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  1. Iowa is tough on both sides of the line of scrimmage. I don't see CSU having much luck at all moving the ball. They'll lose by at least 3 scores, so not competitive.
  2. Good game Rebs. No other MWC team needs a big win as much as UNLV and in another year I would have been rootin for ya. That said, the conference can't afford for it's top rated team to take an ugly loss at home to an 0-3 squad.
  3. Dawgs are damn lucky Brumfield got hurt. Rebs #2 just isn't ready to be a D1 QB.
  4. Hookers? This is college, they're called co-eds ya dirty ole' bastard!
  5. Go for 2 Dawgs. Pride is on the line!
  6. That's a pick! AND a late hit! Oh boy Dawgs be in a lil trouble here.
  7. Ruh Roh Dawgs. Backup QB coming alive! Ain't over yet.
  8. Well it looked out from the far side of the field but the sideline judge was right there and seemed to be looking at the WR's foot.
  9. Brumfield needs to suck it up and channel his inner Haener
  10. Probably wasn't a call because all but one of the officials were well behind the play and not in position to see the hit.
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