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  1. https://www.espn.com/college-football/rankings/_/poll/21/week/12/year/2019/seasontype/2
  2. What about Hugh Freeze to Arky? He's been reborn after his hooker habit and now has the Christian right stamp of reformed approval from his time at Liberty
  3. The way I see it Haley is only 47 years old and has plenty of time to run for any national office she wants including president. She isn't and doesn't need to put herself on the 'outside' with Trump or his supporters but aligning with Trump is another thing altogether. Nikki Haley is unique in this moment in that she has broad support with the GOP base as well as moderates and Independents. If she's trying to position herself as Trumps VP candidate she'll lose a lot of non-GOP support, particularly so if she actually becomes his VP.
  4. Did you live in the Rochester area? I have family there and have visited many times throughout my lifetime. Been to my share of Americans games as well. I love upstate New York.
  5. Losing respect for Nikki Haley by the day. She's selling out to Trump and his supporters for her political future. Interesting how Haley now says she told Trump that Secretary of State Tillerson and Cheif of Staff Kelly were actively working against Trump and tried to recruit her. In her book she makes no mention that she told Trump of this. The fact the Trump has never tweeted about or addressed this topic publicly suggests to me it either never happend or at the very least Haley never told Trump that Tillerson and Kelly tried to recruit her to work against Trump. We all know that Trump is incapable of not tweeting about every single slight, real or perceived. Twitter is where Trump has his almost daily tantrums and this juicy tidbit of information would have been irresistable to Trump.
  6. FCS plays damn good football, especially at the top of the division. I watch the FCS playoffs every year and is a very entertaining product.
  7. Don Cherry, love him or hate him he's gonna be who he is and never apologize for it. This video is from 1990 and pretty well sums up Don Cherry.
  8. You just can't let that "a bunch of jerks" thing go. You are 100% correct though. Grapes is an asshole, but an entertaining and informative one 95% of the time. It's the other 5% that gets him into trouble and that I could do without.
  9. Originated with the American Legion following WWI. Kind of a cool story and way to remember those that sacfrificed. https://www.legion.org/poppyday/history https://www.britishlegion.org.uk/get-involved/remembrance/about-remembrance/the-poppy
  10. Here's the commentary that's caused all the controversy. In my opinion the right sentiment in supporting the troops but delivered poorly to be sure.
  11. Don Cherry has made a broadcast career out of saying controversial things. Anyone who's watched Hockey Night in Canada and Coach's Corner over the years know's Cherry is an unabashed homer when it comes to Canadian players and Canada in general. In all honesty, what he said was poorly worded at best and really had no business being part of a hockey commentary. That said, Cherry wraps himself in the flag all the time and especially when it comes to the Canadian Forces. He rarely has a thought that does not get expressed. The fact that he has a problem with immigrants supposedly not supporting the troops comes as no surprise to me. As for the question of should he have been fired for this comment? For this comment alone, probably not but Cherry has toed and often stepped over the line for decades now and at some point his employer was thinking enough is enough. The guy is 85 years old, and to be honest his commentary has become a little difficult to understand at times and more random in recent years. He probably should have retired at the end of his last contract but he's a Canadian hockey icon and is the type of guy that intended to work up until the minute he dropped dead. He's a character from a bygone era and one that I am greatly going to miss if he does not come back to hockey commentary in some form or another. Here's a small sample of Ole' Grapes rants over the years. For those that don't know Don Cherry's nickname is Grapes, as in 'sour grapes' cuz he's always bitching and is a play on his last name as well.
  12. I votr’d for SDSU for perfecting the art of doing less with more.
  13. Chad Morris did heavily recruit the Dallas area and Texas which has continued under Dykes, but I think SMU is where they are at more so because of the 35 transfers on their roster, 11 of which are grad transfers with the other 24 coming through the transfer portal. This years Mustang team does not resemble what Chad Morris left. Not even close.
  14. His buyout is just over $10M. Perhaps he can now aford the plastic surgery necessary to give him a more confident stare
  15. Absolutely not! Chad Morris is a combined 18-40 as an FBS head coach. His Arkansas teams were woefully unprepared to play. He did NOT have success at the G5 level with only one winning season in three and that season was a 7-5 effort. Chad Morris was overrated based solely from his OC experience at Clemson. He has no business being a HC in the MWC or any other FBS conference.