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  1. NorthWestCowboy


    Or which is often the case had no intentions of delivering.
  2. NorthWestCowboy

    FCS playoffs

    Whew! That was way too close for comfort down the stretch. Now the reality sets in that the next round goes through Fargo. Hate the Bison! GO JACKS!
  3. NorthWestCowboy

    FCS playoffs

    Hang on Jacks! Don't blow this!
  4. NorthWestCowboy

    FCS playoffs

    And the dominance continues unabated. Colgate has the top defense in all of FCS and yet.........the Bison drive 96 yards in 5 plays on their opening drive.
  5. NorthWestCowboy

    ESPN+ anybody use it?

    ESPN Plus has a few games per week but NBCSN is a much better deal for the NHL. I'm not sure about Roku I just have a direct membership and stream to my laptop.
  6. NorthWestCowboy

    ESPN+ anybody use it?

    I subscribe to watch ncaa hockey, ncaa wrestling and FCS football. If you like these sports $4.99/month is a steal.
  7. NorthWestCowboy

    Fake Facebook account used to boost caravan

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2018/10/24/migrant-caravan-updates/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.039f84647f9a The simplest explanation is that the activist group guiding the caravan, Pueblo Sin Fronteras (People Without Borders), has a strong support network in California, a “sanctuary” state where local officials and courts are more sympathetic to migrants. But there’s another, idiosyncratic reason the caravan is going all the way to Tijuana: its reputation as a safer route, where migrants are less vulnerable to the kidnapping gangs and extortionists that prey on Central Americans. This has to do, in no small part, with the legacy of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, the indicted Mexican drug kingpin whose federal grand jury trial began this week in New York.
  8. NorthWestCowboy

    Wyoming vs SC

    and SC just became the last SEC team to ever agree to play a game in Laramie
  9. NorthWestCowboy

    Wyoming vs SC

    SC lead all first half but could never get the lead above 9 points. Justin James got 2 quick fouls and played only 10 minutes of the first half which limited the Cowboys offense. In the second half Wyomings defense played very well which is partly why SC's shooting went cold. I couldn't even count the number of offensive boards the Gamecocks couldn't covert on but is was a bunch. Perhaps the elevation got to them somewhat but I think the Cowboys defensive intensity had something to do with it to. James played all of the second half and with Moldanado and Thompson going the Pokes could actually run an offense.
  10. NorthWestCowboy

    Tedford Finalist for National COY Award

    I'll admit to having no real opinion one way or another. I definately did not expect this level of turnaround so quicky if at all. Good on ya coach Tedford!
  11. NorthWestCowboy

    Tedford Finalist for National COY Award

    Well deserved nomination for coach Tedford. Whether he wins or not the MWC is better for having him in our ranks.
  12. NorthWestCowboy

    Ranking The Bowls- Lots of Interest in BYU

    Line dancing? CSU no longer deserves to wear the retro alfalfa green and Aggie orange uni's! #allhatnocattlesuperiorlifestyle
  13. NorthWestCowboy

    Should we have a National holiday/s in order to vote?

    I voted before, during and after getting my college degrees. I do well now yes but I was not born wealthy, not by a long shot nor was I wealthy as as student or following my first degree where I made 36k starting salary. My father was a farmer/rancher and my mom a country elementary school teacher. They had to drive a 36 mile round trip to the closest polling place. I'm not saying it was an undue hardship to vote but it sure wasn't a roll out of bed either. Those that want to vote find a way to vote. I was responding to the OP about creating a federal holiday on which to vote which I think would have a minimal influence on voter turnout. Most will just simply take a day off work. Those who want to vote find a way to vote. If you really want to give everyone an opportunity I think every state should vote by mail. Thats how we vote in WA and it is so convenient. You don't have to leave your residence or place of work to vote. All you have to do is mail your ballot sometime during an 18-day window as long as it is post marked no later than election day. The ballot packet comes with candidate and issue descriptions and we also receive a voter information packet in the mail before the ballot comes. The voter information also tells you where to go online for more information and a number to call to request voter information or a ballot in another language. You can take your time to think about your vote in the convenience of your home. The only people that voting by mail won't help are the homeless. Another benefit to voting by mail is we don't have these phucked up exit polling results spouting forth from news anchors mouths on election day. HC, I'd be curious to know what your impediments to voting are as you don't value you my take on the issue. If all you read here is one side of the issue present another persepctive. Signed, An educated western WASP
  14. NorthWestCowboy

    Seattle NHL team

    Yes, Fresno has been mentioned as a location for the Seattle AHL affiliate along with Sacramento, Riverside and Reno. The NHL is probabaly set at 32 teams for now. The cities mentioned most at the moment for a relocation franchise are Quebec City, Houston and Kansas City. Tampa Bay is too successful and has solid attendance and ownership. The Lightning are not going anywhere. The Florida Panthers on the other hand have significant issues and are a likely candidate to be on the move in the next 3-5 seasons. Carolina and Arizona are looking more stable but long term there are still questions. Ottawa is on increasingly shaking ground with ownership issues, terrible management and dwindling fan support. At present the Senators are the most likely team to be on the move in my opinion.
  15. NorthWestCowboy

    Should we have a National holiday/s in order to vote?

    Is it really that hard to vote? I've voted in 5 different states and numerous precincts both as a student and as an adult with a full time job. I've voted absentee. I've voted at a polling place before work. I've voted at a polling place after work. I've voted at a polling place during lunch. I've voted by mail. I've voted in rural precincts. I've voted in suburban precints. I even voted once in a downtown inner city precinct. It's just not that hard. Is it? I mean to ask this seriously and not being a smart ass. I just have never found voting to be difficult to accomplish.