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  1. Well, the #1 (Tampa Bay) and #2 (Calgary) overall teams from the regular season were bounced out going just 1-8 between them in the first round. The two teams, Colorado and Columbus that had to scratch and claw to even get into the playoffs are the ones that sent them packing. The Av's and Jackets have been in playoff mode for about 1 month and just looked on point compared to their opponents who sailed into the post season. The winner of the San Jose vs Vegas series gets to take on Colorado. Not something to look forward to given how strong they've looked the last month.
  2. Well I'll be damned, these Sharks actually do have teeth!
  3. Dangerous crosscheck to the back of a defenseless player. Looks like the Caps TJ Oshie might have a shoulder injury from this off balance crash into the boards. Dangerous hit that deserves a suspension.
  4. In the 3rd period Winnipeg squanders a 2 goal lead and then gives up a goal with 15 seconds left to lose 3-2 to St. Louie
  5. Something tells me he'd wrap that blue turf around a post in the back yard so he and his dog could relieve themselves on it every morning.
  6. Hopefully this new turf is more friendly to the tv camera under the lights. That old blue gave off a lot of glare that the cameras picked up.
  7. When the Big XII formed this is what killed the Nebraska vs Oklahoma rivalry. If you don't play every year even a long standing competitive and passionate rivalry will simmer and eventually die. There's no way Nebraska moves to the B1G if they'd have never been split up divisionally from OU.
  8. VGK vs SJS. It ain't over, but it's over. VGK fans, count your blessings that Marc-Andre Fleury was available in the expansion draft and that he is in your net. Vegas has lots of talent on the roster but none more important than in goal. When Thornton is in the lineup San Jose's scoring is every bit is good if not better than Vegas. San Jose falls far short of Vegas in net and in the playoffs nothing is more important than goaltending.
  9. Martin Jones should not be in net. Not against Vegas, he has no answers.
  10. I think HB was really shook seeing Collin Hill take this crushing hit vs Minnesota. The rivalry was born!
  11. Bye bye Penguins The Pens lead the Isles for only 4 min 51 sec total in the series. The Islanders are the first team in NHL history to ever go from league worst in goals allowed (2017-18) to league best (2018-19) in one season. Barry Trotz deserves to win the Jack Adams award for best coach.
  12. Coach Cooper deserves criticism but Tampa's roster is full of veteran players that couldn't get anything going at all. The Bolts scored just 8 goals vs the Jackets 19 goals in 4 games. Franchise player Stamkos scored 1 goal and Kucherov the NHL points leader scored zero. Perhaps the biggest difference was in goal where Bobrovsky just destroyed Vasilevskiy in save % and GAA.
  13. Curious as to why AFA is no longer tier one for you? Also, how do you let an out of conference furry little golden rodent get all up in your rivals? Serious question