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  1. It sure seems like it. She is making out of state visitors to quarantine for 14 days but not out of state protesters/rioters who are being bused in. Her hypocrisy is deep.
  2. One of the state Reps notified me. They are trying to fight it but right now it is way at the bottom of list. Because our governor/fuhrer has bankrupted the state so much she is looking for other ways to have money. Coming this January she is going after the Land Grant fund. We may be the first state ever to file for bankruptcy.
  3. It gets worse, earlier today the governor announce that all recruiting has been suspended 2020- 2022 for UNM and NMSU. Sorry but our governor is the worsed and I'll leave it at that since politics is on the other side.
  4. I agree and to put together a coaching staff and then recruit this class in literally three and a half weeks is amazing. I am already looking forward to what the next classes will bring.
  5. 3* Elijah Lash LB 6'3" 240 LB with size and closing speed and will flat out hit you. Another perfect fit for Lobos. Rocky is going to work wonders with this man child.
  6. Donald Jones CB 6' 165 Baton Rouge LA. CB/KR with speed for days. Great coverage skills and solid tacker. Can play WR in a pinch.
  7. 2* Conner Witthoft TE 6'5" 250 can do it all. Blocks like an OL but can catch like a WR. Was a stud DE as well so very athletic for his size and lives to hit people. Extremely underrated recruit. Former Memphis commit was offered by Oregon (PWO) and ASU.
  8. Lobos just picked up a super steal in 3* Nathaniel Jones RB 5'11 190 former UCLA commit. https://247sports.com/Player/Nathaniel-Jones-46041709/
  9. Hold the phone there @MAD MACGYVER Lobos just picked up former UCLA commit Nathaniel Jones RB! Coaches announced it a few minutes ago. https://247sports.com/Player/Nathaniel-Jones-46041709/
  10. Sadly you guys just lost 4* Eric Whitley he just opened up his recruitment. https://mobile.twitter.com/Edric_Whitley/status/1224916425686552578
  11. 3* OC Leke Asenuga 6'3" 300 Richmond TX. Punishing roadgrader. Look for Lobos to lead the nation in rushing sometime soon.
  12. TE Collin Sutherland has flipped to Arkansas from UNLV.
  13. 3* OL Jermarques Bailey 6'6" 341 Humble TX. A mountain of a man that can move. I don't feel sorry for the guys he's gonna smash. Had been recruited by who's who of college football: Bama, LSU, Notre Dame...
  14. 3* ILB Ray Leutele 5'11" 215 played.for Mater Dei in CA. Ray is an absolute steal and will be perfect for the Lobos defense. He turned down Wash St to come to UNM. Check out his senior stats on the #2 team in the nation. https://mobile.twitter.com/MDFootball/status/1206750997298548738
  15. 3* DT/DE Ian Shewell 6'3" 248 Gilbert AZ. Lobo adress the DL with a stud out of AZ. He will develop and excell in the Rocky Long's defensive system.
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