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  1. You're right.. we should all be rainbows and puppy dogs after losing at home to Texas St!
  2. Yeah, very very VERY concerning. TJ's start has left a LOT to be desired.
  3. 44 pts in 35 minutes to Texas State at home?!?! YIKES.
  4. For those who dont believe me... i have to look at this turd for 6 hours every Wednesday!!
  5. Ive got class till 9.45 tonight, cant go even tho im right next door in the.... gulp... Carol Harter CBC Building. Even worse than the wench's name on the building itself, there is a freaking picture of Robert Maxon in my classroom!!!! WTF!!
  6. Im honestly shocked that UNLV football has an overall winning record in that dump.
  7. Only person i remember doing that was Rebbie Robbie.
  8. Agreed! Obviously 3 games is WAY too soon to jump ship on TJ. BUT.. Last 2 games were pathetic!
  9. Yikes. Stole defeat from the jaws of victory twice in a row. Not a good start for TJ.
  10. Tillman was a solid pac 12 player, he can't be that bad all year. He will get it going. Im more concerned about Antonio vs. decent defenders like you said. We will see. 7 assists to 25 turnovers tho, yikes. Performances like that would make Mediocre Marv blush.
  11. Nobody mentioned ol' Mediocre Marv till you brought him up...