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  1. Well the talent is there and if two players get their eligibility straightened out it could really be dangerous but chemistry will be lacking with the newcomers.
  2. Tulsa @DestinFlPackfan you're up.
  3. That was going to be my pick and for those reasons.
  4. Akron Zips @kalua pig you're up
  5. Central Michigan @DestinFlPackfan you're up.
  6. UTSA ....hey I got it in on time! @kalua pig you're up
  7. I'll take Kentucky @kalua pig you're up
  8. Cali schools won't be able to compete in championships if California athletes get paid. https://amp.usatoday.com/amp/1542632001https://amp.usatoday.com/amp/1542632001
  9. Dang you, my internet was down. I'll take Toledo. Not sure who's up.
  10. I'll take UAB. @kalua pig which did you decide on? Not sure who's next?
  11. Hold on to your pants it's just talking head hyperbole.
  12. The big thing missing here is that Davis can leave after this upcoming season as a FA if he wants to. If that happens it would be a complete failure on the Lakers part.