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  1. Absolutely not! There is not one damn thing wrong with a 10-team conference!
  2. Oh, is it Super Bowl time of year again? That's nice.......
  3. and if they're a CSU fan, alum or athlete it's usually with their tail between their legs fleeing another beating. So sorry for your PTSD.
  4. Bring it on. Wyoming basketball is one step closer to a life saving Edwardsectomy!
  5. I despise ANY team that utilizes the tomahawk chop! Screw the Cheifs, Go Titans!
  6. With 3 coaches going to Wazzu I'd be surprised if some don't.
  7. Such is the life of a G5 fan but still..........Fuk Wazzu and the Rolo they rode in on!
  8. The defense was going to take a step back next season just with graduation of key players. This loss of coaching comes at the wrong time. Bummer!
  9. “This is stated in our conference agreement and cannot be changed by any vote of the membership or conflicting agreement. We will not support any change to this provision and are in the process of weighing our options to move forward.” https://www.idahostatesman.com/sports/college/mountain-west/boise-state-university/boise-state-football/article239413553.html This is not a conference partner. BSU is acting a lot like U of Texas. Going forward as long as BSU is in the MWC we negotiate media deals as a conference. If BSU want's to move forward with a seperate deal with ESPN that is their choice and I wish them luck. But I will not support this as a member of the MWC.
  10. I was curious about this to and found the link below. I think it's primarily tradition as to why the monarchy remains but tourism revenue could also be a factor to justify keeping the monarchy. The momarchy does not interest me but including my sister I can think of 3 other friends that have visited the UK and spent a fair aount of time touring royal attractions. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/analysis-and-features/royal-wedding-family-how-much-uk-economy-benefits-cost-meghan-markle-expense-a8345436.html
  11. Until the PAC can show they have a pulse these rankings are spot on in that regard.
  12. But defensemen aren't the only ones on the ice that play defense. Vegas has several forwards that give up too many scoring chances and goals. The Golden Knights have 8 forwards on the negative side of the +/-. Simply adding another defenseman or two would be helpful and is needed but unless the forwards play better defense Vegas will continue to give up too many goals. Also, I don't expect coaching to improve under DeBoer but you can bet the players feel much of the responsibility for Gallant being fired and are going to take stock. Maybe this works to kick start their defensive play and maybe it doesn't. It's hard to trade for a defenseman, or any player for that matter until much closer to the trade deadline which is Feb 24th. Most struggling teams will wait until at least February before trading players for prospects/draft picks. Perhaps the Vegas management didn't think they could wait that long to make some sort of change?
  13. Vegas does not need to improve offensively they need to improve defensivey. And that's not just on the defensive corp. The Golden Knights center's Eakin, Stastny and Glass and wingers Tuch, Marchessault and Eakin are all -8 or greater in +/- rating. This coupled with less than stellar goalie play from Fluery and Subban has resulted in Vegas allowing virtually the same number of goals against as they have goals for. Not a good sign for a team wanting to make a deep playoff run. Vegas is also bottom 1/3 of the league in PK% and face offs won. You can't just look at offensive output and say there was no reason for Gallant's firing. Not that I agree with his firing but offense is just half the game. DeBoer and Gallant have very similar winning percentages but DeBoer has coached about 300 more NHL games. I don't think anyone who really knows hockey thinks either coach is clearly better than the other.
  14. There is something to be said when paying high taxes if you know your education and healthcare are covered and that your money is going largely to things you agree with. Knowing these things are covered from birth until death is no small thing and you cannot deny that paying for education and healthcare is a huge stressor for the majority of Americans. That said, it's a lot easier in a nation of 10M and with little immigration for the majority of your citizens to be on the same page. Comparing the US to a Scandinavian country is like comparing apples to cotton candy.