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  1. For the second consecutive season Andrew Wingard lead the nation with 34 stops against the run. He registered a whopping 77 total tackles against the run this year while also proving effective in coverage in 2017. On the season, Wingard has brought down a career-high four interceptions, compared to just one touchdown allowed as the primary defender in coverage. He fielded just a 50.9 passer rating on throws into his coverage, the 23rd-best mark among draft-eligible safeties with at least 15 targeted passes. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/2018-college-football-season-the-top-25-players-who-will-be-back-next-year/ 20. Andrew Wingard, DB, Wyoming: The Cowboys had a well-known NFL prospect in quarterback Josh Allen last season, but over the past few seasons, Wingard has been the team's more consistent player. An impact player since he was a freshman, Wingard returns as one of the most productive and top-graded safeties in the country. He led the Mountain West in tackles in 2016 and finished with 114 last season. PFF also grades him as the top returning safety, ranking him in the top 10 in both run support and pass coverage.
  2. Vikings Win in Improbable Fashion!

    In this clever piece of marketing a downtown Minneapolis Catholic church reminds all Vikings fans............ http://www.startribune.com/now-about-that-hail-mary-minneapolis-church-s-vikings-post-goes-viral/469551543/
  3. MWC owns the LA basin collegiate fan base

    Going 1-8 in bowl games has the PAC fans leaving their gear in the closet until their shame fades a little.
  4. Vikings Win in Improbable Fashion!

    Vikings radio play-by-play. 'It's a Minneapolis Miracle'
  5. Vikings Win in Improbable Fashion!

    As a life long VIkings fan I've suffered through many disappointing playoff losses but this was setting up to be perhaps the worst ever. Blowing a 17-0 lead and managing only 2 FG's in the second half. The Vikings used up every bit of luck they have on this one play to keep the championship hopes alive.
  6. Vikings Win in Improbable Fashion!

    Thank god for Saints rookie safety Marcus Williams colossally bad tackle attempt or this would be yet another devastating playoff loss for the Vikings.
  7. OT: MWC Schools With Club Hockey

    There are many P5 schools that play both sports at the highest level. My list was G5 schools with D1 NCAA hockey and FBS football. As a P5, ASU's athletic budget revenue is far more substantial than UNLV. Getting help from your local NHL franchise could be a game changer but still I think it's a stretch. Time will tell but it would be cool if the Rebs ever did move up to NCAA. Still, ACHA D1 is pretty damn good hockey. It's akin to FCS football in my opinion.
  8. Immediate Transfers

    Allow immediate transfers and I fear the mid-majors will become a farm system for the big boys.
  9. OT: MWC Schools With Club Hockey

    Perhaps but you have to factor in Title IX when moving up to NCAA. Something club sports at the ACHA level don't have to contend with. Hockey is an expensive sport with facilities, equipment, travel (especially out west) and Title IX implications. A few well heeled athletic departments in the west may indeed move up to NCAA D1 but it's a tough sell for a sport that probably won't generate much revenue. I just don't see any western G5 schools making the jump anytme soon if ever. There are many non-P5 schools that play NCAA hockey but the majority of them dont field a football team or if they do they play at the FCS or DII level. Off the top of my head I can think of only six G5 schools that ice an NCAA D1 hockey team and field an FBS football team. They are Air Force, Army, UCONN, Western Michigan, Bowling Green and Miami (OH).
  10. OT: MWC Schools With Club Hockey

    This season UW and CSU both moved up from D3 to D2 ACHA by joining the Big Mountain Hockey Confernce which was formed in 2016. The first half of the season was dominated by UNC. CU and CSU also have D1 ACHA teams.
  11. CSU @ Wyoming

    The depth on this current team is severely lacking. Exactly who is coach Edwards supposed to be playing that isn't? Today when Maldanado and James had 4 fouls each mid-way thru the 2nd half the options off the bench are Adams, Momeka and Aka Gorski. Not one of them is even a good 6th man but they are the best the Cowboys have off the bench that are healthy to play. Coach Edwards is neither stupid or stubborn he just has no decent bench options. If he can't recruit a deeper team going forward then it will be on him. Given this is his second season at the helm I'm willing to cut him some slack. ASAP the coaching staff needs to address the poor team defense and slow starting offensive play. The Cowboys defensive play isn't good enough at present to allow for a slow start on offense. The Cowboys managed to overcome this against BSU but not today vs CSU.
  12. CSU @ Wyoming

    Nixon played a helluva a game for CSU. This Pokes team can be infuriating to watch. Just can't afford to get off to such cold starts at home.
  13. CSU @ Wyoming

    45 called fouls with 8:00 minutes left to play in the game.
  14. CSU @ Wyoming

    Foul fest. Ufff what an ugly game.