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  1. Not a chance they'd ever give two automatic bids to the G5. We'd be lucky to get just one. There will likely be 2 P5 wild cards and 1 auto bid G5 going to the highest ranked G5 team.
  2. Not to worry, Wyoming will gladly recruit the central valley Seriously though, this sucks! That leaves only 7 D1 wrestling programs west of the Rockies.
  3. Oh, and talk about whining...................
  4. There's nothing to whine about if you are anti-Trump. In large part Savannah Guthrie owned Trump last night. I say put Trump on camera outside of his rallies as often as he wants. As long as Trump is talking about Trump and not Biden as was the case most of last night he does himself no favors.
  5. and other non-Christian thoughts being expressed across SEC country outside of Tuscaloosa tonight.
  6. To clarify, ncaa basketball regional in 2023 and Frozen Four in 2026. And the Frozen Four will be hosted by the University of North Dakota (huh?). Would've thought ASU would have made a more regional host. Perhaps given the state of PAC-12 sports there is some doubt that ASU will still ice a team in 2026. The Fighting Sioux Hawks (friggin PC crap) will be invading Las Vegas. Y'all stock up on cheap macro brew light beer!
  7. I doubt this makes any real difference is shopping/eating habits but at the very least if I lived in Berkeley I wouldn’t have to listen to spoiled ankle bitters begging their parents for candy in the checkout aisle. So many parents just give in.
  8. Considering both the Cowboys starting WILL and SAM LB's from last year are on NFL active rosters this season I think this statement is a tad optimistic. Fingers crossed it's not too much of a drop off.
  9. Like ALL bullies.... At heart, to his core, Trump is a pu$$y! Next step, bully Billy Barr into taking legal action against Biden.
  10. FIFY. It takes a village to pull this type of crap off. How anyone with a conscience can work with/for Trump is difficult to understand.
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