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  1. https://www.abqjournal.com/1392167/police-lobo-flowers-death-was-a-suicide.html This is becoming more and more common with this younger generation. Last week my younger cousin hung himself from a basketball goal at a local Church. Everyone reached out to try and help but he said he was beyond help and that not even God loved him. He was addicted to meth and heroin, his dad died the same way 9 years earlier. My sister works as a counselor with 9 to 11 year olds and she has 1 to 2 students a week going to her office because they no longer want to live. I could on and on. I all want is everyone on this board to reach out to our families and let them know they are cared for and that they matter. Forgive who you need to and move forward, life is too precious and our time here on earth is too short.
  2. I guess this sock doesn't know the rule that Sparty gets a pass for the whole year for beating pig sooie on the road in FB. FSU hasn't done anything in any sport this season to be pointing fingers.
  3. I agree with the suspensions only that Ogunjobi should have been suspended for two games so he is not around for the Browns/Steelers next game. Rudolph should get a fine but not severe. The Rooneys should pay Pouncey's (and DeCastro if he's fined) fine IMO for defending their QB.
  4. It's a huge advantage, once at the end of a football game I overheard the QB tell the center the snapcount. Well I got back to back sacks which made them use their final time outs and then I pressured the QB into rushed throws to end the game all because I knew the other teams signs. I had zero sacks or pressures prior to that last series. I get that you still have to outperform but it sure is easier when you have knowlwdge of what's coming.
  5. It's early in the season. Meanwhile after waiting two years to get on the court Jaquan Lyle who lead the Lobos in assists the first two games, lit up the scoreboard tonight with 31 points, going perfect from the line and hitting 5 three-pointers.
  6. I agree that nothing will be done about this other than maybe a fine. This is a can of worms they don't want to open. Let's say they do decide to punish severely and give the Dodgers the WS title like how the Olympic does, then the Panthers, Eagles, & Rams are going to want their SB titles from Spygate and whatever other team that has been cheated in a final(s).
  7. By using video to their dugout to decifer their opponents calls in the 2017 World Series. This could be some serious. The info above was what I heard on bspn. https://www.abqjournal.com/1390693/mlb-checking-after-report-2017-astros-illegally-stole-signs.html
  8. Love the FCS playoffs the FBS should take note on how to do it.
  9. Don't blow this suds we need you and Boise to win out so we can get one of you to the NY6 bowl, we need that fire Davie money. Sorry UNR you guys have to take dive for MWC.
  10. Fake news! We all know CSewe has 500,000,000 alumi in Denver.
  11. Not the title but we wouldn't be at the bottom that's for sure.
  12. Utah State being sued by raped victims of former football player. https://www.ksl.com/article/46668177/a-third-victim-of-ex-football-player-torrey-green-sues-utah-state-university
  13. Just found out how sad. Prayers for his family, friends and teammates.