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  1. Commissioner Judy over at C-USA is handing out invitations to any FBS team with a pulse. They'd be a member of an FBS conference right now if they'd just tried independence for a few years. Miss Judy would probably have even let them do football only, while keeping Olympic sports in Big Sky in order to save on travel.
  2. Well it appears the MAC is doing their part to kill-off C-USA. If they take WKU and Middle TN, that leaves just FIU, UTEP and LA Tech. Well played MAC https://twitter.com/petethamel/status/14...41092?s=21
  3. With the defections of UNT, UTSA, Rice, FAU, Charlotte, UAB, Southern Miss, Marshall, and ODU, C-USA is going to be down to 5 members: FIU UTEP Western KY Middle TN LA Tech There are also 4 independents that might be in play for C-USA Liberty - supposedly already turned them down NMSU UConn UMass Beyond that, there are a bunch of FCS schools like Sam Houston State, Missouri State, Tarleton, Kennesaw State, Montana, NDSU, etc. that might consider making the jump if they had a C-USA membership in hand. It seems like if the MAC took a couple schools on the current
  4. CSU potentially joining the AAC is baffling and frankly seems like a nightmare or an April Fool's joke. I hope CSU rejects the AAC. If CSU accepts a bid, I hope that all responsible administrators are fired and that their replacements undo the decision prior to leaving the MWC. Reasons: 1. The AAC has lost its most marketable members (UCF, UConn, Houston, Cinci) and is reeling. 2. CSU has no natural rivalries with schools like Temple, East Carolina, USF and whomever else is added from the East like UAB or Marshall. Fans will have zero interest in these games and you will sell
  5. Sun Belt and C-USA should form an alliance and quasi-merger. Keep both autobids and make the conferences technically separate but with the same branding (such as Sun Belt East and Sun Belt West). Make conferences geographically coherent and have some crossover games and an East-West basketball challenge as well. Negotiate the TV contract w/ ESPN to cover both the SBE and SBW. You could negotiate from a position of stability and you'd have a lot of different teams and markets covered.
  6. Grand Canyon used to be a baseball member of the WAC in the 90's alongside many current MWC teams.
  7. I tend to think Gonzaga would consider coming over to the MWC again if BYU left the WCC (and no MWC teams left for the Big XII). St. Mary’s would be the only other good basketball team left in the WCC.
  8. If I am the Big XII, I take BYU and no one else right away. BYU is probably worth as much as the existing Big XII teams when it comes to the next TV deal in 2025. The American Ath. Conf. is not a threat and you don't need to take Houston, UCF, or whomever just to prove you are higher up the food chain. Everyone knows this. UConn had no problem just quitting the AAC so it can't be that good. A 9 team Big XII could play an 8 game schedule w/ 4 non-conference spots. Since the Alliance is trying to become a cartel and schedule non-conference games with each other exclusively, it shouldn'
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