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  1. Lobo Amor

    Chris Webber, Benn Wallace HOF'ers?

    This maybe the best reason to keep them out. Wallace may make it for his defensive accomplishments with this day and age of offense but Webber never took his game to the next level like we all thought he would. If I was voting it would be no. In fact of the 13 finalists that are players I would not vote any of them in.
  2. Lobo Amor

    Which FBS schools need to drop to FCS?

    Yup, pretty much a long drawn out write up of if my aunt was a man...
  3. Lobo Amor

    Stadium TV OTA Station List (Update Feb 2019)

    I watched for a little bit this morning on Sling TV. What was nice was that they were showcasing the top BB G5 schools and CUSA. We need more of that bspn gives the p5 all the run they need. Can't watch a MW game without them constantly bringing up the next p5 game.
  4. Lobo Amor

    Alright, which one of you did this?

    I'd love to take credit but I graduated HS nearly 30 years ago. Goes to show a lot of these "recruiting" sites are total BS especially with thier rankings and also exposes their p5 bias. Proof that they don't actually evaluate recruits just go off offers.
  5. Lobo Amor

    OT: Pac 12 Network a bigger failure than you think

    Direct TV is losing customers in droves. In fact Direct TV Now is the only streaming service to lose customers now that they raised prices again and did away with all their incentives. Initially it may have helped.
  6. Lobo Amor

    Top 10 recruits from the MWC's 2019 class

    I'll take Houston's 2015 class, but this is an impressive class for bsu.
  7. Lobo Amor

    Power 6

    Also two of the top 5 combine snubs came from the MW, the DE from UNR and the RB from Utah St. Read it in a draft article this morning. The other 3 were p5 players.
  8. Lobo Amor

    Ranking the MWC Football Schedules

    Not saying we do, just saying they are not an FCS quality school like the author says they are.
  9. Lobo Amor

    OT - New Mexican chile "Christmas"?

    My favorite dish is carne adovada which is pork marinated in red chile made from blended chile pods. It is the absolute best.
  10. When it rains it pours... http://footballscoop.com/news/isnt-good-sign-uconn/
  11. Lobo Amor

    #6 Nevada vs New Mexico

    To hard to say, I don't know which Lobo team is going to show up.
  12. Lobo Amor

    Ranking the MWC Football Schedules

    I'll agree that on paper UNM's schedule may be the softest but it's not as soft as the NSN say it is. Liberty was bowl eligible win wise in it's first year of FBS and hired former Ole Miss HC Hugh Freeze who had them ranked #1 for a couple of weeks and knocked off Bama in back to back years. UH and UNLV may have 3-4 win seasons with their schedules.
  13. Lobo Amor

    Top 10 recruits from the MWC's 2019 class

    Okay next question who will be the top impact recruits at years end? If none of these guys make the list then it's pointless until they do.
  14. Haven't looked at every roster so the only one I know of right now is RB Jurrell Pressley is on the AZ Hotshots.