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  1. OT: Ticket Services (VGK Games)

    I was looking for VGK tickets last November-December, there were a decent amount of games you could find for only $30 tickets. Then it became clear VGK were for real and the prices skyrocketed. Now i doubt you can find any games w tickets under $100 bucks, which is downright insane to me.
  2. Fresno State at UNLV

    I say your team thoroughly destroyed my team. But at the end of the day..... i am still in Vegas while you are in the bunghole of California. Enjoy your moment of glory, champ. 😉
  3. Fresno State at UNLV

    The entire second half being just a free throw shooting contest is making the game even more agonizing. Im fixin to get the F out of here!!
  4. Fresno State at UNLV

    Rebels: 33% shooting, 12 turnovers. Fresno: 58% shooting, 4 turnovers.
  5. Fresno State at UNLV

    I will say this about Fresno's D... they are doing a really good job of closing in on anyone who recieves passes. They are covering a lot of ground out there...
  6. Fresno State at UNLV

    You guys have a legitimately good team. If UNLV took their heads out of their asses, the game would be a lot closer. Fresno may still win; like I said you are good but not 13 pts up on the road at halftime better. Hopefully the Rebels remember how to play basketball at some point so your players can break a sweat.
  7. Fresno State at UNLV

    Crowd is considerably louder for the toddlers playing at halftime than they were for the Rebels in the first half!!! The toddlers would probably beat UNLV the way the Rebels are playing tonight...
  8. Fresno State at UNLV

    Sorry I hurt your feelings, champ. One thing i'm sure we both agree on, Fresno is the far better team on the court tonight. About the turnovers, i'd say most of them were unforced and the result of dribbling off their leg (hello Clyburn!!), whiffing on passes (wussup Diong!) And otherworldly sloppy passes in general. A lot of their missed shots were open or bunnies that just missed badly.
  9. Fresno State at UNLV

    Not even remotely true. I credited other teams (like SDSU) when i saw them playing dominant and intimidating D. Not saying Fresno's D is bad per se, just UNLV is beating themselves IMO.
  10. Fresno State at UNLV

    I disagree. I don't think Fresno's D has been especially impressive so far (SDSU's sure was). Rebels just look like they've never touched a basketball before in their lives. This is a f'ing travesty to this point.
  11. Fresno State at UNLV

    I usually do too. The coolest moment of the season was when they were playing that high school team, Southwest Mississippi Community Tech or whatever. They were in complete awe, and that was before our new intro!!
  12. Fresno State at UNLV

    Rebels look ABSOLUTELY LOST on offense. Turnovers and badly missed shots galore. Fresno aint playing nearly as good as SDSU was, but Rebels making them look good.
  13. Fresno State at UNLV

    Was watching the Fresno players during the pregame intros.... when the fireworks went off they freaked out and dropped to the floor in terror.... hahaha!!!
  14. Dave Rice to CSUN?

    Thx for the info Ernie... If true, gotta admire Dave's ambition. He's got a cushy job now, doing something he's been successful at and comfortable with, making way more doing so than most Americans ever will. Yet he wants another shot at something he failed so badly at, at his alma mater no less? That takes confidence, ambition, and balls. That said, to say he failed at UNLV is an epic understatement. It was a disaster on par with a manure-filled Boeing 747 crashing dead-on into a sewage plant. It wouldn't be totally inaccurate to say he went after the wrong players, but I think most even low-level college coaches could've done way more with them. It was painful watching those teams inevitably regress and fail to adjust every year, appearing to lack even the most basic fundamentals. Rice is a smart guy and clearly knew way more than his teams demonstrated, he just lacked the leadership and communication skills to teach them and bring them together. I don't see that changing and would be astonished if he ever becomes even a mediocre HC.
  15. Fresno State at UNLV

    I'm trying to be cautiously optimistic, but must admit i'm nervous at how UNLV responds after the humiliating SDSU beat-down. They've been streaky this year, starting pretty good then playing like dog crap for a prolonged stretch before playing improved and inspired for a 5-game stretch before SDSU. Their schedule to end the year is brutal and I just hope they end it on a positive note. We'll see soon enough!