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  1. I think it's less likely that conferences will grow again but rather they'll start scheduling more OOC Power programs. This is particularly true if the playoff expands as one or even two losses won't automatically exclude a team from making the playoff. Traditional rivalries that fans and networks care about are already taking a hit with large conferences and further expansion will only exasperate this. Networks will pay more money for better matchups whether in or out of conference. Texas and Oklahoma are the only real difference makers out there and as long as they are making relatively similar money to what they would in the SEC or B1G I don't see them moving. Especially since the Big XII appears to be an easier path to the playoff.
  2. Av's fan? WTF's up with that? You showed such good judgment and refinement being a Vikings fan that this statement both puzzles and disgusts me! Explain yourself sir!
  3. Second favorite, ehh....... https://www.actionnetwork.com/nhl/2019-20-stanley-cup-betting-odds-favorites-lightning-blues Tampa Bay Lightning 6-1Vegas Golden Knights 7-1Boston Bruins 10-1Toronto Maple Leafs 10-1Colorado Avalanche 10-1St. Louis Blues 14-1San Jose Sharks 16-1Winnipeg Jets 16-1Washington Capitals 20-1Pittsburgh Penguins 20-1Calgary Flames 20-1Nashville Predators 25-1Florida Panthers 25-1Philadelphia Flyers 25-1Dallas Stars 30-1New York Islanders 30-1Carolina Hurricanes 30-1Arizona Coyotes 30-1Columbus Blue Jackets 30-1Minnesota Wild 40-1Chicago Blackhawks 40-1Vancouver Canucks 40-1Montreal Canadiens 50-1Edmonton Oilers 50-1Buffalo Sabres 60-1New York Rangers 80-1New Jersey Devils 80-1Detroit Red Wings 80-1Anaheim Ducks 80-1Los Angeles Kings 80-1Ottawa Senators 300-1
  4. With St. Louis checking the box tonight now Buffalo and Vancouver are tied for longest droughts without ever winning a Stanley Cup. The Sabres and Canucks have both been in the league for 49 seasons without winning a Stanley Cup. @retrofade your Yotes are #3 at 40 seasons when considering total franchise history. Buffalo Sabres - 49 seasons Vancouver Canucks - 49 seasons Arizona Coyotes/Winnipeg Jets (1.0) - 40 seasons San Jose Sharks - 28 seasons Ottawa Senators - 27 seasons Florida Panthers - 26 seasons Nashville Predators - 21 seasons Winnipeg Jets (2.0)/Atlanta Thrashers - 20 seasons Columbus Blue Jackets - 19 seasons Minnesota Wild - 19 seasons Vegas Golden Knights - 2 season
  5. O'Reilly was great but my MVP is without a doubt Binnington.
  6. Nah, Too many other championship trophies to temper their frustrations.
  7. Congrats St. Louis Blues and their fans. Long awaited, but it's finally here!
  8. From your keyboard to God's monitor! As a lifelong Vikes fan I've come to the conclusion that not enough luck exists for me to see a Super Bowl championship.
  9. It's an awful song. I pray they retire it after the season.
  10. Binnington slams the door shut once again.
  11. Phucking sweeeet! Marchand screwed the pooch! Love it
  12. The Blues survived the onslaught to score first Might Rask actually be human tonight? Stay tuned.