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  1. CSU Stadium Naming Rights Sold

    Good for CSU for maximizing their income. They have paced the MWC and if they can swing it, good on them.
  2. Spring Football Reports

    Hawai'i is getting into the mood.
  3. Phuck bsu

  4. Boise State 2019 Recruiting

    Well we know that many things CSU views as trash is really what's desirable. For instance, last year when CSU was up 28-3 on Boise State the Rams viewed a win as garbage then simply threw it away.
  5. MW Definitely Looking into Streaming Only

    SBNation's Podcast Ain't Played Nobody goes into the ESPN+ issue [HERE], and apparently ESPN is just throwing what it can into hodgepodge until rights start running out. I guess they will try to become the "Netflix of sports" But as of right now, most FBS TV contracts don't allow for ESPN+ style streaming.
  6. SJSU fans finally posting

    They are simply listing all the schools that are better than theirs. Takes a big man to humble oneself so thoroughly.
  7. Love The Gonzaga Add. A REBRAND/REBOOT Must Accompany It

    The MW logo was announced in 2011. See link. https://www.ncaa.com/news/ncaa/2011-06-06/mountain-west-unveils-new-logo
  8. OT: New Ranking of Only Public Universities

    Anyone can gat an excellent undergrad education at nearly any school if one applies themselves earnestly. I got my first BA at a small private school in Kansas, and most of my professors had their PH.D. from big-named schools like Princeton, Cambridge, Stanford, and the like. Those Profs wanted to be in the classroom, and not stuck in their office/library researching for their next book/research project/angle for grants, which is what many bigger universities pressure profs to do. Many prestigious schools have their undergrad classes taught by GAs anyway.
  9. The Best Undefeated G5 Football Teams Since 1984

    The wonderful part, aside from being part of the conversation, is that BYU is the whipping boy for most of these teams. Power 5 pedigree....
  10. CSU Snags Washington Grad Transfer

    Ah, it seems @RambleOn already mentioned this. @mugtang can you delete this thread?
  11. I suppose CSU is not happy with their backup QBs.
  12. Alright Boise fans, give us a scouting report.

    Hard to say, we ran the Ramblers out of the building, so it seems we got them at their worst. Have a look.
  13. Nevada vs. Cincinnati