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  1. It sure seems like it. She is making out of state visitors to quarantine for 14 days but not out of state protesters/rioters who are being bused in. Her hypocrisy is deep.
  2. One of the state Reps notified me. They are trying to fight it but right now it is way at the bottom of list. Because our governor/fuhrer has bankrupted the state so much she is looking for other ways to have money. Coming this January she is going after the Land Grant fund. We may be the first state ever to file for bankruptcy.
  3. It gets worse, earlier today the governor announce that all recruiting has been suspended 2020- 2022 for UNM and NMSU. Sorry but our governor is the worsed and I'll leave it at that since politics is on the other side.
  4. Hold the phone there @MAD MACGYVER Lobos just picked up former UCLA commit Nathaniel Jones RB! Coaches announced it a few minutes ago. https://247sports.com/Player/Nathaniel-Jones-46041709/
  5. Sadly you guys just lost 4* Eric Whitley he just opened up his recruitment. https://mobile.twitter.com/Edric_Whitley/status/1224916425686552578
  6. TE Collin Sutherland has flipped to Arkansas from UNLV.
  7. Chance Luper has de-committed and opened his recruitment. Probably joining his dad who is the new OC at Missouri?
  8. You are going to have one busy day tomorrow or are you going to wait a day or two to let things shake out?
  9. Lobos pick up a 0.8300 rated commit from Justice Spates OL from College of the Canyons. I'm sure he'll get the G5 reduced rating treatment later.
  10. I wouldn't say destroys, yes their top 4 recruiting schools do better but they have the advantage of recruiting in their backyard SMU-DFW area, USF/UCF - Florida, and then you have Memphis which has FedEx money (without it Memphis is stll in CUSA). For being in states not loaded with D1 recruits USU, UNR, UNM, CSewe have all done well considering. We'll see how this all shakes out on NSD.
  11. The aac is way overrated this year, UCF took care of business in a weak conference. They beat Memphis the first time with some help from the refs. If they were to play the Lobos conference schedule this year: SUDS, FSU, plus mountain division, UCF would have lost a game or two.
  12. Happened at a party not on the field and yes that is a problem.
  13. Doesn't look good for Ryp may have a concussion.
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