boise State has 10 LBs on the roster, and are going to lose 3 guys this year. The remaining roster is YOUNG.  Outside of DJ Schramm and Brandon Hawkins, there will be nothing but True Freshmen and RS Freshmen...need to throw as many players at the problem and see who steps up.

    Dishawn Misa       Incoming                 .8991
    Kaeo Akana          Incoming                 .8788   (Crystal Ball to Utah)
    Jayden Virgin       Incoming                 .8558
    Jake Ripp              Incoming                .8328
    Gavin Hambrick   Incoming                .8294
    Jai Jones                FR>RS FR              .8675
    Marco Notarainni  FR>RS FR               .8431
    Andrew Simpson  FR>RS FR                .8551
    Ty Tanner               FR>RS FR                NR PWO
    Rejhan Tatum        FR>RS FR               .8573
    Brandon Hawkins  RS JR>RS SR        .8439
    DJ Schramm          RS JR>RS SR         .8255
    Ezekiel Noa           RS SR> Graduate   .8481
    Riley Whimpey      5th SR>Graduate   .8032
    Tyler Visser            RS SR>Graduate    NR Transfer Sierra College


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  2. On 8/6/2021 at 11:35 AM, bsu_alum9 said:

    They definitely have to rely more on in-person evaluations than in years past.  The WR commit from Hawai'i hasn't played in a varsity full-contact game yet. Was offered due to 7-on-7 skills and his time at Boise State's camp. Things are definitely different this year.

    It is interesting that Gavin Hambrick attended the UNLV camp and only got an offer from the NAU coaches in attendance. He does appear to have FBS measureables, but looks like he plays in a smaller league. Avalos is from the Corona area so I'm sure personal relationships have a lot to do with this one as well.

    Jake Ripp had an SJSU offer and his highlight video looks FBS quality to me.

    If the coaches can snag a few more highly rated prospects, this isn't far off of being one of the better rated Boise classes.  They are lacking the high profile skill-position players though. No bigtime QB/WR/RB commits.

    Why it's funny you should be curious because I have a handy dandy chart I've made, which is hosted [HERE] on my Google Drive about year to year recruiting rankings. It's rather rough but it helps to get an overall trend. See the Average Per Year to compare years and Offense and Defense per year.

    Edit: for some reason the years at the bottom of the "AVG PER YEAR" chart is not displaying at the bottom. The farthest right column is 2022 and works its way back to the left. Give me some time to figure out why it is displaying this way.

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  3. 2 minutes ago, 818SUDSFan said:

    As if the 2023 date wasn't bandied about on this very board by a couple dozen of us idiots back in 2017.

    Unlike us who have no influence on anything, ESPN has a bit more money and influence than we do. Us saying it is just speculation, ESPN saying it is planning in action.

  4. On 7/24/2021 at 11:59 AM, SalinasSpartan said:

    I don’t think the Pac-12 will like SDSU, Boise, and UNLV being “elevated” and having their Western supremacy “challenged” in So Cal and Utah. If I were the Pac-12 I’d be pretty nervous about letting a new Western Big 12 form with the recruiting advantages they would have with their strong presence in Texas. With TCU, Baylor, Ok State, SDSU, BYU, Houston, and Boise they would start as not being that far off from the Pac-12, and that’s before the recruiting bump the MWC schools and Houston would get. Hell, the Big 12 schools could get a recruiting bump as well with the conference’s new presence in CA. 

    I’d be pretty bullish on the prospects of a Western Big 12, It’d be a really entertaining and balanced league with a lot of potential. They could also easily lure Gonzaga and Wichita State also if they wanted to beef up their basketball. Hawaii and AFA (or any service academy) could be football only members. They’d have to hope WVU goes to the ACC to solve that geographic problem, but other then that there’d be a lot to like.

    If you have the Big12 reduced to 6 or 7 teams, then I could see them, perhaps, inviting any number of the pool of MWC +BYU, as the final couple after they first poach the AAC. I have a hard time seeing the Big 12 looking west for expansion. I think the PAC12 is pretty confident in its position out west. Frankly, most eyes are east of the I-35 corridor and it'll be a hard sell for late-night kick offs which are used as late night inventory fodder. If, and only if machinations and rumors indicated a western expansion then I could see the PAC12 perhaps make a move, but I doubt it.


    I think half the AAC should be sweating right now. I'd venture the MWC and PAC 12 are darn near irrelevant in this whole thing.

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  5. I really don't get why OU and UT would do this. They will make plenty of money in the Big XII and joining the SEC will increase their losses and potentially reduce their seeding they'd get in the expanded CFP. I think it's an unwise move if it happens.

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