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  1. Please do not post on this forum. 

  2. Unlike us who have no influence on anything, ESPN has a bit more money and influence than we do. Us saying it is just speculation, ESPN saying it is planning in action.
  3. ESPN had an article from 2017 telling us what was going to happen https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/19743196/why-2023-next-big-date-conference-shuffling
  4. If you have the Big12 reduced to 6 or 7 teams, then I could see them, perhaps, inviting any number of the pool of MWC +BYU, as the final couple after they first poach the AAC. I have a hard time seeing the Big 12 looking west for expansion. I think the PAC12 is pretty confident in its position out west. Frankly, most eyes are east of the I-35 corridor and it'll be a hard sell for late-night kick offs which are used as late night inventory fodder. If, and only if machinations and rumors indicated a western expansion then I could see the PAC12 perhaps make a move, but I doubt it. I think half the AAC should be sweating right now. I'd venture the MWC and PAC 12 are darn near irrelevant in this whole thing.
  5. I wonder if this potential move isn't part of a bigger plot to move the BIG 10, SEC, ACC, and PAC 12 to 16-team super leagues for an eventual split from FBS.
  6. I really don't get why OU and UT would do this. They will make plenty of money in the Big XII and joining the SEC will increase their losses and potentially reduce their seeding they'd get in the expanded CFP. I think it's an unwise move if it happens.
  7. Do you know who just committed to BSU? I think it's Markel Reed but I'm not sure yet.



      Unfortunately, I don't know either.  Reed would be a solid get, though.

    2. Bronco22
  8. Those points were anything but garbage. It sealed the game, and made a USU win impossible.
  9. Hope the USU player is OK. Never like to see players go down.
  10. I don't see how Coach Riddle survives the off-season. Really poor showing this year by special teams.
  11. Playing a complete game has been a real challenge for the Broncos this year.
  12. I feel for Milton...this isn't how you want to go out, and it's never a happy circumstance when a young man gets injured like that. I wish him a complete recovery.
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