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  1. I agree completely, its insane how much money he gets for not working. Hope he enjoys it, if I were him i'd go on a world tour with that cash!
  2. I agree with you but i'm so excited the Mediocre Marv era is over and we have a seemingly competent pros running things this time around that i find myself checking the boards and twitter every half hour haha...
  3. Meanwhile, NMSU is blowing out Grand Canyon for the WAC title. Poor Marv is probably nostalgically watching, holding a half-empty bottle of scotch, a single tear streaming down his cheek.
  4. Hell no, i'd be furious. I still believe in DRF tho. What she's done to this point feels like she knows what the F she is doing.
  5. Stop the search, Mike Young of Wofford and his .551 career winning pct is the PERFECT candidate!!! -ph
  6. If that happens (almost 0 percent it does), DRF should step down immediately. Of course at the beginning of the last coaching search it seemed 0 percent we'd stoop as low as Marv, but alas...
  7. Anybody got ESPN + can paste the article? Could the right coach (like Rick Pitino?) restore UNLV tradition? http://bit.ly/2XYACxQ via @ESPN App http://es.pn/app
  8. I don't understand his "requirement" if its just to turn down offers from everyone. You would think he would have a requirement to actually accept an offer.
  9. Sheeot thats what im afraid of. If Thad is indeed "taking UNLV for a ride", we have to be one of the most snake-bitten programs ever. Time to find out exactly what DRF is worth....
  10. And just to clarify, NOT feeling dirty and taking a long shower in the ways ph did with Marv and Rice!!
  11. I'd take Pitino over Marv, but yeah, I'd probably feel really dirty and be forced to take a long shower after every Rebel game.
  12. Depends. If we hire Matta or another established winner who's a huge step up from Mediocre Marv (should be a given), any player would be crazy to leave. Good riddance to those who decide to. If disaster strikes again and we hire another bum, could be a mass exodus. Gotta wait and see who the new coach will be.
  13. Proof you haven't been around this board for very long. I honestly try my best not to bag on him, but his posts are often so flabbergasting it's irresistable.
  14. I agree with that and if Matta is indeed hired I wouldn't have a problem with any of them fleeing or being benched by him. But he could certainly use guys like Hardy, Juiston, and Diong as contributors on a good team.
  15. Not sure if this is trolling but disagree. Some of them obviously are not. Some could be contributors for a good team with a competent coach.