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  1. Packman04

    College Basketball Starts Tomorrow

    I saw a few videos of Memphis midnight madness. Very impressive turnout.
  2. Packman04

    New Mexico Screwed

    Bummed for New Mexico and the MWC
  3. Packman04


    Yeah I’m sure he’ll have to start a new handle
  4. Appreciate the well wishes
  5. Yep.....“that’s the only hope.” Muss has the keys to the city, the fans have shown up, boosters have gotten him to a respectable salary, and he has proven you can get (somewhat) on the national stage here in Reno, but in the end that might not be enough. I’m still on the fence whether he leaves after this season or not, but gun to my head I would play the odds and say he ditches us. The nice thing is I think this is the year, unless the team dramatically underperforms, that Pack fans will find out if we have our guy or it’s back to the drawing board.
  6. Packman04

    UNLV b-ball schedule

    What teams are in the Diamondhead Classic?
  7. Packman04

    Utah - Nevada home and home (hoops)

    Their conference affiliation will drag them way down. The Summit, typically, barely cracks the top 20.
  8. Packman04

    Utah - Nevada home and home (hoops)

    Tough to know how it will ultimately shake out but yeah Nevada needs USC, ASU, or Utah have a good season. Playing all those games on the road or neutral will definitely help. Honestly I think we all knew Rhode Island was going to be good, but I don’t think many of us saw them becoming our signature win. So guess I should just chill a bit and see what happens. Still makes for good conversation in June though.
  9. Packman04

    Utah - Nevada home and home (hoops)

    Yeah I now realize how it came across, probably should have just kept my mouth shut. I completely understand there is a balance and getting teams to Lawlor is extremely hard. To answer your question, no obviously Akron was the best Ruta could get done. Although we do have some gimmes, Cal Baptist and Little Rock I would put nto that category. Before I get another, “Christ people” yes I realize those games were prearranged, because they are part of the Vegas tournament. Overall I like our schedule...it’s solid, I guess I was just hoping for one sure fire preseason top 25 team.
  10. Packman04

    Utah - Nevada home and home (hoops)

    Historically definitely solid but last year they were 14-18 finishing Kenpom ranked 288. They do have almost everyone coming back, plus Coach Ruta does his homework, so Im confidence they’ll be better. The question is how much? Seems like a quad 3 opportunity, but I’m hardly an expert.
  11. Packman04

    Utah - Nevada home and home (hoops)

    Yeah the Akron game is so disappointing
  12. Packman04

    Utah - Nevada home and home (hoops)

    That Vegas tourney is such a buzz killer..
  13. Packman04

    2018/2019 will be a banner year for the MWC

    I won’t pretend to know jack about football...so.. Basketball looks great at the top but what about the bottom? We might be looking at three possibly four sub 250 RPI teams. That will really hurt the leagues overall metrics.
  14. Packman04

    Strong Description for Nevada Basketball

    I get this thread is a bit tongue and cheek but on a more serious note our ooc bothers me a bit. It’s a ok but in its current state it leaves almost zero margin for error. Just today Muss hinted at one of our final two games to be scheduled would be at home, which to me means it won’t be great. So that leaves one last chance to get to a sure fire top 25 game next season..ugh. This biggest screw up,and I know the rumored back story, is this stupid Vegas tourney we are stuck in playing in AGAIN!