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  1. One huge advantage that researchers have in developing a vaccing for SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) is the years of experience they already have with researching and developing vaccines for other coronaviruses such as SARS and MERS. If science was starting from ground zero with this most recent coronavirus we would be looking at a much longer timeframe for vaccine development. Another difference in our favor is in the number of organizations, be they public or private that are working on a vaccine for COVID-19 which is somewhat unprecedented. Fingers crossed!
  2. It was my fav ice cream flavor as a kid growing up in South Dakota and I am happy to see Butter Brickle is still loved there. I really like the Huckleberry ice cream found here in the northwest as well.
  3. Fingers crossed it won't be. The NHL has implemented a true bubble unlike the MLB and they are playing solely in two cities in Canada with far less COVID-19 than the US.
  4. Three days of exhibition games................. Twelve exhibition games will be played over the next three days to prepare the 24 teams involved in the postseason for the start of the Stanley Cup Qualifiers, which begin Saturday. All Eastern Conference games will be played at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto; all Western Conference games will be played at Rogers Place in Edmonton.
  5. North America's superior professional sport returns! The NHL is back!
  6. Other than Portland there really aren't any cities in the west left that could host an NHL franchise. SLC for me is a huge stretch. The NHL, while slowly but steadily gaining just isn't popular enough in the US to place a franchise in a smaller city. I also question KC as a viable market. My bet is that Houston gets the next relocation team with Quebec City coming in second.
  7. The next cities that get a shot at NHL teams are looking like Houston, Kansas City and Quebec City. I have a hard time thinking SLC would be a serious contender vs these other cities.
  8. I don't think it will be any problem as there is a ready and willing NHL fanbase in the northwest. As far as the Nordiques go it's gonna take a team like Florida, Carolina or Phoenix to fail and move to even have a shot of a team returning to Quebec City. The NHL isn't going to expand again for quite some time and besides that there is little chance a potential owner in Quebec City could afford the expansion fee vs the far lower relocation fee.
  9. Not bad. I really like the team colors and can see the anchor logo making a cool alternate jersey. My first choice for team nickname would have been the Washington Whalers due to my nostalgia for the old Hartford Whalers. Of course that nickname was never a possibility but I'd have loved if it was.
  10. In my book you can't lose with either of these............ New York Knights Hickory Huskers
  11. Congratualtions! She's beautiful. I foresee a lot of late night, sleep deprived nonsensical posts coming from you in the near future........ Upon reflection, will we even notice anything different?
  12. I’m looking at it this way. The 2019-20 season went 68 games before it got shut down by the coronavirus. It would be a tragedy for 83% of the regular season having been played and have no Stanley Cup winner. Yes, the 2020-21 season will be delayed and shortened but how glorious it will be to have two Stanley Cup Playoffs in such a short period of time. Reminds me of having to wait only 2 years between the 1992 and 1994 Winter Olympics when the IOC added an additional Winter Games in order to stagger the Winter and Summer Olympics so that games would happen every 2 years instead of both every 4 years.
  13. Sucks for BSU players and fans. Fingers crossed cutting sports won’t spread but if we don’t have a football season it will become the norm across the NCAA.
  14. With the rising COVID-19 spread over the past few weeks US cities dropped out as viable options. All they really needed was a city in the East and one in the West to stagger start times for television. Canada has a fraction (30x fewer confirmed cases than the US) of the coronavirus so Edmonton became a no brainer over Vegas. Not to mention how would it look for all these NHL players, coaches and officials to be tested regularly in a US city like Vegas when average US citizens cannot get tests. Canadian cities do not present thIs same optic problem.