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  1. Paradise isn't a real town, it's unincorporated like Spring Valley, Summerlin, etc. Mailing address at UNLV is Vegas.
  2. I think it's a decent line. UNLV has not played inspiring on the road. Needed double OT to beat a 6-12 Fresno team by 1, lost soundly to Boise and would have lost to a pathetic Wyoming team if the Cowturds hadn't collapsed and beaten themselves. As far as the Rebels have come in the effort department since the beginning of the year, they have room for improvement regarding their performance on the road.
  3. 3-0 at home. 1-3 on the road. 3+1+3=7 teams.
  4. Fair enough, but in MW conference play they are 3-0 at home, and 1-3 on the road (only win vs. pathetic Wyoming) in conference. That's a pretty significant home-road split.
  5. By that logic, UNM's 12-0 home vs. 2-4 road splits are VERY significant, champ.
  6. Another note: while the conference is still butt overall, it's much better than last year. Last year MW had a .511 winning percentage (16th among conferences), this year it's .565 (13th), and that's with a tougher strength of schedule (10th last year and 7th this year). Also the SRS was 10th last year and 9th this year. Conference RPI is 10th this year so far (0.522, just behind the WCC), but was a PUTRID 15th last year (behind powerhouses like the Southern, Ivy League, and MAC). Overall, the conference has a long way to go to return to its standing in the early 2010's, when it was a perennial top 5 basketball conference, but making progress at least.
  7. It doesn't matter if it's the "third lowest of all time", it's still a significant advantage. That tweet proves my point.
  8. Every team in the conference (sans SDSU who is undefeated in both) has a markedly better home record than away. The Lobos are 12-0 at home and 2-4 on the road.
  9. Everyone handles things different ways. Rice's utter destruction of the UNLV program brought it from a perennial NCAA team to an underachieving joke for the better part of the past decade. Everything about the recent state of UNLV.... uninspiring effort, rotten culture, rapidly dwindling attendance, was spawned under Rice. While I agree he personally puts Rice down more than he probably has to, I can understand his frustration. FWIW I don't fault Rice personally as I feel he tried and did the best he could, but wow he was bad. Just watch the linked video for more confirmation of that.
  10. Eloquently stated and 100 percent correct.
  11. TJ deserves massive respect and credit for turning the culture at UNLV around. So do the players for buying in. That was a fun, exciting ballgame. Let's keep it going, Rebs!! So proud of this group!
  12. Yes. And there will be plenty of spaces available.
  13. Um........ yeah, there will be plenty of free parking.
  14. I dont get how the Raiders are able to "host concerts" there and keep the money. The stadium is not owned by the Raiders, right?