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  1. NMSU Baseball

    Ouch! That's a beat down.
  2. OH HELLZ YEAH!!!!!!

  3. I'm all for showing kindness to #1Stunners everywhere. As for the no swearing thing we just can't have that. So have a great weekend Mother f#@ker!
  4. Portland State is a perfect fit for the Big Sky and investment in athletic facilities should only help them compete better at that level. I don't ever see enough alum support and fan interest to drive a push toward FBS/G5 status. Oregon is owned by the Ducks and despite it's meager athletic history Oregon State has a decent following. Portland State is the epitomy of a commuter school and with a large non-traditional enrollment like many urban campuses.
  5. OT: 2018 Winter Olympics Discussion

    Germany just beat Canada 4-3 to advance to the gold medal game in mens hockey against the OAR. Germany was 0-12 vs Canada all time at the Olympics so this is a huge upset. With the US out of the medals and Canada out of the gold medal game this all but ensures NHL participation in the next Olympics and perhaps from now on. It's clear there's an advantage to the European teams, particularly those with large numbers of KHL players when the NHL does not participate. Germany has never played for an Olympic gold medal before. They upset heavily favored Sweden and now Canada to get to the gold medal game. I don't expect a close game vs the OAR team. Then again I never would have thought they'd beat Sweden or Canada.
  6. OT: Seattle taking NHL season ticket deposits

    The New Western Conference coming for the 2020-21 season Pacific - Vancouver, Seattle, San Jose, Anaheim, Los Angelas, Las Vegas, Calgary, Edmonton (6 Pacific and 2 Mountain time zone teams) Central - Arizona, Colorado, Dallas, St. Louis, Chicago, Minnesota, Winnipeg, Nashville (2 Mountain and 6 Central time zone teams) Eastern Conference remains the same. Seattle is getting a team as the NHL didn't grant a franchise to Quebec City in the last round specifically with Seattle in mind. It's all but a done deal. When creating divisions it's as much or more about time zone than travel distance. Moving Detroit back to the west is a non-starter and far more intrusive than sliding Arizona to the central. Detroit being the only eastern time zone team in the west would mean they would not have a single 7 PM (Eastern) start time conference road game. The Wings would play 14 in division road games with 8 PM start times vs Central time zone teams and 12 within conference non-divisional road games with 9 or 10 PM start times vs Mountain and Pacific time zone teams. That's a lot of late nights for their fans and players. Whereas, Arizona if moved to the central division would have 12 in division road games with 6 PM (Mountain) start times vs Central time zone teams, 2 in division road games with 7 PM starts vs Mountain time zone Colorado and 12 within conference non-divsional road games with 8 PM start times vs Pacific time zone teams. It's far less intrusive to move Arizona within conference than Detroit out of conference. Division Schedule Total Games Within Division 4 games × 7 opponents 28 Within Conference, Non-divisional 3 games × 8 opponents 24 Inter-conference 2 games × 15 opponents 30
  7. OT: 2018 Winter Olympics Discussion

    Jocelyn Lamoureux-Davidson shootout game winning goal was sick!
  8. OT: 2018 Winter Olympics Discussion

    USA WINS! Finally that Big Red Maple Leaf is off their backs
  9. OT: 2018 Winter Olympics Discussion

    Team USA out played Canada in the OT but no goals. Anything can happen in a shootout. Sucky way to award a gold medal.
  10. OT: 2018 Winter Olympics Discussion

    Oh crap. 4-on-3 powerplay for Canada with 1:35 left in OT. Not liking this scenario at all.
  11. OT: 2018 Winter Olympics Discussion

    4-on-4 on Olympic ice is so wide open. Off the post miss for USA....Doh!
  12. OT: 2018 Winter Olympics Discussion

    Team USA had better come out aggressive like they did in the second half of period 3. If not Canada takes the gold.
  13. OT: 2018 Winter Olympics Discussion

    Tons of pressure on Team USA vs Canada tonight. The US women have won the last 4 and 8 of the last 10 world hockey championships vs the Canadians. Team Canada has taken gold in the last 4 olympics. Should be a helluva game!
  14. Alcohol more important than exercise to live past 90-yrs-old

    Right in my wheel house! I am invincible!
  15. OT: For you Texas Expansionists

    Only if the MWC loses current members and falls below 10 teams. At no point should the MWC consider expanding beyond 12 teams unless they could somehow get the cream of the AAC crop and that ain't happening. Adding G5 teams from Texas is completely overrated. The only sure benefit is to get earlier game start times when traveling to the central time zone locations.