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  1. First Lobo to be drafted in 11 years. Nice to end that streak.
  2. Lobo Amor


    Hey I take back my fire Thompson after reading what he said today concerning Gonzaga. He said he would not give Gonzaga special concessions for joining our conference. For once Thompson showed he has a pair and actually stood up fo the MWC.
  3. Ha ha ha love it!
  4. Lobo Amor


    After reading Thompson's comments it's time to Lynch I'll bring the pitchforks.
  5. Lobo Amor


    Nothing has been made official yet. I'll wait until they say they're not coming. Gonzaga's AD pointed out that they would get more money 375K just for being in the MWC conference for BB than what they make on tourney credits in the wcc. Gonzaga is looking for more revenue to upgrade their facilities, staying in the wcc isn't going to cut it even with the new concessions.
  6. Well if Kansas wins I'm not watching the NCG.
  7. Don't care for the blackhawks but that is a cool story.
  8. Looks like it's striking midnite for Cinderella.
  9. Lobo Amor

    It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    Not sure if it was noted already but according to cbssports the deadline is April 6th for Gonzaga to decide so they can be included to the conference for 2018-2019. Of course they could be included at a later date as long as everything is finalized before July 1st.
  10. Lobo Amor

    Way too early basketball Rank ‘Em

    Gonzaga UNM UNR suds UNLV BSU Wyo USU/FSU/CSewe AFA Sjsu
  11. Lobo Amor

    16 team MW ?

    This^ all the rest is hogwash. Maybe we have Utah & TCU come back as well?
  12. Lobo Amor

    NCAA Wrestling Championships

    Tough loss but I have to say it's going to be Yanni's world from here on out, kid has Olympic gold medalist written all over him. Sorry Bryce couldn't go out on top but he did Wyoming proud.
  13. Lobo Amor

    NCAA Wrestling Championships

    It's time! Bryce has a tough freshman in Diakomihalis.
  14. Lobo Amor

    A rare thing

    The cowgirls are NEVER relevant bite your tongue young man!
  15. Lobo Amor

    Non-MW NCAA Tournament Games Day 2

    Biggest upseet in NCAA BB history!