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  1. NFL Network is on Fubo, which just added Viacom channels for $54.99, on PS Vue core package for $49.99, or on Sling Blue for $25. YouTube TV should pick it up now that Direct TV Now no longer carries it. Direct TV is going to be merged into Dish which airs NFL Network on all its packages except the Flex, or Smart pack. That's a lot of exposure right there.
  2. That's right, I'm a life long Viking fan and proud of it. Who's your team?
  3. Ok, after my North Stars were stolen by dallas I was pretty disappointed with Hockey there for awhile. So when Quebec relocated to Denver and became the Avalanche, I started following them because they were the only hockey that I could watch on TV. They were an easy team to like so I adopted them. I also liked the rivalry with the Red Wings, that was good stuff right there. It took a few years before the Wild started up and I have had a hard time following them. I do root for them but it's not the same. I have not recovered NBA-wise after my Super Sonics moved away. I watch it sparingly. If my Vikings had moved awsy a few years ago when it was a possibility, I would have given up professional team sports altogether.
  4. I'll take LA Tech. @DestinFlPackfan you're up.
  5. Sorry but my Aves are going to dominate the league for a few years.
  6. UNM filled those slots by awarding schollies to walkons who earned it. We had already filled our 25 recruits limit.
  7. That is funny even though I was rooting for the Bruins.
  8. Credit to St Louis for stealing the lazy passes and attacking the goal. Congratulations Blues 51 years to finally win the cup! Maybe this is a good omen that my Vikings wil finally win the Super Bowl this year?
  9. C'mon Bruins! I don't need Gloria stuck in head.