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  1. Good thing that Trumpublican duper, Stephen Bannon was on the list though. Right?
  2. If I'm Apple, I'm contacting Romney for my next Beats By Dre headphone commercial...
  3. ABC says Perdue's lead is down to 456
  4. Umm...yes. Clearly they dgaf about the Constitution, they just care about being on the winning side.
  5. I don't feel bad for them either. If they want to bankrupt themselves by throwing money at a power-hungry conman, then let them - I won't stop them. They only have themselves to blame for letting Trump prey on their blind anger and ignorance.
  6. Lots of great movies listed here, but one that I overlooked for a while that I think more people should check out is Shazam. It's one of the best DCU movies imo.
  7. He's conditioned us to be underwhelmed by his corruption.
  9. Lol at the Liberul media falling for this. This is all falling according to Trump's plan! CLEARLY Barr is a liberul plant by the deep state and Soros and stuff, and Trump knows this. Now that he's come forth he's getting flushed away with the rest of the swamp
  10. I think most of us are. The disheartening thing is that there appear to be millions of people in this country that would love nothing more than to baptize their children in his bath water.
  11. I'd be happy with Trump's imprisonment as a sign of good faith to the world. Hell, throw a live cam in there and call it a reality show. We get to see Trump behind bars and he gets the TV ratings his ego so desperately needs. Everyone wins.
  12. Pffft... you think Trumpanzees are gonna let these so-called "facts" get in the way of their conspiracy theories? Well you better think again, bud:
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