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  1. SUDS vs UTSA is an interesting match up. Defense vs offense. Whatever your match up is just win MWC ok, let's have the best bowl record when its all said and done.
  2. So apparently a Lobo player bounced the ball hard on their logo while walking off the court after Lobos won down there. So it was "payback" by stomping and spitting on the Lobo shield.
  3. Aggies are classless, they made fools of themselves at the end of the game.
  4. I like those match ups and good to see 8 MWC teams go bowling. Hope it happens.
  5. This what it should be 1. Michigan 2. Bama 3. Cincy 4. Georgia Bama should not pass up Michigan IMO but they will and will get Cincy first. What it will be: 1. Bama 2. Michigan 3. Georgia 4. Cincy No way Baylor gets in, no two loss teams has made it in.
  6. Lobo season: Lobo fans: at least we made it out alive.
  7. I'm not adding a hypothetical what if scenario, Cincinnati should get in if they beat Houston. I'm just saying ND is a better team and would beat Cincy if they played now. The fact remains Cincy beat them. I see the CFP leaving them out though if Bama beats Georgia and Ok St beats Baylor and Michigan beats Iowa.
  8. That Williams kid is legit, OU has themselves a good QB.
  9. If Cincy played ND now they would lose.
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