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  1. Can't wait. The Flyers gonna cause colony collapse of the B's! In other news, Chara isn't nearly as ugly wearing a Cap's uni.
  2. Seattle, Pfff! Keep your filthy basketball outta my new hockey arena!
  3. And the stench of the Trump administration just keeps getting worse and worse.
  4. Fair enough but don't pretend for a second that the established parties want anything to do with a viable third party or indy candidate. They'll find another way to exclude them if polling doesn't.
  5. I say we send the likes of Nebraska's Ben Sasse to petition the Oracle of Omaha into giving his fortune to start a new party to combat the extremes to the left and right.
  6. Is it not the Commission on Presidential Debates run jointly by the GOP and Democratic parties that decides who participates in debates?
  7. To hell with that noise. The libertarian party is whackadoo! There's no money in it and no history of success. Better off starting a new center right party that doesn't inherit all the libertarian nut job baggage.
  8. Agreed. None of the charisma and even smaller hands than daddy. What a miserable existenece his life must be and it's about to get worse.
  9. And NOT continue alienating the EU. The US is in a much better position to take on China when we have the EU working with us. Not too mention how short sighted it was to walk away from the TPP. Our domestic politics have completely phuked our foreign trade policy.
  10. Yes, and by wanting to join the FBS ranks you will be giving all of this up! Y'all are basically the Alabama of FCS. You're able to stock pile talent in a way that your competition isn't. Your #2's are as good as your competitions #1's. Players know if they go to NDSU they will play in the post season, they will play in meaningful games and they will get national attention and coverage by playing at the highest level of FCS. A few years in FBS when you are NOT making the playoffs but instead playing in ho hum bowl games against another G5 program you will stop being able to recruit to the
  11. For the first time ever NHL players are wearing advertisments on their helmets. This is being allowed this season as a means for teams to generate revenue given the shorted 56-game schedule and lack of ticket revenue. Uniform advertising is common place in European hockey leagues. Me thinks the advertisements are here to stay. I hate it but I'd be shocked that the league is going to turn away revenue even when things get back to normal.
  12. Starting my 3rd game of the night! but lovin' every second of it! The best pro sport in the world is back
  13. Yep, 100% about avoiding being convicted by the Senate. Trump finally says all the right things but for the wrong reason. Trying to save his misearble hide!
  14. The only thing to celebrate as a Wild fan this year is that the franchise is one year closer to getting out from under those gawd awful long term and expensive contracts given to Suter and Parise! In light of this I'm pulling for The Jets to break the Canadian franchise Stanley Cup drought!
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