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  1. NorthWestCowboy

    Nance signs extension

    Good on ya Larry. I rarely watch the NBA but do enjoy occasionally tuning in to see Nance Jr play.
  2. NorthWestCowboy

    Saudis butcher Jamal Khashoggi at Istanbul Consulate

    You seriously just have to suspend disbelief if you buy this garbbage.............
  3. I've routinely watch Sunday Morning on CBS ever since I was a kid and Charles Kuralt was the anchor. It's still one of the few shows on these days that reports interesting and uplifting stories. On this mornings show the opinion piece below was spot on in my book. "It's like the boy who called wolf, Blitzer." The Justin Bieber 'breaking' news especially made me laugh.
  4. NorthWestCowboy

    Washington Supreme Court Tosses Death Penalty

    It's no wonder the recidivisim rates in this country are so high. Our mass incarceration prison system often turns 'lesser' criminals into more dangerous people upon release thanks to the connections and criminal knowledge they make while incarcerated.
  5. NorthWestCowboy

    Washington Supreme Court Tosses Death Penalty

    As a Washington resident I'm happy about this decision. For me the death penalty goes beyond justice to vengeance. I don't believe our judicial system should be in the vengeance business.
  6. NorthWestCowboy

    CNN knocked one out of the park

    Barack made it acceptable for African Americans to call out Kanye. Kayne himself has since made it increasingly easy to do so.
  7. NorthWestCowboy

    OT: Golden Knights vs Capitals

    Is this the beginning of a sophomore slump? The Golden Knights haven't looked very sharp in their first 3 games but there's time to right the ship. Fluery in particular has looked a little rusty but he'll come around. Missing their top defenseman from last season due to a 20-game suspension doesn't help with recapturing the team chemistry that was so prevalent in 2017-18. The bigger concern is scoring. Vegas needs to get more production from their 2nd and 3rd lines. The Golden Knights should be motivated to play the Caps. It'll be interesting to see if they can break their 4-game losing streak to the Caps tonight in DC. https://www.nhl.com/news/stanley-cup-final-rematch-awaits-vegas-golden-knights-washington-capitals-wednesday-night-hockey/c-300789670 After losing 6-4 in Game 1 of the Cup Final, Washington won four in a row to win the first championship in its 43-season history. That was four months ago, and the memories of that series remain fresh for each team. "I don't know how to describe it, but it's a little bit more special than playing some other team that you don't have history with," said Capitals center Lars Eller, who scored the Cup-winning goal in a 4-3 victory at Vegas in Game 5. "You do feel you have some kind of history with that team, especially because most of both teams are intact and looking very much the same. And it's not that long ago. "So I think we'll be excited to play tomorrow." Other than goalie Marc-Andre Fleury, who said he hasn't gotten over the loss, the Golden Knights downplayed the significance of facing the opponent who ended their Cup dream. They say they're concentrating on playing better after losing two of their first three games, with their lone win a 2-1 shootout victory at the Minnesota Wild on Saturday. After so much went so well for the Golden Knights as an expansion team last season, when they won eight of their first nine games on their way to going 51-24-7, they're dealing with a little early-season adversity.
  8. NorthWestCowboy

    MLB Playoffs

    Ding Dong the Yankees are Gone! Personally, I'm hoping for a Brewers vs Red Sox World Series.
  9. NorthWestCowboy

    Happy Columbus Day!

    When I was in high school South Dakota stopped celebrating Columbus Day and instead the second Monday in October became Native Americans Day. Either way I got a day off from school for duck hunting unless corn harvest wasn't completed. In that case no vacation day for me.
  10. NorthWestCowboy

    What happened to the idiot emoji?

    At the very least there should be a dislike, i.e. 'thumbs down' option as facepalm, sad, confused and Haha don't really suffice for simple disapproval of something posted.
  11. NorthWestCowboy

    Let's go Air Force!

    The Cadets are doing the conference proud.
  12. NorthWestCowboy

    USU vs BYU Friday Night Game

    All that closet drinking and pornography consumption take a toll on the true believers. Just a theory..............
  13. NorthWestCowboy

    USU vs BYU Friday Night Game

    Aggies moving the ball right down the field for the Borg
  14. NorthWestCowboy

    USU vs BYU Friday Night Game

    You sir are indeed a wise andriod.
  15. NorthWestCowboy

    OT: The Puck Drops Tonight on the 101st NHL Season!

    The flower is not quite in bloom to start the season and gets pulled. Philly 5, Vegas 1 midway through the 2nd.