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  1. NorthWestCowboy

    AFA “Air Power Legacy Series” alternative uniforms

    Up close the left side of the helmet looks cool but from any distance at all the image is indistinguishable. Overall pretty blah uni's.
  2. NorthWestCowboy

    Favorite movies!

    In no particular order........... The Hunt for Red October Rudy Hoosiers The Natural Field of Dreams The Last of the Mohicans Miracle Bull Durham The Godfather Apollo 13 Groundhog Day Grumpy Old Men Enemy at the Gates Chariots of Fire Firefox The Rocket My Cousin Vinny Stargate Support Your Local Sherrif The Boxer To Catch a Theif October Sky A River Runs Through It Memphis Belle Michael Collins
  3. NorthWestCowboy

    Broncos and Ducks schedule a 2 for 1 (football)

    Happy hunting Bronco nation
  4. NorthWestCowboy

    Professional sports expansion

    http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/24078578/where-nfl-nba-mlb-nhl-wnba-mls-nwsl-look-expansion Where pro sports expansion should/might occur according to the ESPN article. NHL Assuming Seattle is a done deal. 33,000 season ticket deposits in 31 hours with 4,000 on a waiting list. If all goes as planned Key Arena renovation to be completed in time for 2020 season. Where will be next? Houston Where should be next? Quebec CityOther NFL Where will be next? London, UK (but not the way you think) Where should be next? Mexico City NBA Where will be next? Nowhere (The league has no current plans for expansion) Where should be next? Mexico City MLB Where will be next? Montreal Where should be next? San Antonio WNBA Where will be next? Golden State/Bay Area (maybe) Where should be next? Golden State/Bay Area MLS Where will be next? Sacramento Where should be next? Detroit NWSL Where will be next? Los Angeles Where should be next? Vancouver
  5. NorthWestCowboy

    BYU vs UNLV - new series announced.

  6. NorthWestCowboy

    VGK Fans

    Not wearing socks with dress shoes is just bush league. He's got a real shot at a long NHL careeer now
  7. NorthWestCowboy

    What is Trump even doing right now?

  8. NorthWestCowboy

    VGK Fans

    I'll be very curious to see how this season plays out for Karlsson. He went from relative scoring obscurity (9 G, 11 A, 20 PTS in 2016; 6 G, 19 A, 25 PTS in 2017) his first two full seasons in the NHL to being #3 (43 G, 35 A, 78 PTS) in the league in 2018. At only 25 years of age he's got a lot of potential upside. It's just that he's never been a big goal scorer throughout his career at any level of play. It's no wonder his contract almost went to arbitration. How do you pay a player based just off one season, albeit a fantastic season? It looks like both sides found middle ground with a hefty pay raise but only a one year contract.
  9. NorthWestCowboy

    What are you hoping to hear out of fall camp for your team?

    And not as a result of mass season ending defensive injuries!
  10. NorthWestCowboy

    What are you hoping to hear out of fall camp for your team?

    Agreed, an improved O-line would be the area that would pay the most dividends.
  11. NorthWestCowboy

    Urban Myer might be bye bye

    I was curious as to what was reported and when reports were made to the authorities so found this link below. Zach Smith sounds like a real piece of work. https://www.thelantern.com/2018/08/football-police-reports-depict-pattern-of-domestic-cases-against-zach-smith/ According to police reports obtained by The Lantern, former Ohio State wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator Zach Smith had a history of domestic incidents reported to the police department by his now ex-wife Courtney Smith.
  12. NorthWestCowboy

    91% of Trump supporters trust him more than any

    Hmm trusting Trump more than any other source.............. Even if I somehow woke up each and every single day with no previous knowledge about Trump he makes enough incorrect, ignorant and/or dishonest statements/tweets daily that I'd learn to distrust him by sunset that same day. On some days it'd happen even before lunch.
  13. NorthWestCowboy

    Spare NO expense !!!

  14. NorthWestCowboy

    The Redding Fire

    Sadly, this is something we're poised to see more and more of. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/living-on-the-edge-wildfires-pose-a-growing-risk-to-homes-built-near-wilderness-areas/ The feds, states and municipalities really need to reconsider where and how much development near forest/wilderness areas is to be allowed in the future. We need much better planning.
  15. NorthWestCowboy

    Nevada Fan Uni Poll

    Certainly not terrible but could easily do better.