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  1. The funniest thing is that ol' Mediocre Marv is pining for a new job while simultaneously whining about not getting a "fair share" at his last one. That's definitely the first thing an employer wants to hear, how unjust the last place treated you.
  2. Depends on the person. To some, pretty much anything can be interpreted as racist and offensive.
  3. He's probably referring to the ol' Ding Dong joke coined by Rebel Robert.
  4. FWIW Hamm was 11th in minutes at Texas, McCabe 9th at WVU, and Iwuakor 9th at OU.
  5. His FG % is almost unbelievably low 32 percent for his career. Must have been doing something else right to get decent minutes on a Huggins team.
  6. Well like you just said, she had nothing to do with that
  7. That makes more sense. She won it solely based on her race and sex.
  8. No, playersinvegas is. They are the only 2 who constantly bring up Menzies' god-like greatness, use misleading or outright false insinuations to try and mislead about his unparallelled coaching genius (my favorite ones are how they say he improved every year, and that the MWC was way worse TJ's first year, among many others), and have such a perplexing obsession with him that makes such little sense, i've never seen anything like it before. Absolutely amazing Texas, Marquette, and OU aren't battling neck and neck for ol' Mediocre Marv right now. Now that I think about it, nobody is.
  9. How in the world is she one of the top 25 women in higher education?!?! That is outrageous! Probably one of those "awards" that are bought.
  10. People are actively encouraged these days to have no accountability. It's always someone else's fault. Sad cuz it's been so detrimental to the development of countless players.
  11. This is awesome!!! By far the best UNLV coach since Tark coming back to Vegas to show lil' Krugs the ropes... I love it!!! Hopefully he's totally comitted to making sure his son will be successful and will limit his time on the ol' golf course!
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