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  1. Lobo Amor

    Better Hire

    UNLV used to be SJSU before SJSU came to the MWC. Had not UNLV won 5 games last year it would be a tie.
  2. Lobo Amor

    SDSU West leading big

    Well I hope you guys get your stadium whatever happens.
  3. Lobo Amor

    Boise throwing the cash at Bryan Harsin

    How dare you mention New Mexico without talking about our green and red chile! You better buy a burrito while you're at it.
  4. Lobo Amor

    MLB Playoffs

    Thanks for the update.
  5. Lobo Amor

    Boise throwing the cash at Bryan Harsin

    There is a song called "ay pepito (shame and scandel in the family)" which could be their theme song.
  6. So they're taking a pay cut?
  7. Lobo Amor

    Turd Of the Week- Week 7

    Broke the tie, had to give it to San no sé. To give up 52 to Army? C'mon this isn't the 1940's.
  8. Lobo Amor

    Boise throwing the cash at Bryan Harsin

    How are they cousins if they have different moms but the same dad?
  9. Lobo Amor

    Darned cold

    Oh man you conjured up memories of when I used to go to school in a muscle shirt during zero degree weather. The things we did as teenagers... But we lived through it no helmets, seatbelts, or participation trophies.
  10. Lobo Amor

    Darned cold

    It's was a high of 45° here in northern NM today and we had a little snow this morning. Tomorrow morning will be in the low 20's so I better bring my dog in for the night. 75° is shorts weather.
  11. Lobo Amor

    hawaii @ byu

    Nice TD Rainbow Warriors, now come all the way back and win, don't let them make sister wives out of you.
  12. Lobo Amor

    Nevada vs Boise State

    You think your avatar is ugly now...
  13. Lobo Amor

    Nevada vs Boise State

    Could be worse like Hawai'i down 28-3 to the mormons. In the first half.
  14. Lobo Amor

    hawaii @ byu

    Let's go Hawai'i!