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  1. Grand Canyon will be in the WCC in the next 5 years. They are growing like crazy and very invested in athletics. They are a perfect fit geographically in that they keep the geographic footprint tight while pulling in a high growth state (Arizona) w/ a lot of college bound kids. They are also a Christian school and private like the rest of the WCC membership. Which is another reason why the Hair should have pursued Gonzaga more aggressively when he had the opportunity. He could have permanently de-stabilized the WCC by pulling over Gonzaga and BYU. Then kept an eye on Grand Canyon as
  2. They barely get tested in the WCC, especially in a pandemic year when you don't have many non-conference games. They could have come over as a package w/ BYU and had a much tougher schedule (CSU, BYU, USU, SDSU, BSU, etc.) to get them ready for the NCAA tournament.
  3. VCU has COVID issues. Instead of letting CSU take their spot, they call it a no contest against Oregon and Oregon advances.
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