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  1. Packman04

    WTF Wolfpack Weak Sauce OOC

    I wouldn’t be ok with it at all but it’s the f$&king reality when you come out of nowhere and are playing in a shitty tournament. People act we are dodging teams or something. What do you want?
  2. Packman04

    WTF Wolfpack Weak Sauce OOC

    Looking forward to it then, thanks for the insight
  3. Packman04

    WTF Wolfpack Weak Sauce OOC

    I agree, the schedule will be solid when it’s finalized but unfortunately it might cap our seed potential. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.
  4. Packman04

    WTF Wolfpack Weak Sauce OOC

    Yeah that guy really screwed us in the Vegas tourney, and while our schedule is suboptimal at the moment we still have three more games to book. I think/hope when it’s all set and done it will be solid. It probably won’t have any top matchups, but the goal is to play the metrics and put us in a solid spot come conference time.
  5. Packman04

    Coach Weir, Lobo Basketball Update...

    So I just listened to Weir’s presser. Sounds like Colorado, Utep, NMSU twice, and a neutral with SMC so far. Is Utep/Colorado on the road or at home? Any quality OOC tourney?
  6. Packman04

    Coach Weir, Lobo Basketball Update...

    Agree...super impressed with what he was able to accomplish in year one with that roster. Nationally I don’t think people are talking enough about how good of a team the Lobos will be this season. How is the OOC shaping up?
  7. I meant this year..sorry for the confusion
  8. I would love a road game at Montana next year...think that could qualify as a quad 1 opportunity if scheduled.
  9. Honestly I know they lost a lot of talent, how do you guys think SMC will look next season?
  10. if our golden 1 center opponent ends up being St. Mary’s I’ll be pissed (well as pissed as I get over this crap).
  11. Except better brand recognition....i think it’s well done.
  12. Honestly if it’s not sold out I will be very disappointed. Think Ruta worked it perfectly for a sellout. Idaho was good last year but the common fan had no idea. This time bigger name, plus the banners, hype etc better = a sell out. Super pumped.
  13. Packman04


    Can’t wait...
  14. Packman04


    Wow quite the pissing match going on, so BYU fans enjoy playing in the WCC? Cool...have fun.