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  1. All credit to the Montreal Canadiens thus far but for game 6 there are questions, so many questions...... 1) Can a VGK forward actually score a goal? 2) Will the VGK's actually show up for more than one 20-minute period per night? 3) Will 6'3" 210 lb Alex Pietrangelo finally snap and kick the living crap out of 5'9" 183 lb Brendan Gallagher? 4) Will Mark Stone ever get his stones back? Presently, they reside firmly in the grasp of Joel Edmundson.
  2. The officiating in that game was bad to be sure. I don't think it favored one team over the other. They were just letting almost everything go. Was a bad look for the league as that was an ugly game from an officiating standpoint. It will be interesting to see how the next game is called. I can almost guarantee the officials will call a tighter game. Even Kevin Bieksa, former Ducks and Canucks Defensman that was no stranger to borderline tough play had a problem with the officiating. Again, I don't think either team won or lost because of it but cheap shots need to be called early a
  3. The Isles have been fun to watch all season and their series against the Pens and Bruins have hands down been the most exciting of the playoffs and it ain't even close. Down 2-1 vs both the Pens and Bruins the Isles won 3 in a row to come back and win each series in 6. Tampa is a different animal than Pitt or Boston but could the NYI do it again?
  4. Wow, just wow! Vegas dominated the play for 3 periods but Montreal absolutely owned OT. The Flowers mistake came back to bite em' in the arse.
  5. Huge missed call. At least a double minor missed. Calls get missed often but that high stick on Perry was seemingly very obvious. Very fortunate for the Knights.
  6. Just one of those plays he's made thousands of times but this time he had a brain fart. It happens. I had forgotten he was human.
  7. Ding Ding Ding............. paging Liberty University. Your number is up next!
  8. The Pens were favored over the Isles. The Bruins were favored over the Isles. The lightning are favored over the Isles and lost game one and were outplayed by the Isles. The Isles are the highest scoring team, both at home and on the road in the playoffs thus far. Perhaps it's time the odds makers stop thinking of the Isles as not up to the task?
  9. I absolutely love that the Isles have returned to Nassau coliseum for one last season. It would be an amazing story if they got to hoist the cup one last time and for the first time since 1983 in that old arena. Heck, the reason the New York Isladers franchise even exists is in part owed to Nassau coliseum. The NHL wanted to keep a WHL team from moving into the coliseum which was new back in the early 70's so they elected to allow a new franchise to join the league (i.e. the Islanders) just to head off WHL expansion. Watching the Isles games this season, and especially in the playoffs has
  10. Two consecutive nights without hockey, how cruel!
  11. I was hoping it would go to game 7 but am glad Colorado is out.
  12. As one of the most ill-tempered and crude of the species, Sportsfanus coloradicus are often observed making this hand gesture. Note the short stubby appendages common to the subspecies avalanchae. As a Wyoming Cowboy, Nebraska Cornhusker and Minnesota Wild fan I've had the misfortune of observing Sportsfanus coloradicus on many occasions. Nastier creatures you will not find!
  13. Tampa is well rested and formidable. I'm pulling for the NYI but surprised they are up on Boston 3-2.
  14. Wyoming sponsor's 15 sports teams
  15. I'm not a fan whatsoever of first round byes. I'd rather see an 8-team format than 12. I don't think we'll ever see a 16-team FBS playoff.
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