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  1. He might get it; it's a mid-tier WAC school, which is a perfect level for him.
  2. Where's he gonna go pro? Uzbekistan?
  3. Wow what a good game and balls-of-steel finish by USU. I think the Aggies deserve to be dancing, now up to them ans SDSU to represent us well in the dance!!
  4. Obviously if they started being good... hell, even mediocre... i'd be fine with them. But that will never happen. So no, nothing.
  5. The decision to invite SJSU to join the MWC was absolutely flabbergasting when it happened (and I can't possibly stress that enough), and has only gotten more and more flabbergasting with each putrid season.
  6. Sounds like a putrid, cringeworthy game. Glad I didnt spend the money to go watch that. Terrible way to end what was the funnest season I've had since the moment I realized Dave Rice was never gonna do it, about halfway thru his 2nd season. Thats 6 years, and next year looks promising. It'll be interesting to see how TJ finalizes his roster next year, otherwise ill be going for my annual offseason hibernation soon
  7. Good chance he just doesnt want those types of recruits like Kruger. He might feel they are not the best fit for his system. I dont care about the "quality" of recruits as long as he wins with who he gets. Seasons like this one are infinitely more enjoyable to me than drastically underachieving with "superstars".
  8. My guess is the MW figured it would be the best way to keep the court "neutral", even though it's hideous and completely unnecessary. Thompson and co. are well-known for their brilliant decision making, after all.
  9. It's known as the "BYU wall" because it was constructed exclusively because of nonstop BYU whining that wouldve made Steve Alford blush. They should have disassembled that thing when BYU left the conference.
  10. Wow, surprised they have UNLV in the NIT but i'd take it. Needless to say we'd at least have to beat Boise to have a chance but just the fact we're in the conversation is encouraging.
  11. Sucks we would have to play SDSU if we get past Boise... they are gonna be salivating at a possible rematch for UNLV ruining their perfect regular season. Rebels have to beat Boise handily to conserve their energy in the 2nd half if they stand a chance against the Asstecs.
  12. Great post... Agree 100 percent with your last paragraph, especially the bolded part. That's as clear as day. It's truly amazing what Coleman has done this year, when nobody expected him to be more than a backup bandaid guy. I've always thought Hamilton had potential to explode like he has in the 2nd half of the year, but he wasn't showing it early on except in brief stretches. He has really come on strong and just blown up. Jonah and Tillman were definitely disappointments; coming into the season many thought those 2 would be among our most indispensible players. Both have shown stretches incl. Tillman early in the year at Cal and UCLA, but he regressed and his role diminished as the season went along. Team just seemed to play better without him around. Jonah was inconsistent with his 3... got himself a lot of open looks, has a beautiful shot, just missed too many open ones. EML has simply been incredible since right after the UNR overtime loss. He will definitely be missed. I think my favorite player this season was Marvin Coleman, with Hamilton a close 2nd. Coleman defied all odds to make himself a centerpiece to this team, and won us a few games to boot.
  13. It's absolutely amazing Dave Rice's all-stars could never manage to win 12 games in the MWC. UNLV has a long history of underachieving in conference play, looks like that's finally starting to turn around under TJ. Really looking forward to the MW tourney this year... I actually feel we have a chance to make noise!
  14. There is a good thread up on Rebel Net about how Mediocre Marv's team last year played 18 games vs. teams ranked 200 or lower, yet still managed to only win 17 games all season with a schedule ranked 157 in the country (which somehow actually improved with the weak MWC conference schedule). Classic example of not challenging the players and striving for mediocrity. I was one of the dreamers who thought we could land Matta, and was a bit disappointed initially that we had to "settle" for TJ. However he's crushed it this year, turning a team of players conditioned to strive for mediocrity into a hard working team that actually improves as the season goes on. It's amazing what good coaching can do, and the difference is clear as day. By all accounts the MW is also better this year than it was last year, yet we still finished with a better record. One big difference is that while Mediocre Marv took care of all the games he should have won vs. the weaklings of the conference, he very rarely beat any teams ranked higher. TJ's squad nearly swept a top 10 SDSU team and took down Utah St at home. If only we had beaten Reno at home like we should have, instead lost in OT. Otherwise would have finished alone in 2nd place this year. Phenomenal first year job by COACH TJ!
  15. I agree with all this other than I think he has been decent for the most part on D. Definitely is very one dimensional on offense as i pointed out early in the year. But if he shot anywhere close to how he was projected to, it would open up a ton of space for everyone else on the floor and give our offense as a whole another dimension.