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  1. Raggies HC Doug Martin has been accused of racism and abusing players. He is currently under investigation by the university. Martin denies the allegations. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/new-mexico-state-aggies-coach-doug-martin-racism-bullying-mistreatment-allegations-investigation-060109668.html
  2. He would be a.perfect fit here UNM if you ask me. We have always succeeded with a power running scheme. Our OL is the strength of our program right now. It's easier to recruit a pro-style QB to UNM than a dual-threat. I would love.to have him and get Zac Arnett DC from suds to run our defense.
  3. So do you think your stud freshman WR will stay now with a change in offensive philosophy?
  4. Another name that has circulated as being interviewed as a candidate is TCU offensive coordinator Curtis Luper who was a former Assistant at UNM. He has deep Texas recruiting ties especially the DFW area. Now with Davie's buyout settled. UNM will know how much it can spend on a new coach and staff.
  5. Do it! Bowl games don't have the prestige they used to have. Heck New Year's day isn't the same. That used to be on par with the Super Bowl for me now not even close.
  6. Saves us 75K from original buyout, so somewhat of a good deal. The best part is getting rid of Davie.
  7. Congrats Rebels! Now you guys can get to work putting together a staff and start recruiting.
  8. Yeah I get the local news from CBS not it's programming. Maybe I should call and see what's up?
  9. No bones about it UNM will be rebuilding from the foundation up. We will be senior heavy but mostly from JuCos. Davie recruited JuCo heavy the last two years so we don't have many players that grew up in the program.
  10. Read on 247 sports that Lobos are interviewing Todd Graham as a candidate for the job. I would be happy with if he were to be hired, his fire and passion would be a welcomed change compared to Davie who was ho hum around here.
  11. 3 UNR defensive players won't be playing against Ohio and one defensive player will miss the first half for thugging it against UNLV. http://nevadasportsnet.com/news/reporters/mountain-west-hands-out-suspensions-to-four-nevada-players-stemming-from-unlv-brawl
  12. He is on the Lobo list of canidates, not sure if our A.D. Núñez drove out there to interview him yet.
  13. I have used all the live TV streaming services and for non-sports Philo is the best. For sports PS Vue was unless you had the higher tier Direct TV Now package. I like Hulu which I have now because I can watch the FCS playoffs as well as all the other games. Bummer it's going up $10 a month. You Tube TV is a great service I only dropped it because it does not have CBS where I'm located even though it's supposed to pick up Santa Fe/ Albuquerque local stations. I can't use OTA because of trees, hills, and mountains. I'm hoping Locast makes it here soon as it's OTA television but streaming and its free. Sling is alright for the price it's just poor quality compared to the others.
  14. A.D. Núñez said today that the search has been narrowed down and that he should be able to seal a deal soon. I have know idea who that will be as names have not been released.
  15. Lobos to find out tomorrow what Davie's buyout will be and who is going to pay for it. There was an article that mentioned Davie was facing somekind of lawsuit and that could weigh in on the buyout but the most recent article concerning this mentioned nothing of it. Hopefully it's less than the 844K he is owed. Edit: The news reported that Davie's buyout is for 825K.
  16. Nice! My primo is a die-hard Sooner fan so looks like a road trip coming up.
  17. Didn't they win the natty a feww years ago? Is he on your guys radar?
  18. My bad I was thinking of Mike Price as RSF mentioned. Riley also coached the San Diego Chargers as I remember. I still don't think he is on UNM's radar, especially since his history has proven that as soon as he succeeds somewhere he leaves for the next higher job. We need someone who will stay for a while.
  19. I doubt it, Riley flopped badly at UTEP not too long ago. Núñez is looking for a winner.
  20. Down 42- 14 in the 4th. I think it's safe to say Sac St will be the first Big Sky team to go down. Austin Peay St will now face #5 Montana St next week.
  21. The whole Davie thing had him stressed. Now he can have his own hire and have all that stuff behind him and the university. Also many boosters that stepped away from helping the program are back now that Davie is gone.
  22. The anmouncers were just speculating that's what they get paid to do.