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  1. To date, not many "healthy" people have been tested for Covid19. I am shocked at the huge number of asymptomatic infected players who are just now getting tested. If we had a reliable anti-body test I suspect we would be similarly shocked at the number of people who have already been infected asymptomatically. We will see. Infections may rise a bit, but hospitalization and death rates keep dropping. I just do not see the case for extreme, unprecedented caution given the data trends.
  2. "voluntary". HA. NCAA need to go back to making summer workouts truly voluntary. No attendance lists.
  3. The county I live in has 2million people....152 covid deaths....0 (ZERO) below 30 years old. 7 deaths below 50. 90% have comorbities and 45% of all deaths have occurred at skilled nursing facilities. Those percents tracked pretty close to global stats last I checked. Every year in August there are a couple of kids who die in practice. Heat Stoke. Wicked Hit. Pre existing conditions. Covid19 is no more threat to a young players life than any of these.
  4. Good news. This is how we get to herd immunity faster than anyone imagined....asymptomatic transmissions. Protect nursing homes, sick and aged. Promote transmission in the young and healthy.
  5. Deruyter could really have a HUGE impact at Frenso St. 5 years ago at AFA, He (and Calhoun) turned around the Defense in one year. We went from 3 straight losing seasons to #2 in the MWC...all because of the quantum improvement in our Defense under Deruyter. As for AFA at #4 - I think that's generous. We lost an excellent QB and some outstanding DB's and LB's. If we do end up 4 or higher, I think it will be because: 1) New Defensive Coordinator is much more aggressive. 2) Outstanding Senior Leadership - especially at QB with Fiery Connor Dietz. 3) RB Jon Lee. We lose Asher Clark, the #2 all time Rusher at AFA - but Jon Lee should just as good.