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  1. VGK back in it with a goal. 3-2 Sharks.
  2. Thought they were getting rid of it by the title of this post.
  3. I had Youtube TV & Philo but dropped YT TV when the price increased. They did add 8 channels but not one of them move me. I am curently using Direct TV Now until the end of the month. I got a deal offer so I went with it and it's not bad but they lost channels and added HBO. They no longer carry NFL net so that's the kicker for me. I will stick with Philo and then probably switch to Hulu before football season starts. I can't get locals with an antenna because of trees & hills. Fubu has upped its game and its price, it went up $10 to $55 a month but now only has one bundle (they also added Viacom channels) all the rest are sports packages, HBO,or Cinemax add-ons Fubu does not carry ESPN channels but if you love soccer this is for you. Disney+ just announced it new streaming service which will start in November for $7 a month or $70 for 12 months. It will have all its content dating back to 1937 on there. Disney bought out AT&T's 10% it had of Hulu, so Disney now owns 66% of Hulu and Comcast the other 33%. This could mean a price increase down the road for Hulu to keep AT&T programs on there. Google and Amazon made a truce so now you can access Youtube TV on a firestick. Another streaming service called Simply Streaming will be expanding nationwide which only streams local channels. It is only in the north western & great lakes areas now. It will offer good opportunities for local businesses and may carry local sports. I have not found that out yet. I had Sling TV and too many technical issues with it so I switched plus it doesn't carry locals. They are still offering 40% off for new users $15 a month or $25 for blue & orange for 3 months but you cannot use the free trial.
  4. Well won't comment on the personal side just the BB side. He is a great defensive coach and a master recruiter. Yay I guess for you guys.
  5. Well I know it sucks losing Muss but one thing is he proved that it is possible to be win in Nevada, so maybe it will attract another top notch coach?
  6. So do you guys think that if you guys won in the tourney he might have stayed?
  7. Yup see: UNLV & UNM (so far anyway). But Jans may be an easy get, he likes the ladies and would give the chicken ranch a lot of biz.
  8. Which p5 is in trouble that they can impose this on them?
  9. Almost time to pull out the flags because two-hand touch will be too much contact.
  10. This takes away the fun on a fumble or interception return where most of these blocks happen.
  11. Yes Nickal is a beast, one of the best offensive wrestlers I have seen in some time. Hokit won 7 matches to place fifth in impressive style. FSU is a great addition to the big 12 in wrestling and may help end the big 10 stranglehold of the sport.