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  1. NorthWestCowboy

    B12 now has second Basketball Challenge

    There is no chance for the Big XII to remain a Power conference if Texas and Oklahoma leave so the revenue will certainly be less. The MWC is not going to get raided. At most it would lose 2 teams to a Big XII best of the rest scenario.
  2. NorthWestCowboy

    B12 now has second Basketball Challenge

    Under this scenario I predict an airport meeting at DFW within 2 seasons of this cluster of a mega conference forming.
  3. NorthWestCowboy

    Mueller Report Out Next Week?

    I pretty much think this is how it will go down. I said several months ago our only hope to rid ourselves of Trump is if he strokes out. I stand by that statement.
  4. NorthWestCowboy

    The Old Man is Back!!!!!!!

    The Democratic presidential candidates are feeling the Bern this morning! WASHINGTON — Just over 24 hours after announcing his presidential bid, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont has already raised $6 million from more than 225,000 donors, his campaign said Wednesday morning. That amount far surpasses what any of his rivals have disclosed raising after their own announcements this year. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/20/us/politics/bernie-sanders-fundraising.html
  5. NorthWestCowboy

    With 5 games remaining, how do you expect your team to finish?

    With a thud or a whimper. Cannot decide which. vs. UNLV, @ CSU, @ Fresno, vs. AFA, @ SJSU and vs UNM. The Cowboys haven't won back-to-back games all season. Finishing 3-3 is the absolute best they could do but highly unlikely. I'll say they finish 2-4 but with this team 1-5 is possible.
  6. NorthWestCowboy

    B12 now has second Basketball Challenge

    Or Texas going indy. If the PAC-12 doesn't collectively get it's sh*t together a few more years of dismal athletic performance and average financial distribution payouts not keeping pace with other P5 conferences the Big XII just might have some expansion candidates they actually want.
  7. NorthWestCowboy

    Slightly OT: Wyoming Enrollment declines

    Epic fail. Much like your football team in general and your basketball team each time they come to Laramie. Try again........ The University of Wyoming has enrolled the largest freshman class in its history, with 1,859 first-time students this fall semester. That is a 9.5 percent increase from fall 2017, when the enrollment of 1,696 new freshmen represented a 9.3 percent increase from 2016. “Two straight years of nearly double-digit growth in freshman recruitment show that the University of Wyoming is no longer one of the nation’s best-kept secrets in the world of higher education,” says Kyle Moore, UW’s associate vice provost for enrollment management. “Very few institutions across the country are seeing increases of this magnitude, and we are delighted that so many students from Wyoming and beyond have chosen to become Cowboys.” According to census data collected on the 15th day of classes, UW’s overall enrollment also increased for the second straight year. Some 12,450 undergraduate and graduate students are enrolled at the university, compared to 12,397 last fall. http://www.uwyo.edu/uw/news/2018/09/uw-sets-first-time-freshman-enrollment-record.html
  8. NorthWestCowboy

    Slightly OT: Wyoming Enrollment declines

    Hmm, an opinion written by an individual who owns and manages a half dozen rental properties in Laramie. Reads like a hit job full of emotion rather than an objective look at the situation. I'll wait for a more journalistic review of the project.
  9. NorthWestCowboy

    OT: Pac 12 Network a bigger failure than you think

    I'm in the same boat. PAC 12 schools just don't interest me too much even though I live in the footprint and am a PAC 12 graduate.
  10. NorthWestCowboy

    Why SJSU can't Afford to Move to FCS.

    If this is true than the MWC should show SJSU the door asap. I've no idea what the university leadership is thinking but their actions, or lack thereof when it comes to football and men's basketball investment speaks volumes.
  11. NorthWestCowboy

    AAF Games

    While it was interesting to see what the new product looks like I can say that after watching two of the AAF games this weekend it confirmed a few things for me. I've still no real interest in pro football regardless of the league. Even though college football is my favorite sport this time of year is my favorite time for sports in general. With the NHL, NCAA hockey, basketball and wrestling and FIS skiing I simply don't have the time or interest in pursuing more football.
  12. NorthWestCowboy

    Granderson Facing Felony Sexual Assault Charges

    If shown to be true the only thing I feel sad for is the victim. As far as his draft status and career goes, screw it!
  13. NorthWestCowboy

    Granderson Facing Felony Sexual Assault Charges

    Nope, if UW was trying to be Baylor these alleged incidences would have occurred 2-4 years ago coming to light only after an attempted athletic department, coaching staff or university cover up.
  14. NorthWestCowboy

    Alonzo Hall signing

  15. Hot off the press. Google search trends averaged over the past 5 years for professional sports teams by state or province. Check out Nevada eh. The only state with an NHL team as most searched. Then again the VGK are the only pro team in the market. Can't say there are any big surprises other than the Blue Jays in Ontario where I would've expected the Maple Leafs to be the most searched. The biggest surprise of all is Idaho. I would've thought @Jeffkills Google search history alone would've landed the Cowboys at the top of list.