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  1. The real problem is the IOC granting Olympic games to countries like China and Russia to begin with.
  2. Honestly, I just think Gonzaga didn't match up well against Baylor. I'm no basketball genius but even I saw how much bigger, stronger, deeper and athletic this Baylor team was than Gonzaga. I didn't predict the Zags would get dominated like they did but I did put my money on the Bears feeling they would most certainly win. The Zags kicked ass all season and until UCLA had not really been tested.
  3. Tuned in for the first 7 minutes and decided there wasn't a chance the Zags were going to seriously threaten the Bears and make it a game. Very disappointing. Watched a hockey game instead.
  4. As a Washingtonian I'm pulling for the Zags but my money is on the Bears.
  5. Got my first Moderna shot Easter Sunday. Felt fine all day yesterday but today I have a mild but lingering headache that I cannot get rid of. Injection site soreness is significantly more than the annual flu shot. So far typical reactions to the first shot for me.
  6. I've been to NDSU's indoor stadium. It's really nice and much newer being built in the 90's. UND's opened in 2001. USD's is crap and like the Idaho schools was built in the 70's. I grew up in SD and my junior year we made it to the state semifinals. All the football semifinal and championship games are played indoor at USD. This was the early 90's and it was old school circa 1980's artifical turf. Think the Philadelphia Eagles Veterans Stadium. I hated that surface. Great traction but serious turf burns and hard. That was the first and last time I ever payed football indoors or on ar
  7. And since they play in an indoor practice facility......bonus!
  8. Congrats to the Bengals. I'll never understand why the powers that be decided to erect those gawd awful potato barns the Bengals and Vandals play in.
  9. My gut tells me Baylor wins as well.
  10. Regardless of who was president the economy was going to slow during the pandemic. Regardless of who is president the economy was always going to surge back as the pandemic wanes. To assign credit or blame to a political party or president is ridiculous. This time next year we'll see how the Biden administration is fairing. For now the economic news is all about folks getting back to work and people feeling better about being out and about and spending money. If we really must insist on assigning credit to anyone I'd suggest we give the thousands of scientists around the world tha
  11. It's rare for a P5 conference member to be considered a Cinderella but given OSU's basketball history the shoe definately fits. Since being picked to finish last in the Pac-12 during the preseason, going .500 during the first 22 games of this season OSU won three games in three days to take the conference championship and automatic postseason bid and has since pulled off a series of upsets in tournament play against No. 5 Tennessee, No. 4 Oklahoma State and No. 8 Loyola Chicago to come within a victory of the program's first trip to the national semifinals since 1963. I don't think O
  12. I've never heard anyone or seen any text refer to Arkansas as the Midwest. Southeast, Mid-south or even Mississippi Delta if you drill down to a sub-region level but certainly not Midwest.
  13. The good news for Wyoming fans is that we had no seniors this year. Freshman = 7, Sophomore = 3, Junior = 3, Seniors = 0 Next season we'll have solid senior leadership with Moldonado, Thompson and Jeffires to combine with the talent and growing experience of DuSell, Foster, Ike, Marble and Williams. Not to mention what new talent Coach Linder will bring in. Can't wait to see the 2021-22 edition of Cowboy basketball.
  14. Not to mention Cheney as a town and EWU as a campus are kind of run down. Pretty low on the list of places to live and work.
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