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  1. The Cowboy secondary is not experienced for sure. That said, Jaren Hall with all day in the pocket placed most all his passes where the Cowboy defenders had little if any chance to touch them. Give Hall and his o-line credit. Pretty sure with time in the pocket Hall and his receivers have the ability to pick apart most any secondary in the MWC. With the lack of experience on this Cowboy team there is reason to be optimistic with how they are improving thus far. I’m more concerned with Coach Bohl’s lack of confidence by punting, not attempting the on-side and how we too often call somewhat gimmick offensive plays on long distance downs rather than just give Pease the green light to throw with authority/confidence. Wyomings WR’s and Pease’s arm are average at best. That said, I think the coaching staffs lack of confidence in the passing game rubs off on the players and they perform to that low expectation.
  2. On what planet is this a live ball? Only in Provoistan!
  3. Been successful all night running straight ahead but hey lets run a jet sweep at the 2. Me no like!
  4. Look, Wyoming doesn’t have a big playbook given the lack of middle to deep pass plays. That said they get away from what they are far too often. There was no need to call a throwback play there. Very low percentage.
  5. SHould have been offsetting fouls on that last play
  6. An empty backfield on 3rd and 5? Not liking that.
  7. Pokes are gonna see a lot of the passing game from BYU next half. Hall can seemingly put the ball anywhere he wants it.
  8. Gonna be hard to overturn this one but super close
  9. D-line needs to get more consistent pressure on Hall
  10. Long way to go in this one but so far I like how the O-line is giving the offense room to maneuver and move the ball.
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