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  1. Boise State recruiting 2018

    I think he's a HS SO as he's listed as the class of 2020 on 24/7.
  2. Boise State recruiting 2018

    The 2015 class is rated at .8361 as a whole, vs .8360 for 2018. But depending on the last few signees, 2018 could edge out the 2015 class. The 2015 class will be SRs or RS JRs in 2018, so it will be fun to see Harsin's first true recruiting class play as upperclassmen.
  3. Top MWC signees

    Updated the MWC Top 50 list now that Emmsley is rated as a 4* by 24/7Sports. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fmonyzJRwZrzLBZwdl8pgzhKk3-pQGt5
  4. I have sold the Boise site to

  5. Boise State recruiting 2018

    Riley Smith is visiting soon as well. I think he is angling hard to commit. https://247sports.com/player/riley-smith-91740
  6. Top MWC signees

    Just updated the Top50 chart for the MWC https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fmonyzJRwZrzLBZwdl8pgzhKk3-pQGt5
  7. UCF Wants BAMA

    I don't have a problem with what UCF is doing in principle. They are poking a finger in the CFP's eye, and they are pointing out the obvious flaw in the system. If their behavior helps create pressure to expand the CFP in an equitable manner, then I am willing to go along. Certainly, UCF is not the first mid-major to get the brown end of the stick, but I think Utah, Boise St, and TCU and their respective fan bases can appreciate UCF's perspective and irritation.
  8. Final S&P+ rankings

    Bill Connely's S&P+ ratings are interesting, but they always have these really bizarre anomalies like Arkansas St at #24 after a 7-5 season.
  9. Boise State at Wyoming

    What a colossal choke job by Boise State. That's a tough loss that the Broncos have to just jettison and not let linger. Congrats to the Cowboys.
  10. Boise State recruiting 2018

    Boise St just offered TE Brayden Willis from Arlington, TX (DFW Metro) https://247sports.com/Player/Brayden-Willis-46039471
  11. UNM @ BSU: Who you got?

    Post-game Leon Rice said they still didn't know why Dickinson was feeling sick. Hope they figure it out soon.
  12. UNM @ BSU: Who you got?

    Simons was just running his mouth and got T'd up for the second time in the game, so he's gone.
  13. MWC vs Power 5 in 2018

    Yeah it does look rather bleak
  14. MWC vs Power 5 in 2018

    Oklahoma State loses many playmakers (listed below). Moreover, the OSU defense is always suspect. If there were a year that BSU has a legit shot at winning this game, it is next year. QB Mason Rudolph (SR) - 4904 Yds - 37TD - 9 INT WR James Washington (SR) - 74 Rec - 1549 Yds WR Marcell Ateman (SR) - 59 Rec - 1156 Yds