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  1. Vikings are most improved team after the draft = best draft. Jerruh did alright. Cee Dee Lamb was the steal of the first round.
  2. Happy Resurrection Day! My Redeemer lives! Celebrated our wedding anniversary today by staying in. We ordered take out yesterday and had leftovers to enjoy. We had Church services via zoom. It was nice to be able to see our Church family.
  3. What's next? Is he going to file charges if he gets cut blocked in practice? Good grief what a pansy.
  4. I think @#1Stunner and @Jeffkills need to get a room.
  5. Hey guys & gals, I met with my unit manager today and we decided that it is best I stay home for the next 8 weeks being that I have asthma and my wife has Myansthenia Gravis. The medications being used right now to treat Covid 19 is contraindicated for my wife. So it is best I do not pose any risk to her period. I will stay elsewhere when I go back to work. This will help to take care of things here at home that need attention. This will enable two OR nurses to split my shift since we are no longer doing elective surgeries and they are out of work. It will also train two more nurses on how to treat this virus. We are expecting a storm of positive patients being that too many people out there that are not taking physical distancing seriously. Be safe, stay home, and hang in there we are learning more and more about this virus everyday and there is light at the end of this tunnel.
  6. So I can share this since it is public knowledge over here. One of our positive patients decided on going shopping and all around town paying bills and running errands before coming to the hospital. We are currently bracing ourselves for influx of new positive cases. Our Govenor shut down all school for the rest of the year because many of our positive cases were out and about before calling the hotline. We are expecting over 500 deaths from this. We have two deaths right now, both patients had underlying medical conditions. This is serious please stay home and if you have to go out for groceries and supplies please use proper precautions, we are all depending on it.
  7. I thought all Utah schools are in Provostan?
  8. For those of you who are old enough to remember one of the most famous Globetrotters has passed away. He was my favorite of the original group growing up. https://sports.yahoo.com/harlem-globetrotters-legend-fred-curly-neal-dies-at-77-years-old-191923277.html
  9. If the quarter finals are not all tBSUfs then this thing is rigged. Boise's new mascots needs to be a blue haired troll and an oranged haired one. They would fit in perfect with the smurf turf.
  10. I will gladly lose to a grandmother in honor of Loboblast. Too bad I don't know the ins and outs of the flagship spill or I would go a lot farther in this tourney.
  11. Aren't you able to order pickup or delivery?
  12. No, my wife would need to be hospitalized because it would send her into a Myansthetic crisis which paralyses her breathing and swallowing muscles. If I were to get infected I would stay elsewhere. I have rental property that is unoccupied at the moment.
  13. Well I hope they didn't infect anyone on the plane or the airport.
  14. Very true. It's public knowledge that this virus spread worse when people crowded the stores to stock up. Right now the biggest threat is the younger population that does not know they are infected and they are being carriers. We have stopped all visits with family and only speaking by phone. I have to be extremely careful as my wife is at high risk being immune suppressed.
  15. Bingo, we are running out of supplies. Staff is going home if they do have enough PPE's to make it through the day and I don't blame them. We need more supplies to fight this.
  16. That's because of too much puff puff give over there. Seriously it is really bad. Denver had to go on lockdown I believe.
  17. Anyone else having to deal with this? Stores here had to implement senior shopping time so they could get the supplies/groceries they need.
  18. I think he may be referring too Nebraska and Oklahoma wanting to resume their rivalry. The only way the yearly rivalry could resume is if they're in the sale conference.
  19. The Atlantic Confederate Conference?
  20. No way, not in my house. This should be a crime and whoever does this should be prosecuted to the fullest.
  21. I'd have West Virginia in the ACC over Houston and Maryland over Memphis, and switch around Colorado and Kansas.