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  1. I grew up watching Lobos games on TV and have since remained an avid fan but this year I don't even care to catch a game. I have lost complete interest in Lobo BB. I can't stand to watch undisciplined play. It's like this team lacks the basic fundamentals. I think they give him one more year since he did sign a pretty decent recruiting class of incoming freshman and not transfers. Personally I think UNM needs a better coach, someone proven. Yes it will cost $ to do so but a winner will fill the Pit easily every game night.
  2. Good question. Because we expect a bounceback season this year. We have 51 upperclassmen and scheme changes that will help. The fact that six other MW schools had coaching changes as well helps our odds. Our floor will be 3 and ceiling will be 7, we play 13 games this year.
  3. I don't think his buyout is that much. I believe it was set up so if he failed we wouldn't have to break the bank to get rid of him.
  4. Not a reason at all, it's that way because they're actually rebuilding it.
  5. Truth right there but expect for us to battle for the Mountain Division in time. The SEC Mountain judt got tougher. While we will have a downturn next year as we will be super young.
  6. By the time we started recruiting the area, all the D1 guys were gone is what I meant.
  7. They shouldn't and just give it back to New Mexico, though I'm not sure if we would want it?
  8. I forgot Q Drennen transferred but... https://golobos.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=8430 Also we did scout the Lubbock area but there wasn't anyone worth signing.
  9. Wrong, Rocky recruited Nathan Jones RB and Syaire Riley LB out of Cali. Rocky didn't recruit when he was HC. Rocky has repeatedly said he loves recruiting.
  10. ??? Is not El Paso in West Texas? And yes we are recruiting the westside of TX.
  11. You know how we really make the conference better? By splitting up the bonus money that way we are all on even footing and five years from now we can see where each program stands. I guarantee posters from that glorified community college/truck driving school won't be bringing this up is then.
  12. We only signed one NM kid, rest came from Tex, Cali, AZ, & LA. New Mexico is #1 right at oil production in the nation. It is not broke anymore. Some og our legislators said that if we can get and keep attendance up they will pay for seats for our stadium. Things are looking up here not down.
  13. Well our coaches took less money because that's what they wanted, they are UNM alumni and care about the program personally. No I don't see it changing where it will be replaced as the top sport. There is room though for love for Lobo football, it's been there before. Our AD came from LSU so he understands that football drives the bus.
  14. That's the problem, not enough money goes to the football program. I guess they don't remember the $60 million the state threw at the BB program and it only made things worse. UNM has finally figured out how to make football profitable with money games and coaches who are taking less money so it can be pumped back into the program. Lobo football is on the rise, you should feel the energy here about it. Lobos signed a good foundational recruiting class with only three and a half weeks time of recruiting. New Mexico has this obsession with basketball like if it was producing NBA players left and right. It's downright sickening. When I was coaching wrestling we didn't have any money to pay for our kids to eat at the state tournament because the school paid for the basketball team to spend another night in Albuquerque instead driving 90 miles back home after a game. Thank God the mayor of the town was in attentance and he pulled strings so my wrestlers could eat. Spring break revolves around the state basket tournament here, that's how bad it is. No other sport gets the support that basketball does here.