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  1. I've trashed him a lot, but certainly not in that post like you implied!
  2. Where did I "trash" Rice in this post? Good lord you are overdramatic! I expected a better argument from you, champ! 🤣
  3. Rice had the most success ever post-Tark vs. Ranked and power conference teams, and it wasnt partucularly close. He beat the #3 team in the country (Arizona) his second to last year, and also beat ranked Indiana and Oregon during a hot 7-1 start to his last year. A liiiiiittle reach calling that "3 decent wins" as that alone is far more big wins than Marv has had his entire career. Doing well in conference is a big deal, i'm in complete agreement with you on that. A lot of the Rebel Net Rice cultists totally excused Rice's poor MW performance every year with arrogant crap like "the MW is beneath us, we have our sights on bigger things", which I always thought was dumbfounding. All that still doesnt make Marv's 11 cupcake conference wins remotely impressuve to me nor does it indicate big improvement just cuz the numbers went up.
  4. You constantly bringing up the flat and skewed stat of the 11 MW wins (ALL against cupcakes) is puzzling because during the season you criticized others who used stats and portrayed yourself as someone who looks beyond simple stats and into the minute nuances of the game. Marv's conference "improvement" has been beaten into the dirt, no need rehashing it. I do agree that TJ was far from the big splash move that was essentially promised by DRF. However, Marv was so painfully underwhelming, our historically bad attendance and apathy is proof of that. He had to go and i'm just thankful for a fresh start more than anything. I will give TJ his chance and we'll see what he can do here. At least hope is in the air again, that alone is encouraging.
  5. Actually Rice did quite well vs. the big boy teams he scheduled, even in his last few years he had some huge wins. His problem was the annual collapse and regressing, and crapping the bed vs. the weak MWC teams late in the year.
  6. Im not sold on TJ at all and not impressed so far, other than the fact he was able to retain several key players which in itself us difficult during a coaching change (Mediocre Marv couldnt do it). I am thankful Mediocre Marv is gone, for reasons already hashed out above. Your statements about him possibly being ranked next year are classic!! They rank up there with playersinvegas comments that schools like Houston would be salivating to hire him!!
  7. Diong isnt the perfect fit but he has skills that can excel in this system. I think we are much better off with him than without him.
  8. Not sure how prevalent it is around the rest of the NCAA but it seems to be a troubling trend especially among UNLV players. Can't even remember how many guys from the Rice era to present left early to "go pro" without a prayer of being drafted. McCoy most recent Rebel to do it...
  9. I agree with this take and hope Diong returns...
  10. Yep, you are sure the incredibly knowledgeable afficianado you fancy yourself as. (Usually those who have to constantly remind others how phenomenal they are, are lacking in some area) Marv is still waiting for that call from Houston...
  11. Yet not what it takes to get hired at mighty Cal Poly.
  12. I wonder what the Rebel Net fanboys think of this?