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  1. "Stupid is as stupid does." - Forrest Gump
  2. Adelson was a very messy $hit stain. Don't forget he bought the LVRJ to make it his propoganda machine, not to mention his everlasting support for wannabe Dictator Drumpf.
  3. Yay! We beat a YMCA calibur team! Does this even count as an official W?
  4. Anyone notice JTT is kicking butt for #2 Baylor? Sigh.
  5. True, but this appears to be happening to very few teams besides UNLV. Just bad luck for us?
  6. How are there still ppl on the team w covid like a month after being shut down is my question. Are the protocols just blatantly not being followed?
  7. I tend to agree, but "next year" is something you have a tendancy to tout quite often.
  8. Agreed about the Illinois game, it was an embarrassment and unacceptable, but was not an established norm with Lon. As far as making an NIT appearance and losing in the 1st round, that was the "low point" of Kruger's last 5 years and we haven't been able to even imagine being in a conversation for an NIT bid in the past what, 7 or 8 years running. Kansas was a 1 seed. Northern Iowa beat us on a last-second Steph Curry-type 3 and damn near went all the way to the Elite 8, and we took them down to the very end. See my thoughts on recruiting, don't really care how many stars the player
  9. Make no mistake about it that loss to Illinois was bad. But the previous year we just barely lost on a last second hail mary 3 to a good Northern Iowa team that damn near made the Elite 8. Previous NCAA appearance we actually won our 1st round game before having to face a 1 seed superior Kansas squad. And we all know what happened the year before that, when we were the ones who came a hair from our own Elite 8, upsetting 2 seed Wisconsin and nearly beating 3 seed Oregon. Only year in between that we didn't make the dance we at least made the NIT, which our team hasn't been able to even dream o
  10. You might be right that Rice could have possibly been better with HC experience at a smaller program but I just don't see it, don't think he'll ever have those communication, leadership and respect qualities a HC needs. I'll never, ever be able to un-see his impossibly awkward, deer in the headlights looks as his players and even assistant coaches openly tuned him out or even interrupted him in huddles. Some of those exchanges made me cringe. It's no coincidence he never got a sniff from anyone to be a HC elsewhere. At least the boosters had that part right, about directing him to t
  11. Yeah, I don't blame Menzies at all, for the most part he is what we thought he was. I'm admittedly bitter about what Rice did to our program though I know he put his heart into it and tried his best. When you have the social skills of a 4-year old, it was always gonna be tough to be a leader of men. Great post 2001.... in short the old school- die hard fan base just got greedy, Lon just wasn't enough and they still felt our potential was Tark. It's so deeply embarrassing that with our top notch arena and practice facilities, location and ties to NBA- USA hoops and AAU, solid l
  12. Yeah those wins were all fantastic I agree. Too bad they always came early in the year and preceeded massive underachievement in conference and postseason, like that year when they lost to 11th seeded and inferior Colorado team in the 1st round. Lon was no world beater, you get no argument from me there. But his teams did generally improve as the season went along and outside that abysmal beat down to Illinois in the NCAA in Tulsa (that remains the only NCAA tourney game i've attended in person, which is a tough pill to swallow) were competitive in the tourney and actually even won some
  13. At least he played in some games that counted. UNLV was consistently a top-tier MWC team although we never won the league with Lon were consistently playing meaningful games to decide the conference. Plus, we actually played in NCAA tourney games nearly every year, something that seems so far out of reach at the moment it's beyond imagination. Lon's teams weren't Duke or Kentucky, but jeez, compared to the burning dumpster fire Rice induced and continued through Mediocre Marv and into today, he certainly put a "great product" on the floor by comparison. Not giving up on TJ yet.
  14. I was in the minority when I was sad to see Lon go and worried about regression, but I never imagined we would regress so horribly. Rice was a disaster of biblical proportions and set us back decades.
  15. As disgusted as i am watching the product UNLV put on the court for the 5 games we played, its an understatement to say there was a lot going on this dreadful year!! Better to happen this crazy year than any other, I suppose, and obviously TJ and this group deserves some time and just a bit of normalcy and consistency to get their $hit together.
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