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  1. Nevada vs Wofford would be an interesting game... as far as the resumes it’s close I really don’t know.
  2. Pretty cool, here was part of it that I recorded.
  3. Plus StripeoutLawlor is ready to roll too. Should be an electric night.
  4. This was incorrect, they were chanting for David Cunningham. JCF already apologized.
  5. I also give a lot of credit to the crowd. The Pit is a historically hard place to win. Yes they have lost a bunch of home games this year, but none of them had anything close to the fired up atmosphere it was for that game. Remember it was the first time the Pack had returned there since the miracle comeback. Combined that with the extra motivation to knock off an undefeated team, and the Lobos and their fans seemed destine to get the dub. Not making excuses but I always thought (when the schedule was released) Nevada would probably slipp up in Albuquerque. What I didn’t see coming was the absolute beat down though.
  6. It gets the fans going...and man did Lawlor start rockin’ in the second half. The sequence that ended with JC getting an alley oop was as loud as I can remember Lawlor getting, for one play, in a long time. Fun game.
  7. Wait so we won’t have a team that becomes the highest ranked team to ever play in the MW every year? Dammit...
  8. I’d be shocked with anything under 10k, but then again I don’t follow Fresno attendance very much. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Probably a decent amount of Nevada fans making the trip, I know Strength in the Pack is sending a couple of buses.
  9. Great game Lobos, that was a good ole fashion ass kicking.
  10. If I had to guess and I’m a terrible guesser I’d say at least 500. It was fun...especially the Wolf Pack chant at the end of the game my 10 year old started. Lol
  11. I do admire how much content ph provides on this board.....this thread is awesome
  12. Exactly this ^..... supposedly it was his glucose monitoring system. He never saw the floor again. What a play
  13. Thanks cheering Nevada on...now tell Weir to get your squad right.
  14. Do you think he is dug in on this philosophy? Not saying it would have matter tonight, but once again it was a new starting five and once again the Lobos stumbled out of the gate.
  15. While this offseason has been the most enjoyable one I can recall I’m so ready to see some actual basketball. BYU scares the hell out of me and the +12.5 seems like an awfully big number. The lights will be nationally bright tomorrow night, so I just hope the moment isn’t to big for all our new pieces. All that being said Lawlor will be rockin’ ,and I think Nevada pulls out a hard fought W.
  16. It’s called packfetti, they shoot it off after every score. Must be a nightmare to try and cleanup.
  17. Oh you mean like this? These quotes are eerily similar... https://www.rgj.com/story/sports/college/nevada/2017/10/29/coach-musselman-were-severely-overrated-right-now-rips-pack-d-after-exhibition-win-over-stanislaus-s/811979001/
  18. I saw a few videos of Memphis midnight madness. Very impressive turnout.