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  1. Highly unlikely AFA will grant its seniors an extra semester of football. Consensus on the AFA board is that we should NOT play in the spring. This Fall is it for The Class of 2021....and may consist of only 2 games (Army and Navy).
  2. SEC over signs more than any other conference.
  3. I would love Air Force to play BYU. There is no way AFA is going conference only; The Army and Navy games have to be played. I can imagine a situation where California schools get their seasons cancelled, then the whole MWC is hosed. Bring in BYU.
  4. AFA has 4 Out of Conference games. 1&2) The games with Army and Navy are solid. If any games are played this fall, it will be the Inter Service Academy games. 3) 5 Sep vs Duquesne will probably get scrubbed. That week, or even the week of 29 Aug would be great to schedule BYU. 4) 19Sep game @Purdue is scrubbed, but many are hoping we play @aTm in place of Colorado Buffs. Who knows what the SEC will do.
  5. Everybody who plays QB for Folsom puts up Madden numbers. AFA landed a Folsom QB I was super excited about. Dano Graves. Got beat out, and transferred to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.
  6. hyrdoxychloroqine zinc azithromycin. Let the asymptomatic players play.
  7. Air Force will have all cadets back on base by the end of next week. Football practice should start on schedule. AD said every effort effort will be made to play Army and Navy.
  8. The U.S. Air Force Academy will be one of the first universities in the nation to have its entire student body on campus by the end of July. I bet we start practice in August right on schedule.
  9. I can see the season being cancelled, but I don't think its a rational decision The Hospitalization and Mortality rates are not that high....and quite low in key demographics. Air Force will probably play Army and Navy no matter what.
  10. I have no idea what landed him in trouble, but a couple posters on AF board do, and think he's getting screwed. He may not play, but I suspect he'll graduate, unlike the #2 all time rusher at Air Force Football, Asher Clark.
  11. I have no idea what's going at Air Force, but the new Superintendent Lt. Gen Dick Clark is a former Falcon Football player (Class of 86). I'm sure he'll do everything possible to salvage a season of some sort. Maybe Just Army and Navy. USAFA did bring in the class of 2024 on schedule and is going through basic training right now.
  12. To date, not many "healthy" people have been tested for Covid19. I am shocked at the huge number of asymptomatic infected players who are just now getting tested. If we had a reliable anti-body test I suspect we would be similarly shocked at the number of people who have already been infected asymptomatically. We will see. Infections may rise a bit, but hospitalization and death rates keep dropping. I just do not see the case for extreme, unprecedented caution given the data trends.
  13. "voluntary". HA. NCAA need to go back to making summer workouts truly voluntary. No attendance lists.
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