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  1. thanks mug but I already looked at that crap. I want newer stuff (fitted hats, hoodies) that's not worn in and not outdated. Guess I'm SOL! Haha. I swear though, I saw a lot of ppl at Rebel games last year with really cool-looking Hey Reb stuff and I wish I asked some of them where they got them, cuz for the life of me I can't find anything anymore.
  2. Anyone know where I can get some hats and/or sweaters with the Hey Reb logo? I've been looking online and the pickins are slim.
  3. Where's he gonna go pro? Uzbekistan?
  4. YIKES. That might be the most awkward interview since peak Dave Rice. "We played great defense..." say WHAT, Marv?!?!?!
  5. Your constant criticism of Diong is head-scratching considering he's easily been one of our best players. Very solid and exciting defensively, a ton of positive energy, always moving. Makes some mistakes on offense as they all do but has grown a lot in that area. UNLV would be eons worse without him. Hardy is by far the best backcourt player we have and it's inexcusable he's not on the court more than Robotham unless he's in heavy foul trouble. It's no coincidence we made our runs each half when Robotham exited and Hardy came in. I didn't see the Pacific game as I was out of town
  6. Refs have been unbearable entire 2nd half for both sides. Think everyone paid to see them.
  7. Why is Robatham still in the game? Guy is complete trash. Other than those 2 shots the 1st minute of 2nd half he's been a complete liability on both sides. Just dont understand why he plays so much.
  8. The idea of the 5 part series and the topic was incredibly exciting; I was really looking forward to it but have been tremendously disappointed with the articles so far, very simplistic and not thorough, nothing I didnt know.
  9. 1977- not born 1987- 8 yrs old 1990- 11 1991- 12 However I didnt move to Vegas till 1994, and didnt really become a Rebel hoops fan till 96, so sorry to say I missed the entire glory era.
  10. Not getting into smack w Reno rednecks. Was very excited when I clicked that link but the article was banal and disappointing. Like some others have said nothing in it I (or most longtime Rebel hoops fans) don't know. Hope parts 2-5 are more worthy of my time.
  11. In 5th row up, half court. Nobody at all in the row in front of us. Best seats i snuck into since i managed to grab courtside seats at a CSKA Moscow Euroleague game 6 years ago!!!
  12. I can feel the excitement and electricity in the air from reading this thread. UNLV is BACK, BABY!!!
  13. Sigh. I will spend my friday night among the 1500 or so fans. Will try to sneak down to courtside seats for this one.
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