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  1. FWIW, unless you show any evidence to support this claim, this is a prime example of an opinion, my friend.
  2. Here are some more FACTS: Marv's first 3 years as a HC (at New Mexico State): 21-14 (12-4 WAC) no postseason, 133 NET ranking 17-15 (9-7 WAC) no postseason, 121 NET ranking 22-12 (11-5 WAC) 0-1 NCAA, 57 NET ranking TJ's first 3 years as a HC (at South Dakota State): 18-17 (8-8 Summit) 0-1 NCAA, 155 NET ranking 28-7 (13-1 Summit) 0-1 NCAA, 44 NET ranking 24-9 (14-2 Summit) 0-1 NIT, 128 NET ranking I wouldn't say either one is incredibly impressive, but certainly nothing in there to call Marv a "real coach" over TJ
  3. I think you're the one confusing facts and opinions, champ. You made a ridiculous (for clarification, this is my opinion) statement a few days ago insinuating Marvelously Mediocre Marv was a "real coach" (your opinion), and TJ wasn't. It is a fact that Marv wasn't shown any interest by any D1 program. You can say things like we don't know what goes on behind closed doors or whatever. By this logic, maybe Duke and North Carolina secretly interviewed him and offered him lifetime contracts, but he politely declined. The FACT is, there were no rumors or anything else out in any press linking Marv to ANY interest from ANY D1 head coaching position. He interviewed with UC Riverside, who last year finished 7-23 and were a Big West bottom feeder with an RPI over 300, and they said "nah". That is also a fact, not an opinion, if you are confused. It's asinine to think that Marv secretly had a lot of offers to be HC at other D1 schools, and none of that got out anywhere. As far as any of us can reasonably ascertain, there was no interest, even from the UC Riversides of the world. The argument you presented to support your claim of Marv being a "real coach" is that he took a great offer to be an assistant at Grand Canyon. It is fact he's making a lot of money to be an assistant there, especially considering they were a mid-tier WAC program last year and he now makes more than several WAC head coaches. Perhaps if you rephrased your initial comments to say Marv is a "real assistant coach", they would have been more factual.
  4. Yes he is. Still doesn't take away the fact that not one program showed a modicum of interest in wanting Mediocre Marv as their HC.
  5. If I remember correctly he interviewed with UC @&$%## RIVERSIDE and they gave him a hard pass. Not one single D1 program showed any interest. Not even the Southeastern Tennessee Techs of the world. Good for him that he managed to land that gig at GCU. I say that honestly too; thats far more than i'll ever make and he doesnt even have any pressure of the head guy. Still doesnt take away the lack of HC interest he was shown, which frankly would be astounding for a "real coach".
  6. "A real coach", lol. Where were all the offers from Houston or any other D1 school, for that matter? Why did he have to settle at becoming an assistant coach at a bumfuk "school" thats never won a tourney game. "A real coach" indeed. TJ will have growing pains; you are welcome to follow Mediocre Marv to GCU if ya want.
  7. Mediocre Marv still sucks a$$. And F Chris Beard!!!!!
  8. His consistent bitching and negativity before TJ has even coached a game has gotten almost as old as his condescending attitude. It's so dumb i'm beginning to wonder of he's trolling. A complete 180 compared to how he treated Mediocre Marv. Always finding something to bitch about re: "Totz". BTW Q's "Totz" nickname is also irritating and i'll never use it.
  9. That is honestly one of the funniest things I've heard in a long time. Been laughing at the thought for about 15 minutes! Poor Marv, thought he had an extension coming!!!!
  10. I've trashed him a lot, but certainly not in that post like you implied!
  11. Where did I "trash" Rice in this post? Good lord you are overdramatic! I expected a better argument from you, champ! ­čĄú
  12. Rice had the most success ever post-Tark vs. Ranked and power conference teams, and it wasnt partucularly close. He beat the #3 team in the country (Arizona) his second to last year, and also beat ranked Indiana and Oregon during a hot 7-1 start to his last year. A liiiiiittle reach calling that "3 decent wins" as that alone is far more big wins than Marv has had his entire career. Doing well in conference is a big deal, i'm in complete agreement with you on that. A lot of the Rebel Net Rice cultists totally excused Rice's poor MW performance every year with arrogant crap like "the MW is beneath us, we have our sights on bigger things", which I always thought was dumbfounding. All that still doesnt make Marv's 11 cupcake conference wins remotely impressuve to me nor does it indicate big improvement just cuz the numbers went up.