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  1. Will need to see a lot more out of Wyoming to stave off defeat on the road in Tulsa. The Cowboys usually are not a great road team. This one-dimensional team will surely struggle if improvements are not made asap.
  2. The phrase under promise over deliver escapes the AAC.
  3. The single dumbest thing a Republican administration has done in my lifetime. And that's saying alot given the current administration. The invasion of Iraq is why I left the GOP. As bad as Saddam's government was, removing the biggest counterweight to Iranian power in the middle east was just dumb Dumb DUMB!
  4. The first rock album I ever bought was The Cars Heartbeat City. I was in 5th grade I think.
  5. I like the tangy zip of Miracle Whip. You wanna make sumthin' of it? Well, do ya?
  6. I wouldn't be so sure about this one. Utah needs fellow PAC-12 teams to win OOC and be ranked. Utah wants to be the team to beat USC. They sure as heck don't want them knocked off by their in-state rival. An unbeaten PAC-12 champ could very well have a hard time making the playoffs. Nobody respects PAC football at the moment and yesterday only added to that.
  7. Do you think he'll continue the tradition of JuCo's that worked so well for Snyder?
  8. I agree. I will say though that if the Cowboys run game struggles in conference play like it often did today we might have to put Vander Wal in just to back defenses off the line and make them play both the pass and run. Vander Wal struggled last season but he is a bigger pass threat.
  9. Idaho came to Laramie and gave Wyoming all they could handle today. Good game Vandals.
  10. At least Weber St is a very good FCS team.
  11. For the rest of the season Wyoming's offense will face 8 in the box. No reason on Earth for an opponent to respect the Cowboys passing game.
  12. How long has it been since Wyoming got a 1st down? I forget. Need one here.
  13. Pokes need at least a FG here or they're in trouble.